Saturday, June 16, 2007

America's Criminal Pharmaceutical Industry Looks To Demonize Medical Marijuana Because It Is Superior To Their Pharmacological Alternatives

As more states acknowledge that marijuana is useful for medicinal purposes in the treatment of cancer patients, a result of its being far more effective than its allopathic counterparts, the pharmaceutical industry is again looking for ways in which to have the FDA ban it. The bottom line's that if these corporatists can't win legitimately they cheat.

This has become standard operating procedure for the corporate elite (Illuminati & Illuminati wannabes) in this country since the turn of the 20th Century, when the US Industrial Revolution was in full swing, and these neuvo - riche (translated literally means "newly rich") learned that they could use their new found wealth to purchase their concept of justice, by corrupting the US Government and its legal system.

And they have been doing so quite effectively ever since.

This demonization of marijuana hearkens back to the early part of the 20th Century, when marijuana was demonized by the oil and paper industries in this country, who out of concern for competition sought to abuse the government's authority, in order to mount a central attack on the hemp industry.

This attack on the hemp industry is a textbook illustration of how the wealthy corporatist pigs in this country have used their wealth to corrupt our once pristine constitutional republic, which as a result has in the present day been subverted into a covert and fascist cabal.

The chairman of Union Oil, Andrew Mellon, was appointed secretary of the treasury during the Harding Administration. His first act was to create The Federal Bureau Of Narcotics which was specifically formed to destroy the hemp industry.

Mellon knew that he could not succeed in destroying the hemp industry simply by criticizing the hemp plant for its use in the manufacture of myriad products. However, he was able to exploit the narcotic aspect of this plant and use it as his point of attack.

Mellon appointed his future brother in law, a man by the name of Harry Anslinger, to be head of the Bureau. Anslinger's first assignment was to demonize marijuana by way of the US Media. He also saw to it that the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 was created as a sin tax on all who purchased the herb.

Meanwhile, Andrew Mellon was busy convincing Randolph Hearst of the Hearst newspaper empire that the hemp plant was a direct threat to his vast acreage of trees, since hemp could be refined into a paper product.

Panicked at the thought of seeing his investment devalued, Hearst set about to use his newspapers to demonize marijuana, and went as far as financing the now cult film "Reefer Madness" in efforts to put the final nail in the coffin of the hemp industry.

However, hemp is in many ways a far superior natural resource than oil. It can be refined to manufacture numerous products ranging from paper to fuel. And unlike petrochemicals, it is much safer for the environment.

This latest attack on marijuana by the pharmaceutical industry is yet another criminal effort to maintain the status quo of mediocrity in this country. All great Americans who build a better mouse trap run into the same beast.

Dr. Royal Rife did in the early part of the 20th Century when he designed his Rife Machine to employ the use of electromagnetic frequencies to treat serious illnesses.

Preston Tucker did when he built a better car than Detroit could build.

Nicola Tesla did when he decided that every person in America should have access to free electricity, and developed the technology necessary to make it a reality. When Tesla spoke with George Westinghouse in regard to this idea Westinghouse fired him on the spot!

*** The technology presently exists to tap energy directly from the electromagnetic field that surrounds the Earth. It is free energy that can be made available to every person on this planet. The US Federal Government is already utilizing this technology to power numerous covert projects through the use of machinery which quite literally taps right into the Earth's electromagnetic field.

Inventor John Bedini (who also builds nice Hi-Fi audio amplifiers - I purchased an NOS Bedini 25/25 from him about 15 years ago) is working jointly with the illustrious Government physicist Tom Bearden, to design a portable device which will allow the average person to supply their own homes with electricity. Inventor Nicola Tesla had learned about this technology nearly a Century ago. He is by far the most brilliant scientist who has ever lived, but due to his desire to free the common person from the constraints of society, was never credited in his day with the greatness that he deserved. That is only now beginning to take place on a larger scale. Like other great minds including that of Albert Einstein, Tesla was a constant curiosity to the FBI (my nemesis) who on the day after his death raided his New York apartment and stole all of his research.

The criminals in America run this country. And in fact they have run it and its people right into the ground, through their use of treasonous deception. Furthermore, it does not matter how high one ascends within the political, industrial, or military structures of this country, since they have all been perverted through as a result of Illuminati orchestrated and rampant criminality.

The marijuana issue is just one of many which illustrates just how pervasive this corruption is.

The following are two excellent articles in regard to the politics behind the attacks on the hemp industry and marijuana. Whether you are an American or hail from another country, I am certain that you will find both of them to be applicable to the remarkable hypocrisy that we see in our collective society in the present day.

The Shadow Of The Swastika -- The Real Reason Why The US Government Will Not Debate The Issue Of Medical Cannabis


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