Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Producer Aaron Russo Is Interviewed By Conscious Media Network -- Aaron States His Belief That John F. Kennedy Was Murdered Because Of EO 11110

In this interview producer Aaron Russo speaks candidly about his documentary From Freedom To Fascism with an interviewer from the Conscious Media Network. Russo goes into detail in regard to his research pertaining to the Federal Reserve Bank and Internal Revenue Service, stating that both were created based on a colossal fraud and are operating illegally in the present day.

I have seen several interviews of Aaron's and was pleased to find that he has publicly stated his belief that former President John F. Kennedy was murdered because of his creation of Presidential Executive Order 11110, which in June of 1963 effectively put the privately held Federal Reserve Bank out of business.

I have held this belief ever since doing my own research on the Federal Reserve Bank roughly three years ago.

I was a child of four when I witnessed the news of JFK being murdered. I will never forget the absolutely macabre sight of him being mutilated during the CIA's black operation orchestrated to remove him from power. No one who has ever seen what is perhaps the most infamous video footage (this along with the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers) of all time ever will.

While there are more than likely myriad reasons for Kennedy's assassination, his attack on the criminals who run the privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel was undoubtedly at the top of the list.

One need only look at the facts here:

In June of 1963 JFK initiates EO 11110, which removes power from the privately held Federal Reserve Banking conglomerate to issue US Currency and restores it to Congress and the US Treasury as the US Constitution calls for. The removal of Federal Reserve Notes immediately begins, and the issuance of US Treasury Notes and their circulation into the US economy takes place within a short period of time.

By November of 1963, JFK is assassinated and within months, US Treasury Notes are removed from the economy, as the Federal Reserve Bank gets back into business.

However, EO 11110 is never repealed.

This means that although the Federal Reserve Bank had been authorized to coin currency in 1913 as a result of the US Federal Reserve Act (a complete fraud in the first place), Kennedy's EO 11110 made it illegal for it do so.

The bottom line is that the Federal Reserve Bank is operating illegally. And just as important, so is the Internal Revenue Service.

Aaron Russo has opened up a Pandora's Box with this documentary which is gradually being seen by the people in America, and educating them in regard to the outright fraud that the US Congress has become, in protecting the Federal Reserve Bank from prosecution.

Russo also states that the gold bullion which belongs to the American people is now in the possession of the privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel, being held as collateral on the interest that the FED claims that the American people owe to it.

However, the truth is that the American people do not owe the Federal Reserve Bank a dime. It is this counterfeiting behemoth that owes the American people the trillions of dollars that it has stolen from us since it was illegally and unconstitutionally created in 1913.

Russo's documentary has created a watershed event in this country, for as more Americans continue to learn of this outright fraud perpetrated against them by the US Congress and the privately held Federal Reserve Banking cartel, Americans are going to find themselves on the brink of a revolution to take back their government as well as their economy.

This is going happen. The only question at present is when.

There is a movement to expose the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS fraud that has taken hold in this country; one which the US Media has been told to ignore. However, this movement is spreading like a wildfire given the import of its message.

The response to Aaron Russo's From Freedom To Fascism has not only been remarkable, but also uniform, in that those who see it have been quoted as saying "every person in America should see From Freedom To Fascism." And as someone who has seen this documentary at least three times, I find myself saying the same thing.

What Aaron Russo is doing by exposing this fraud to the American people is very noble, courageous, and extremely dangerous. President John F. Kennedy got the back of his head blown off for doing something similar. And Kennedy never promulgated the reasons for his putting the Federal Reserve Bank out of business. He merely did so by using his authority to legislate Executive Order 11110.

Aaron has come out publicly and called the bankers behind the Federal Reserve Bank, and the US Congress outright criminals. These are fighting words.

And only a complete fool would not realize that his life has now been endangered for doing so -- for doing what is right and what is just.

The American people need to support Aaron and his message. We can do so by propagating it in every venue possible. As usual the US Media is useless for affecting any meaningful changes so we can't count on them to help us here, even though they will ultimately be negatively affected by the Federal Reserve Bank and the Illuminists controlling it, as well. Therefore, it is up to each of us by way the Internet and any other creative venues which we can utilize, to alert the rest of the people in this country to Aaron's documentary.

And unless you want to end up being implanted with a microchip that will enslave you to the New World Order, it is in your best interests to circulate this video as quickly as possible.

See the following video to learn more:

See From Freedom To Fascism for free at the following URL:


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