Monday, June 11, 2007

How Do You Know That You Aren't Being Tracked By NSA Satellites 24 Hours A Day?

The plain truth of the matter is that you have no way of knowing unless the controllers who operate this fascist system decide to start giving you subtle hints.

Remember, no one is going to come out and tell you that this is being done to you. You will just gradually find that your Family and friends are starting to distance themselves from you, and that you are being followed where ever you go. This is the penultimate step to your being made into a complete pariah within your community, the result of the FEDS moving in on your inner circle of contacts as they look to destroy your relationships with them.

Little do you realize at the time that you have probably been spied on for at least 5 to 10 consecutive years, where every second of your life has been videotaped and your privacy violated in ways that would shock you.

And if you are in a relationship with someone, as far as the controllers are concerned that's their hard luck, since anytime that they have been with you, they have also been remotely spied on; even in the most private moments of making love.

As an American citizen who has been illegally targeted for this technology for nearly thirty consecutive years, one of my greatest concerns at this point in time is that most if not all of the people in this country are being illegally spied on by way of NSA audio visual satellites around the clock, while also having their most private thoughts recorded and stolen right out of their heads.

Based on my own research in regard to the Illuminati and the New World Order, it's just logical that they would do something like this, since their objective is to control every person on this planet, and to do so covertly so that they are unaware that they are being watched.

Satellite based remote neural monitoring offers these controllers the most efficient way of spying on us and compiling the most complete dossiers on the American people ever recorded. By using these spy satellites in this way, the FEDS don't have to waste fuel following us around; nor do they have to worry about how to see us within the privacy of our own homes. They can simply watch us by way of specialized satellites which have millimeter wave technology that sees directly through the roofs of our homes, no matter where we are.

This means that nothing that we say or do is private. Even our thoughts are no longer private. And what's even worse is that these thoughts can be manipulated into forcing us to behave in ways which are uncharacteristic for us. This can range from changes in our behavioral patterns to outright multiple personalities at times, all without ever realizing that our minds are being remotely manipulated.

As someone who has experienced this phenomenon for nearly three consecutive decades, I am not only certain that this technology is capable of doing everything that I have just mentioned, but also that a very large percentage of the American people are spied on by way of this system 24 hours a day -- in fact at this point in time perhaps everyone in this country is being remotely neural monitored by way of the NSA and its spy satellites.

Still worse is that they will never know this until the controllers of this technology decide to transfer their surveillance from being covert to overt.

What will transpire at that time is a complete media blackout of the targeted person, in which their community is warned that they are being watched, and that they may pose a threat of some kind.

Once this occurs, the TI's life will never be the same again, as they are tormented through the use of psychological warfare operations 24 hours a day, having been demonized by the NSA, FBI, Homeland Security and quite possibly many other agencies within the US Intelligence community.

Why have we been attacked?

Because we have been subjected to non consensual cover research and human experimentation, and over the past few years many of us have been openly assaulted by the FEDS in efforts to destroy our credibility should we come forward with this information -- as those TI's who've realized what is happening to them are continuing to do.

And casual observers to the harassment that is being meted out to us must wonder how it is that we can be denied our constitutional right to due process of law, since none of us have been arrested, tried or convicted of any criminal activity.

The reason for this is that we cannot legally be arrested, so they must demonize us in efforts to destroy our credibility.

A common sense question in regard to why we are being harassed will be met with the comment that we are domestic terrorists. However, it's clear that we have no criminal records and are being discriminated against by US Intelligence, who is illegally spying on us, and subjecting us to the most outrageous violations of the US Constitution ever documented.

Do you really think that it is legal to use satellites to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own bathrooms?

Of course not. However the NSA, FBI and Homeland Security are doing just that -- and to millions of you, without your ever realizing it.

These are acts of outright depravity by people who are supposed to be protecting the American citizenry, but have instead become the REAL TERRORISTS in this country.

I have no doubt that many people who are being illegally spied on in the present day will find themselves soon becoming part of the TI community in the United States, as they try to make sense of a nightmare that is sure to bewilder them.

As a survivor of COINTELPRO for nearly three decades I know most of the FEDS' dirty tricks. I have had to in order to stay alive this long. The last four years have been sheer hell, since their surveillance of me went from the covert to overt mode. Once this happens you are made into a pariah within your own community, as your reputation, relationships and finances are systematically destroyed. The catalyst behind the attacks on me was an FBI agent who used his authority as a federal law enforcement officer, to violate my civil rights under the color of law.

Of course given that the FBI never punishes one of their own unless that person blows the whistle on its criminal activities, this agent has never been made accountable or punished for what he has done -- federal crimes that he should be imprisoned for. As a result of this FBI agent's illegal attacks on me, since 1980 I have been illegally tracked and spied on every second of my life by way of NSA satellites, as this agent and his criminal cohorts looked for ways in which to destroy my relationships with my Family and friends. They looked to exploit any aspect of a situation. And every personal moment that we've had as a Family has been violated by these agents, who use their satellites to peer into our homes and lives 24 hours a day.

This continues right to this moment.

And if that is not bad enough (it's bad enough for a great number of TI's who commit suicide under this intense pressure), I am routinely demonized by the FEDS in efforts to get my community to hate me. And these smear campaigns are very effective and quite devastating.

Given this, many of you may state that you can do what you want and say what you want within the privacy of your own homes. And in a normal situation you would be correct.

However, in spite of the media propaganda that you hear each day on the news, that the US is a free country, I can assure that it is not. These are not normal times that we are living in.

I can also assure you that everything that you are saying and doing is at the very least being electronically "vacuumed up" by the NSA's Echelon spy satellite system. And in all likelihood you are being remote neurally monitored by way of audio visual satellites, even if you have no clue of it.

Don't even waste your time looking for miniature cameras or any other types of spying devices, since this satellite based technology has completely outdated them. And there are other forms of portable held remote technologies that have as well.

Throughout my blog, you are all reading about the accounts of a person who may well be recording the most outrageous violations of both civil and human rights ever documented in this country's history. And they most certainly also apply directly to you!

Imagine what it is like to have a satellite tracking you every second of your life from the time that you're 20, until the time that you are 47 years of age, and you will begin to understand how outrageous what the FBI and NSA have done to me is. I know of no person who has documented a worse violation of privacy than this.

However I do know of other TI's who've documented absolutely miserable situations that they have been forced to endure for many years, in which they have been routinely tortured and subjected to the worst human rights violations ever recorded.

Moreover, as a greater number of TI's emerge with their accounts of government abuse being published on the Internet, I would not be surprised to learn of others whose civil rights have been this badly abused, or possibly even worse.

The bottom line here is to consider that you may well be tracked by satellites and super computers at the present time, at that even your most private thoughts are being electronically accessed and stolen from right out of your own minds. The technology employed by the NSA to accomplish this can be done so seamlessly and effortlessly that it would stun you to learn just how easily you can become a victim of it -- and the most horrifying part in all this is that you will never know it. Think back throughout your lives to all of the times that you thought you were alone, when in all likelihood, you have not been. The NSA has more than likely been there with you listening to what you say, watching what you do and recording it all -- even what you are thinking.

It is truly horrifying to even think about!

So take appropriate action and educate yourselves. I have seen these controllers brainwash my entire Family, and been helpless to do anything about it. Having freed myself in that I am now aware of the crimes that have been perpetrated against me, the best thing that I can continue to do is to publicize what the FEDS have done to us and to search for new accounts of those who have found themselves being forced to endure the same nightmarish hell that we are being subjected to.

There are a myriad of these accounts at present with more being published constantly, all describing the living hell that we've been subjugated to, where due process of law no longer exists, and where the most despicable and outrageous acts of cruelty have now become common place.

Six months to a year from now, it could be you who's writing a blog similar to this one. The situation has truly become this terrible.


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