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Ed And Elaine Brown -- Being Illegally Targeted By The IRS For Income Tax Evasion -- Can This Situation Become Another Waco Or Ruby Ridge?

Recently, I wrote a few articles in regard to the Tax Freedom movement in the United States, and cited producer Aaron Russo's superb documentary "From Freedom To Fascism" as one of the best resources available to learn of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and Internal Revenue Service frauds.

I also cited a precedent setting legal case in regard to a Mr. Whitey Harrel, in which a jury of his peers found him to be not guilty of income tax evasion, simply because they could find no LAW which entitled the IRS to impose a federal income tax on Americans.

There have since been at least 24 cases in which Americans who were arrested for tax evasion won their cases in court, simply because a jury could not find a law which clearly stated that Americans are required to file an income tax return.

To those of you who are saying to yourselves this is big news -- you are absolutely right. Not only is it big news, it is going to have a devastating impact on Congress when they are forced to admit that they have known about this fraud for nearly a Century and done absolutely nothing to alert the American people to it.

Presently, there is a very important tax related case occurring in regard to a New Hampshire couple by the name of Ed and Elaine Brown, who are refusing to leave their home after having been tried in absentia and wrongfully convicted of tax evasion.

In the past day the US Federal Marshals have taken control of the Brown's commercial property and are looking to seize their home as a result of this unjust conviction.

Ed Brown has stated that he will defend his life and his property using whatever force is necessary to do so.

What may well be unfolding here is another WACO or Ruby Ridge tragedy, but on a smaller scale.

It is clear that the US Federal Government is attempting to circumvent the law in the Brown's situation by threatening to use deadly force. As was the case in Waco as well as Ruby Ridge, the US media has been kept quite some distance from the actual scene in efforts to prevent them from witnessing any crimes that the FEDS might perpetrate against the Brown's.

Ed was even seen sending a copy of Aaron Russo's documentary "From Freedom To Fascism" to one of the news people at the scene, just prior to the federal marshal's removal of these reporters.

I want to state once again for emphasis, that Ed and Elaine Brown are not the criminals here. The US Federal Government is. And it had NO business even trying the Browns much less convicting them for tax evasion, since it is not a crime not to file a federal income tax return, given that there is NO LAW requiring any American citizen to do so.

And these two good people are now in serious danger of becoming another example of Ruby Ridge or WACO.

Their story can be seen at a link listed at the end of this post. And their plight is yours as well, given that there is no law which requires any of you to pay a federal, state or local income tax.

As the great philosopher and playwright Voltaire once said "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." Truer words have never been spoken.

As to the US Federal Government's claim that the federal income tax is levied on the American worker in order to pay for services that this Government furnishes us with, this is a complete LIE.

According to the Grace Commission, a group empaneled by the Reagan Administration in the 1980's to determine how the federal income tax was spent, 100 percent of this money goes directly to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank to pay down the interest on the national debt. A debt that Americans would not have if the Federal Reserve Bank had never been created. The corporate tax is used by this Government to fund the defense budget. Excise taxes, tariffs and imposts are used to pay for many of the services that Americans receive, and their schools are supported by their property taxes.

To put it simply, Congress has allowed the privately held Federal Reserve Bank to steal trillions of dollars of your hard earned incomes for the past Century.

And if for some illogical reason you are not angry about this situation, you damn well should be! Moreover, a great number of Americans have had their assets seized and been illegally imprisoned by the IRS in the past 94 years!

The Federal Reserve Bank was created as a result of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, a piece of legislation that was never properly ratified by Congress. The truth of the matter is that a few members of the Jekyll Island 7, the group of bankers who created the Federal Reserve Act, bribed a few US Senators to illegally pass the Act while most of Congress was away from Washington, celebrating the Christmas holidays with their families.

To put it into plain terms, the Federal Reserve Bank is an outright fraud and operating illegally within this country. Every Federal Reserve Note that has ever been printed is nothing but counterfeit money, since it was never backed by the gold bullion in the US Treasury's vaults.

Furthermore, the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution was also never properly ratified. Moreover, the Supreme Court ruled that the 16th Amendment did not give Congress the power to "levy any new taxes on the American people."

Congress has LIED to us.

In the late 1870's the Supreme Court ruled that the wages that an American worker earns are considered to be personal property and non taxable. This decision has never been overturned.

It is a federal crime for your employers to hold back monies that you are paid which go directly to federal income tax. And the Internal Revenue Service has been ILLEGALLY taxing the American people and imprisoning those who have failed to file a tax return for the past 94 years.

The American people need to pare down the size of this bloated federal government. They can do so by forcing Congress to dissolve the Federal Reserve Bank. That would immediately end the need for a federal income tax, since the Federal Reserve has never had a legal right to print US Currency or to charge this Government interest for doing so.

With the Federal Reserve gone, Americans can all but wipe out most of the national debt since we have never owed the Federal Reserve a dime in the first place.

We can then set about the task of making the US Federal Government more manageable and thus more accountable for its actions -- neither of which it is in the present day.

However, in order to do so, Americans need to collectively learn that the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS are both operating illegally and must take appropriate action to shut them down.

Furthermore, according to a Texas Congressman who was interviewed by producer Aaron Russo, for his documentary on the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds, he could not answer as to where all of the gold bullion in Fort Knox had gone. And neither can Congress.

Does the Federal Reserve have this gold? And if so, exactly what is a privately held banking conglomerate doing with all of the American people's money?

Holding it for us for safe keeping?

Based on the Federal Reserve's history of lying to us I tend to seriously doubt that. It's more likely that they have looted America -- first with the illegal creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, and then with the theft of the real money -- our gold bullion!

The Patriotic Stand Of Ed and Elaine Brown


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