Friday, June 15, 2007

Another Sexual Assault By The Fascist NSA - A Perversion Of Nature

"American's don't have to concern themselves in regard to where to find the NSA, FBI and DHS since these agencies are in no doubt spying on everyone of you right now. They want to know your deepest and darkest secrets. They want to know what you are thinking. This is why they spy on you within the so called privacy of your homes where you feel safe, and use remote neural monitoring technology to steal your thoughts right out of your mind. These agencies are fascist secret police who represent the New World Order one world fascist government of this planet. Remember George Orwell's novel 1984, about the anti-Utopian nightmare that countries on this planet became? Well prepare yourselves, because Orwell's fictional nightmare is about to become reality."

NSA's Use Of Satellites To Commit Sexual Battery

Numerous people who are targeted by the FBI or other agencies for COINTELPRO's can also find themselves being subjected to the NSA and it satellites, for a program known as non consensual cover research and human experimentation.

I have been for decades. One of the sickest aspects of what they do to me (as well as many others) is to use this technology to electronically tap into certain parts of my brain to run "scenes" within my mind which can contain virtually any imaginable content objectionable or otherwise. These scenes play out as realistically as if they were actually happening to you. When they take place you find yourself in anyone of myriad situations.

Those NSA programmers who attack me have an affinity for sexual perversions which can range from anything from pedophilia and incest to outright murder.These people are the sickest and most depraved pieces of garbage on this planet. And that they are working for the US Intelligence community should only create greater cause for concern.

They can use this technology in a great number of different ways. However, it is always used to pervert the laws of nature. Many TI's have reported being sexually assaulted and forced to orgasm. I have experienced this sexual assault on numerous occasions, and report this disturbing situation here, simply because I realize the import of what is being illegally done to myself and myriad others who are targeted for this depraved abuse; in my situation I am targeted by agents of the NSA, FBI and Homeland Security (there are many other US Intelligence Agencies also taking part in these attacks on American citizens).

Last night these putrid pieces of garbage decided that they would put a female cousin of mine into one of their depraved sexual fantasies, which they would play out by assaulting me. Midway through this situation I was just looking for a way to stop the programming that they were playing out in my mind. I managed to free myself
just prior to being forced to orgasm. Sometimes TI's are able to do this, while most times they are forced to ride out these nightmares until the "programmers" end them.

The only way in which to describe these attacks are electronic forms of rape being done by way of directed energy weapons' technology.

I post this personal and disturbing information here, because most TI's are understandably too embarrassed to admit that they are being subjected to such abhorrent attacks, or too concerned about being ostracized to mention the particulars. However, someone has to discuss these topics, regardless of how unpleasant they may be. And I created this Website to give the most accurate accounts possible of what it is like as an American citizen, to be illegally targeted for cruelty that is on par with that of Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich.

The people who attack us in this way are truly this despicable. They are anathema.

For exposing these FEDS I am now being subjected to the most outrageous demonization campaign ever waged against an American citizen. One in which the United States Constitution has been completely tossed out, and my Civil Rights violated in ways so outrageous that your average person would have a most difficult time in comprehending this situation.

When they cannot arrest you illegally, the FEDS will fabricate slanderous information in efforts to destroy your sanity, reputation, relationships, credibility and finances.

They want to make an easy target of you by systematically destroying your life.

I have never made for an easy target as the FEDS themselves can tell you, and never will.

They will dig up what they can on the people around you to get them to lie about the crimes that are being perpetrated against you, and pathetically enough, even attack you themselves, out of fear being subjected to the same vicious abuses if they don't.

The FEDS will perpetrate an outright criminal conspiracy as they have done in my case, and create criminals as they draw other innocent people into your harassment.

A prime case illustrating this concerns a Great Neck psychiatrist by the name of Alan I. Stempler, who saw me under false pretenses in 2003 while taking more than $1000 during that time. Because of the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security, Alan I. Stempler is now an unindicted felon.

And I post his name here because he knows full well that he is a liar and a co-conspirator, who's guilty of colluding with the FBI and its criminal minions in attempting to deny me my Civil Rights. The real problem is that Stempler is completely ignorant of the types of extensive crimes that the FEDS have perpetrated against me over the past 27 years.

He blindly agreed to cooperate with them, having no concept of what this situation really involved.

Furthermore, he is a textbook example of what many TI's have described in regard to the FEDS use of the psychiatric profession in this country to wrongfully incarcerate citizens who are being used as government mind control targets.

In spite of their enormous attempts to prevent me from circulating my information, including deleting a former Website, still trying to get this one deleted, and deleting or having articles that I have written in regard to this harassment removed from the Independent Media Center Websites, the FEDS are now the ones who are being exposed for their rampant criminal activity.

My testimony is a compelling one, as are most of those that I have read in regard to other TI's. I stand by every part of it and have now amassed approximately 2000 pages of irrefutable documentation which proves that the FBI colluded with the NSA and others to deny me my Civil Rights.

And in spite of their outrageous deception and the COINTELPRO psychological operations that these FEDS have deployed against me, in efforts to keep this information from finding its way to the public, they are now the ones who are being exposed on a very large scale for the fascists and despicable criminals that they are.

Unlike most Americans I do not fear the US Intelligence community. I instead understand the subversion of humanity that it represents and truly loathe it.

And while they have managed through their COINTELPRO's to destroy the lives of many good Americans in the past Century, they are not going to win this time around. They have destroyed my health and my life. They have wantonly attacked my loved ones. And I have a score to settle with them.

I will either see these agencies exposed globally for the outright criminals and fascist representatives of the New World Order that they are, or I will die trying.

I will not rest until I see this happening or leave this Earth. For me there are no longer any other options.


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