Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Death -- Another Very Odd Coincidence?

Two nights ago I heard the crash of glass as I had two nights prior. On the first night the perp's at 23 Wenwood Drive had decided that when it became dark enough they would pass by the front of my home and break a bottle as one of them screamed out loudly you FU*KER.

A short time later I went out and found the broken bottle and cleaned it up. When I heard another bottle break a few nights later, I went out the following day and found a broken Heinekin bottle scattered in the road near my driveway, and other fragments in my neighbor's driveway and on their side lawn. I commented that I should pick it all up, in the event that one of their landscapers might be seriously injured or killed if a tractor's cutting blade picked up a piece of this glass and launched it into the air.

That was yesterday morning.

This afternoon in the town of Deerpark, Long Island, a landscaper was killed when the tractor that he was riding on collapsed into a cesspool and crushed him to death. An horrific way to die.

Now on the surface, this might appear to be an isolated incident. However mind control targets will tell you that when we are involved in these situations, there are no coincidences. Those who deploy this technology against us are sick and depraved people who see what they do as some type of warped and psychotic game.

My comment yesterday was in regard to the injury or death of a landscaper. Today a landscaper is dead.

I have experienced situations like these on numerous occasions over the past several years. I will mention a few of the experiences that I have had here. A bit more than a year ago I'd had a vision (which I am sure was implanted in my mind by way of remote neural monitoring technology) in which I saw a person who appeared to be an FBI agent having his head crushed under the wheel of a sedan. It was a freak accident.

The very next day, a Jericho High School Senior by the name of Matthew Ravener was killed when for no logical reason he went to jump on the running board of a moving Ford Excursion SUV, driven by a friend whom he was just chatting with moments earlier. His head and upper body were crushed when he was run over by the Excursion's right rear wheel, in almost exactly the same way that the FBI agent whom I'd seen in this implanted vision had died the night before. Ravner was pronounced dead at Northshore Syosset Hospital in Syosset a short while later, at the tender age of 17.

*** For those of you who watch the HBO TV series "The Sopranos," David Chase has used many of my thoughts for some of his material over the past several seasons -- since the FEDS surveillance of myself has gone from covert to overt. I doubt that he is even aware of it. And I can say the same for many others who have taken some of the thoughts that I have had (electronically implanted or otherwise) and used them in their own programming. While I had stopped watching this series more than two years ago, I did watch the last episode on Sunday night. In one of the later scenes a character played by veteran actor Frank Vincent is shot to death at a gas station.

As his body lays on the ground motionless, his wife gets out to see if she can help him while leaving the vehicle in gear. As the vehicle begins to move she frantically runs back to it, however, finds that she has inadvertantly locked the doors. She is horrified as the SUV slowly runs over Frank Vincent's head and crushes it -- this is exactly how the student from Jericho High School died -- exactly what I saw with the electronically implanted vision in my mind, of the FBI agent who died the same way. Think of the odds here. How many people have actually died by having their heads crushed under the wheels of motor vehicles? The number would have to be extremely low, given the freakish nature of such an accident.

A great number of TI's have reported having their intellectual property stolen from right out of their heads and given to the electronic media industry to use in their own programming. One will read of this phenomenon routinely on the Mind Control Forums Website. The people who are deploying this mind control technology against us are not only monsters but also outright degenerates and thieves!

There is absolutely no question that this has been happening for decades.

Believe me when I tell you that this was no coincidence. Moreover, the controllers of this technology are as evil as evil gets. They will murder others simply for laughs, just to prove to those of us who are aware of said technology that there is nothing that we can do to stop them from utilizing it as they choose to.

They are as addicted to power as any mainline junkie is addicted to their drug of choice. These people suffer from the delusion of having a God complex. And unfortunately for the rest of us, they have access to technology which affords them the ability to mimic such behavior.

Other fairly recent instances of attacks on others which occurred in regard to these perp's "showing off" include the following:

A friend of my fathers who died the day after he'd had lunch with him and a few friends. He died from a cerebral hemorrhage, which satellite based directed energy weaponry can cause any person being targeted by it.

Heart attacks can also be caused in this way.

There are a great number of people in this country, many of whom were famous, who've been murdered by satellite based weaponry because it gave those who wanted them dead, a plausible means in which to do so.

Furthermore, in my opinion, regardless of what the coroner's report said in the case of two recent and mysterious deaths, both Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel were murdered by way of directed energy weapons' technology.

The drug abuse was just a plausible excuse in which to cover these murders up. The public should keep a very watchful eye on the surviving child of Anna Nicole, especially since she may end up as a very wealthy woman someday. If she suddenly dies mysteriously (and I certainly hope that she does NOT) it would only feed this mystery in the public's eye, yet confirm what those who are familiar with directed energy weapons' technology have been stating all along.

This technology can also be used to incapacitate others for one reason or another. The controllers of said technology are often used by those in power to eliminate a "threat" in which plausible means of denial are necessary.

Senator Tim Johnson is an example of this. Johnson was striken with a life threatening stroke during the Winter Holidays of 2006. He would have been the deciding vote for the Democrats in Congress when he suddenly ended up seriously incapacitated. One would have to view Senator Johnson's stroke as being extremely convenient for the Bush Administration, especially given its slide in popularity over the past two years.

Still other examples of the illegal use of this technology have continued to hit closer to home for me.

My sister in law's 40 year old brother suddenly suffered a stroke the day after I had an implanted thought wondering how he was doing.

However, in all the years that I have known him I have never given any thought to this person since I have never had any interest in him or his life. So why did I suddenly have a thought in regard to his well being? And then the next day he has a stroke? This was not a coincidence!

At the time that these perp's were using this "stroke theme" several of my parent's friends were suddenly afflicted with strokes. The word stroke was also being used by others within my presence at the time as a trigger for the psychological warfare that the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security had been deploying against me at that point. This psywarfare continues in the present day but takes many different forms. At the time I thought that all of these people whom we knew becoming ill with strokes, was simply an extremely odd coincidence.

Now I know better. In fact, quite a bit better.

With the exception of my sister in law's brother, who has fortunately recovered, every one of the other persons who suffered strokes has since succumbed to them.

About two years ago my Mother was in the garage on a level surface when she fell down for no apparent reason and broke her shoulder and kneecap. This was from a standing position. And she does not remember tripping over anything. She simply cannot explain how she fell. Anyone who is familiar with directed energy technology will tell you that it can physically cause involuntary movement of limbs as well as myriad other other physical anomalies.

Satellite based directed energy weaponry has been known to flip a full sized automobile upside down as if it were a toy. This can give the readers an idea of how powerful this technology is and some of its capabilities.

The main point that I want to illustrate here is that agents working for agencies like the NSA see the people on this planet as though they were just human guinea pigs to be abused in anyway of their choosing. They have no conscience, which enables them to kill people they target at anytime, and in the most ruthless of ways.

NSA agents have been illegally electronically tapping in my brainwaves by way of their specialized satellites for decades. Do you honestly believe that people with a conscience could do something this terrible? These people have no conscience at all. They are brainwashed sociopaths who enjoy causing pain and suffering to others. And the fact that they are operating within the US Intelligence community should cause the American people extreme concern. Still more disturbing is that this entire community sees the American people as nothing more than something to leach off of financially, while using as unwitting guinea pigs.

Many TI's, including myself, have wondered why these people simply don't kill us, since we know they exist and understand the capabilities of the technology that they have at their fingertips; technology that a great many Americans have been exposed to for years -- unwittingly or otherwise.

They can certainly murder us with this technology anytime they want to. And only those who are aware of the capabilities of this technology and are familiar with our accounts are going to know that the FEDS were behind our murders.

It is more than likely that they have a lot of time invested in us and also enjoy torturing us. If they kill us they need to start fresh with a new victim. And of course if we're dead they can no longer torture us.

When you are referring to the Illuminati and the New World Order, nothing is sacred.

They consider the citizens on this planet as something to use and abuse. And they do so on a daily basis. They despise those of us who know what they are and the evil that the represent. They hate us for exposing them. But mostly they hate us because we are wise to them and know that they can no longer control us.

Moreover, as more Americans (and for that matter the rest of the people on this planet) begin to wake up to the evil that is harbored within their own government, they are going to be forced to make a critical choice as to how they will live out their lives. Either they will allow themselves to become completely mentally enslaved and under the full control of these miscreants, or they will be forced to fight back by exposing them to the rest of the world in a concerted effort to destroy this evil before it can destroy the human mind.

Whether I live for another year or another 30, I now know how horrible this situation has become and many of the myriad secrets of the Illuminists who control everything that occurs within the lives of the men, women and children on this planet. And I also know that I will spend whatever time I have left exposing this on as wide a scale as I can, regardless of the assaults, demonizations and other vicious attacks against my person.

I know that I am doing the right thing in exposing these miscreants and their technology. And I also know the unending nightmare that they have subjected my Family and self to.

And those who've perpetrated these crimes against us are well aware that the only way that they are ever going to stop me from exposing them on a global scale is to kill me. When I die, everyone will eventually find out that I did so because I was exposing these filthy pieces of dreck for the monsters that they are and attempting to prevent them from harming anyone else.

Of course the US Media will never cover my death or that of any other TI's truthfully. They will just say that some psycho's ended up dying under mysterious circumstances and lead their viewers, listeners and readers to the conclusion that our deaths were the result of suicide. The US Media will promulgate this disinformation in order to protect the monsters who murdered us (NSA, FBI, DHS, CIA, DoD etc.) from public scrutiny.

Another outright LIE!


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