Saturday, June 16, 2007

An Important Message To The Perpetrators Of Organized Stalking Crimes -- The US Federal Government's Useful Idiots

It's become apparent to me that like many other TI's, I am being watched within the privacy of my own home by those who perpetrate organized stalking crimes against me. To these degenerates I say, the same technology that is allowing you to violate my privacy and that of myriad others who are also being viciously attacked by the depraved filth that operates under this country's US Intelligence Flag, is also being used to track you while violating your privacy in the same ways -- the NSA records everything that you say, do and think -- 24/7/365. And if I were you (and I thank my stars that I am not), I'd grow more modest in a hurry.

Consider this the next time that you spy on myself or other TI's within the privacy of our own homes.

You people are nothing but "useful idiots" whom this corrupted government uses to do its dirty work for it. And its agents have now dragged you through the mud by cajoling you into perpetrating depraved crimes that no self respecting persons would ever be caught doing.

You all fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Like I said, you are useful idiots. I am using you as an example so that my readers can see a textbook illustration of the depravity that exists within the US Federal Government -- something which you have now all collectively made yourselves a part of.


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