Monday, June 18, 2007

Seven Measures That Americans Can Take To Create A Better America And Put Money Back In Their Own Wallets

1. Force Congress To Dissolve The Privately Held Federal Reserve Bank -- It's Operating Illegally And Was Placed In Jeopardy By John F. Kennedy's Executive Order 11110 In 1963. This EO was never repealed. JFK's Attack On The Federal Reserve Was A Primary Reason For His Assassination. Yes, There Were Other Reasons, But JFK's Attempts To Encroach On The FED's Territory (however temporarily it was) Gave It Motive To See Him Dead. Especially Since Less Than Six Months After His Assassination The US Treasury Stopped Issuing Notes Which Had Been Minted As A Result Of EO11110. Even Though Executive Order 11110 Was Never Repealed.

JFK Had Cojones The Size Of Arkansas. If Only We Could Say That About Any President Who We've Had Since.

Sadly, We Can't.

There Is Also Clear Evidence That The Federal Reserve Has Stolen The Gold Bullion That Was Housed In Fort Knox And Looted The American Economy. Ask Congress Where The Gold Is And You Will Not Get A Straight Answer. Moreover, Not One Cent Of Your Federal Income Tax Goes Towards Services -- It All Goes To The Federal Reserve Bank To Pay Down The Interest On The National Debt, Which Was Created By The Federal Reserve Through The Interest That It Charges The US Federal Government For Printing Federal Reserve Notes. The Treasury Could Be Printing US Treasury Notes Interest Free. The Bottom Line's That WE DON'T NEED THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK AND NEVER HAVE!

Get Rid Of The Federal Reserve Bank And Americans Can Get Rid Of The National Debt And The Federal, State And Local Income Tax.

2. Force Congress To Dissolve The Internal Revenue Service. This Federal Agency Was Created As A Result Of The 16th Amendment, Yet The Supreme Court Ruled That This Amendment Offered No New Powers Of Taxation. Moreover, There Is No Law Authorizing The IRS To Collect An Income Tax, Or To Imprison Those Who Refuse To File A 1040 Income Tax Return. Myriad Americans Have Been Arrested And Imprisoned As A Result Of This While The IRS Stole Their Assets From Them. There Are At Least 24 Cases In Which Americans Who Were Arrested On Income Evasion Were Completely Exonerated By Juries Because The Juries Could Find No Law Which Authorized The Taxation Of Wages -- See Producer Aaron Russo's America From Freedom To Fascism Documentary On the Federal Reserve And IRS Frauds At This Website:

Several Former IRS Agents Were Forced To Resign When The IRS Could Not Show Them The Law Which Authorized It To Collect Income Taxes. None Of Them Have Paid Their Income Taxes Since. One Of These Former Agents, Joe Banister, Took Part In A Public Campaign To Expose This IRS Fraud To The American People. The IRS Arrested Him Claiming That He Was Committing Fraud By Telling Americans That There Is No Law Forcing Them To Pay An Income Tax. Joe Was EXONERATED BY A JURY! He Was Telling The Truth; The IRS Has Been And Continues To LIE! You Can Learn More About Joe By Accessing The Website Below:

3. Get Rid Of The US Intelligence Community. This Thing's Been A Complete Farce Since Its Inception Starting With The FBI In 1908. These Agencies Operate Well Outside The Law And Routinely Violate The US Constitution And Its Bill Of Rights. They Also Corrupt Our State And Local Law Enforcement Given That Oftentimes They Are Subjugated To Following The FBI and Homeland Security's Anti-American Protocols. Furthermore, They Are Responsible For Some Of The Most Outrageous Crimes Against Humanity Ever Documented Including The FBI's COINTELPRO Operations Which Continue Under A Different Name To This Very Day; The CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Experimentation Which Also Continues Under A Different Name In The Present Day; The NSA's Illegal Use Of Satellite Weapons Which It Uses For Electronic Warfare Including -- Illegally Spying On Americans And The Electronic Rape Of The Human Mind. These Are Just A Few Examples Of The Anathema That This Community Has Become. The DOD, DHS, ARPA, DIA And Many Other Agencies Are Equally As Abhorrent.

Force Congress To Abolish US Intelligence And To Restructure The Defense Department So That The American People Are No Longer Made Into Unwitting Victims Of This Government's Insidious Non Consensual Cover Research And Human Experimentation Program. As A Victim Of This Program I Most Certainly Have A Vested Interest Here. And So Do You!

4. Pare Down The Size Of US Government -- Restructure It -- Starting With Congress. This Way It Serves The People Of This Country As It Once Did Before The Corporatists Created Special Interest Groups Which Donated To The Campaigns Of Senators And Made Them Beholden To Those Who Got Them Elected. This Is An Absolute Perversion Of The Congress. Get Rid Of Political Action Committees (PACS) Since They Just Serve To Subvert The Congressional Process And Corrupt Politicans. Make Each Senator Accountable Based On Their Job Performance. If They Can't Cut The Mustard Get Rid Of Them And Bring In Someone Who Can.

It's Time We Stopped Treating These People As Some Type Of Royalty. They Are Supposed To Be Public Servants Who Work For Us!

5. Refuse To Vote For Any Person Who Is Seeking Political Office Unless They Agree To Sign An Affidavit Stating That They Will Work Towards Abolishing The Federal Reserve Banking Cartel. This Is Especially Important In The Presidential Election Of 2008. The Only Candidate Who Has Thus Far Agreed To Do So Is Texas Congressman Ron Paul. You Can Learn More About Him At The Following Website:

6. Bring Back Agriculturalism In This Country To Compete On The Same Footing With The Industrialists. This Will Give The American People An Opportunity To Have More Ecologically Sound Choices In Their Purchases Of Goods.

To Do This We Must Repeal The Present Unjust Laws In Regard To Marijuana Legislation So That Hemp Can Be Grown Legally Again. This Legislation Was Wrongfully Imposed On The Hemp Industry By The Oil Magnets, Who Feared That Hemp Could Be Used In The Manufacture Of Many Products That Could Give The Oil Companies Some Serious Competition. So As Usual, Those With The Money Bought Their Justice By Creating A Demonization Campaign Against Marijuana (which is derived from the hemp) In Order To Destroy Their Competition -- THEY CHEATED LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO WHEN THE COMPETITION IS BETTER THAN THEY ARE!

Once This Unlawful Legislation Against Marijuana Is Repealed, The Agricultural Revolution Can Begin Anew -- A Much Healthier Way Of Manufacturing Products Than The Petrochemicals That Are Being Turned Out By The Filthy Rich Oil Companies In The Present Day.

7. Last But Certainly Not Least -- Get Rid Of This Notion That Democracy Is Good Government. It's One Of The Worst Forms Of Tyranny That There Is, Where 51% Of The Voters Control The Other 49%. Americans Have Been Brainwashed Into Believing That Democracy Is A Good Thing -- It's Not! The United States Was Founded As A Constitutional Republic Where Every American Citizen's Rights Are Equally Protected.

When Carefully Adhered To, This Is The Best Form Of Government That Exists. The Bush Administration Has Got To Go. They Are Co-Conspirators In The Attacks On 9-11 And Pawns Which Are Being Used By The Illuminist Hierarchy In Ushering In The New World Order One World Fascist Government. Their Passage Of The Patriot Act Was Done To Rob Us Of Our Freedoms By Superimposing It Over Our Bill Of Rights.

Impeach The Entire Bush Administration And Imprison Them For Committing High Crimes Of Treason Against The American People. And Abolish The Fascist Patriot Act -- It Is A Cancer On Our Civil Liberties.


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