Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Media Again Used To Promulgate Disinformation In Regard To 9-11

Just a short while ago a news program stated that the latest research study done in regard to the attacks on 9-11 , had the planes hitting the WTC Towers doing so much structural damage, that this combined with the unburned fuel from the tanks of the two jets is what caused the steel structures in the Towers to melt.

The US Media has been feeding us the same propagandized crap for the past 6 years, and it's clear that most Americans don't even believe the official story any longer, and see it as a major government deception.

Most of the fuel from these jets was burned off on impact. Tapes of the NYC firefighters who radioed in revealed conversations with these men stating that the fires were not bad and could be put out fairly easily. Later you could hear several of them saying that there were explosions going off in the Towers that sounded like dynamite charges. Yet the powers that be in this country continue to LIE to us simply because if the official explanation is shot down in regard to how the Towers really collapsed (it's clear that dynamite charges with were used to implode the structures) then the rest of the 9-11 story loses the little credibility that is has left.

Voltaire was absolutely correct when he stated that it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. And in this case it is the US Federal Government that is wrong, and extremely dangerous for those of us who know the truth, to be right. Given that the government in this country would murder nearly 3000 of its own people in less than an hour, what makes the rest of the American people think that they are not just as easily expendable?

The Bush Administration is sending our soldiers to slaughter in a war that has now lasted longer than World War II. And nearly 700,000 Iraqi's have since been killed. I can't sit back while some people take sides here and say that they don't care if Iraqi's are dying. Iraqi's are humans too and have just as much right to their lives as Americans have to ours.

What is going on in this country in the present day is an outright obscenity to humanity. And I am concerned that most Americans have become so dociled and brainwashed that it is now easier for them to remain silent, than it is to speak out against this government and force this war to be brought to an immediate end, before more bloodshed takes place.

We can only blame those who are behind these attacks for just so much for if we don't attempt to expose them and to join ranks in which to shut them down (starting with the Federal Reserve System), then we are equally to blame for everything that they do to us in the future.


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