Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Al Silverstein's Slip Of The Tongue Reveals More About The 9-11 Conspiracy -- "We Decided To Pull It"

On the evening of 9-11-2001 World Trade Center Building number 7 was imploded by the New York City Fire Department. This according to owner Al Silverstein who was quoted as saying "we decided to pull it" in reference to building number 7.

Without realizing it, in just five words, Silverstein did more damage to his cohorts in crime than he ever could have imagined. It would take weeks - possibly even months to prepare a structure the size of building number 7 for demolition. And that is exactly what happened. Approximately six weeks earlier, dynamite charges were planted throughout the superstructure of building number 7, with those having done so knowing full well that it was going to be demolished on 9-11-2001. It was just six weeks before the attacks on 9-11 that Al Silverstein took out a lease on the entire World Trade Center complex.

And in all likelihood building 7 was set up for demolition right after that.

By why after?

Common sense would dictate that Silverstein knew that something catastrophic was going to befall the World Trade Center in the near future. It is my opinion that Al Silverstein was privy to the attacks on 9-11 long before they occurred and well aware that the World Trade Center Towers and building 7 were wired with dynamite charges at least six weeks before these terrorist attacks actually took place. I also believe that this demolition preparation only occurred after he had signed a 3.2 billion dollar insurance policy on the entire World Trade Center (which included coverage for terrorism), in the event that if something went wrong in wiring the dynamite charges which were ultimately used to implode these buildings, he would be able to collect the insurance on them.

Simply put, if he had the buildings wired and they were damaged before they were insured, he would not have been able to collect the insurance. Therefore, the wiring of the dynamite charges must have occurred after Silverstein insured the entire WTC complex.

From this, one can only deduce that Al Silverstein knew that something big was going down and that these buildings were not going to be standing for much longer. In my opinion this makes him a co-conspirator in regard to the terrorist attacks on 9-11.

This also means that he must have had advanced knowledge that innocent Americans who worked in these buildings were going to be brutally murdered when these massive structures were imploded.

Yet he walked away with more than 2 billion dollars in insurance payoffs and was never even considered a possible conspirator in the 9-11 attacks! And Silverstein was furious that he only got the settlement that he did, since he argued that the two jets hitting the WTC Towers amounted to two terrorist attacks instead of one and demanded twice the 3.2 billion dollars that the entire World Trade Center Complex was insured for.

A sane judge denied his request.

Al Silverstein = member of the Illuminati


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