Sunday, June 17, 2007

Under Bush The NWO's Leading Americans To Enslavement

"When I look back at how naive I was in regard to the underworld shadow government that exists within the United States, and how it controls virtually every aspect of the information that it wants the American people to have access to, I now realize how ignorant the average American is. For the past Century this ignorance has been perpetuated by the US Media, since this Illuminati propaganda machine has promoted a level of ignorance within the American people that is simply astounding. And it is because of such ignorance that the American people are now ill prepared to cope with the complete and utter dismantling of their government, society and personal lives - an imminent goal of the Illuminist's New World Order."

James F. Marino

NSA Satellite Prisoner

US Government Mind Control Subject

The FBI's Attack On The Psyches Of Its Targets -- It's Illegal To Use Psychological Warfare On American Citizens So Why Are The FBI & DHS Doing So?

The US Shadow Government's attacks on 9-11 were a textbook illustration of a psychological warfare campaign waged against the American people. And within days the US Media was no longer following any factual information, but instead the orchestrated propaganda that the perpetrators behind these attacks wanted promulgated to the American public.

Interesting article on the inside job that 9-11 was:

Even former FBI translator -- Sibel Edmonds -- a government whistle blower --questioned why it was that the 9-11 Commission Report had never been challenged by government insiders. She noted that nothing had even been redacted -- extremely strange in such a situation. Of course Sibel was being diplomatic since she's well aware of the machinations that the FBI is capable of. There was no redacted information because the 9-11 Commission Report was as much of a fabrication as the Warren Commission Report was in regard to the Kennedy Assassination. Pure fantasy, with any substantive information which could have implicated the real perpetrators never even given consideration.

What Americans must acknowledge here is that the 9-11 Commission Report was necessary in order to keep the Bush Administration's bogus war on terror going, regardless of how deceptive it was. The 9-11 Commission Report was an egregious lie throughout its more than five hundred pages. Much like the Warren Commission Report, a waste of time, taxpayer money, and good paper.

Sibel's article can be accessed below:


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