Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Try To Warn Ed And Elaine Brown That They May Be Under NSA Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite Surveillance At Present

I believe that it is quite possible that Ed and Elaine Brown are being monitored by way of NSA remote neural monitoring at the present time and have gone to their Website to warn them of it. I seek a peaceful resolution to this conflict and don't want the Brown's or any of their supporters injured or murdered by the FEDS. I also don't wish the FEDS any harm. I just want them to leave the Brown's alone.

The Post That I left On Ed and Elaine's Website:

Given that the NSA can target any American citizen by way of the electromagnetic field that surrounds their bodies, it's important for all of us to understand that we can be illegally spied upon for years without realizing it.

I have been an NSA Satellite prisoner for the past 27 years, having never been arrested, charged or convicted of any crimes.

This is the most outrageous abuse of the Fourth Amendment ever documented.

I am concerned that Ed and Elaine are being monitored in this way and want to do my best to protect them from what is unfolding.

Please pass my Website on to them before the FEDS have an opportunity to delete it. They have done so with my previous Website as well as myriad articles that I have published on Independent Media Center Websites.

Given my familiarity with WACO and Ruby Ridge I am extremely concerned about Ed, Elaine and their supporters and want to make certain that any type of bloodshed is avoided this time around.

The FEDS don't want remote neural monitoring information being promulgated in a large way, given that a lawsuit by a former agent of theirs -- John St. Clair Akwei -- has already been filed, and documents it.

The FEDS shy away from this type of info. so perhaps Ed and Elaine can use it to just make them go away. I don't want to see anyone killed here including the FEDS. I just want them to leave the Brown's alone.

I have admired Randy Weaver for several years and was heartbroken to hear of how he lost his wife and child. The fact that he is once again putting his life at risk shows just how courageous this Patriotic American is.

My thoughts are with all of you for a safe resolution to this nightmare.

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