Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Nazi Auto PIG & The NSA's ECHELON Global Satellite Spy System -- This System Violates The Miranda Law

A Nazi Auto PIG is anyone or any group who attempts to electronically or otherwise enslave others through the use of directed energy weapons' technology or other forms of psychological warfare. The FBI, NSA, CIA, DoD, DHS are all examples of Nazi Auto Pigs. The New World Order is controlled by Nazi Auto Pigs who will be attempting to enslave all of you through the use of implantable RFID microchips and satellite based remote neural monitoring, which will use satellites and super computers to electronically access and manipulate your thoughts.

As a long-term NSA satellite prisoner and mind control target I have learned this the hard way. So please educate yourselves. Use my Website as a tool in which to do so. There are many NSA satellite prisoners in this country but few who have actually been made aware of it.

It is now quite possible that since the attacks on 9-11 all Americans have been made into unwitting satellite prisoners, who are being illegally spied on by way of NSA satellites and super computers capable of watching and videotaping their activities 24 hours a day. NSA Artificial Intelligence computers have the ability to covertly watch more than 6 times the Earth's total population (roughly 36 billion people) simultaneously. They would not even break a sweat watching all three hundred million of us and archiving everything that we say and do throughout out our entire lives, in what is certain to be the most complete dossiers ever compiled on the citizens of this country, or anyother.

If the NSA ever has an interest in any of you all it need do is to access the archived video of you that its spy satellites have captured in the past, and go frame by frame looking for anything incriminating. Figure that they have thousands of hours of you within your own bedrooms and bathrooms violating your privacy in the most egregious ways ever documented. The NSA oftentimes at the request of the FBI or other US Intelligence Agencies will spy on a targeted person without probable cause and for decades, in what can only be termed as a protracted fishing expedition. These agents are depraved filth and should be considered as the most despicable criminals in existence given that they have betrayed the trust of the American people.

This is also the most outrageous violation of the 4th Amendment ever documented and also violates the 5th Amendment which includes your right to avoid self incrimination.

And I have not even mentioned the fact that these computers can electronically record your sub vocalized thoughts for later reference as you sit at home, in your office, or anywhere else. It does not matter where you are, since these satellites track you by way of the EMF field that surrounds your body.

Once these satellites home in on this electromagnetic field there is no escape, and there is no privacy. Even your thoughts are being electronically stolen from right out of your heads!

Furthermore, the NSA's use of this technology constitutes a blatant abuse of the Miranda Law, given that the NSA can remotely access the thoughts of any targeted person 24 hours a day, to illegally interogate them, even though they have never even been arrested for a crime!

These FEDS are outright CRIMINALS! And their crimes are now starting to unravel like a cheap suit, as their victims (the American people) continue to gradually learn about them.

We are now all victims of the most outrageous Nazi Auto PIG ever created. The National Security Agency and its ECHELON satellite spy system.

Other examples of Nazi Auto PIGS are the FBI's COINTELPRO and the CIA's MKULTRA operations. Every federal agent who has ever taken part in such despicable tactics will leave the legacy of having been a Nazi Auto PIG.


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