Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Organized Vehicular Stalking Is Now Very Heavy

The Vehicular Organized Stalking Which Is Orchestrated by the FBI, DHS and NSA has been very heavy over the past few weeks. And today is no different. As I travel out at night more often these perp's stalk me everywhere I go. However, if I leave the house after midnight during a weeknight, the traffic now dwindles down to next to nothing. This is because a large number of those stalking me are members of the community and even local neighbors (something typically experienced by TI's). After midnight they are in bed to get rested up for their next day's work and organized stalking activities, while the "paid stalkers" are left in a skeleton crew to follow me around at night.

This is a textbook description of what most TI's describe in regard to organized stalking crimes. It is a gang/vigilante mentality being propagated by the FBI and its criminal brethren who deny us our constitutional rights including that to due process of law.

And the sheer arrogance of these depraved miscreants, who actually think that they have a right to attack us in ways in which they would be made apoplectic if someone did the same to them.

It's bad enough that we have the FBI and NSA conducting their peeping activities by way of satellites, and circulating pornography on the side as these filthy pigs disseminate video that is taken of TI's within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

The FBI and these other degenerates are well aware that I am telling the truth about them and what complete filth they are. They are just angry that their COINTELPRO Stings have failed and are now forced to operate so far outside the law that they keep using the T word (terrorist) which they believe gives them the right to
behave so abominably. It doesn't.

This Website and others that I have since created are causing them irreparable damage given that the information that I am documenting in regard to this agency's extensive history is irrefutable proof of just how evil it is.

So the FBI can send its organized stalkers into my neighborhood to waste their fuel at nearly $4 a gallon for premium (and many of them are driving gas guzzling SUV's) and wear out their tires for all I care. Their sadistic efforts have failed miserably just as the FBI's COINTELPRO Stings have failed over the past 27 years.

These stalkers are a collective of the biggest jackasses (useful idiots) ever assembled in one place that I've ever seen. It is like watching a pack of adolescents let out for recess, except that the teacher never shows up to call them back into the classroom. So they are left in a perpetual state of chaos. Organized stalkers have no moral ground on which to stand since what they are doing is a felony.

And do they honestly believe that breaking the law and violating the US Constitution is acceptable behavior?

Only if they've been brainwashed into doing so -- my contention all along.

So I will continue to document their depravity as I watch them burn their money through their psychopathic machinations. Unless someone is footing the bill for their fuel, they are already spending far more than usual in this harassment on a weekly basis, which must be aggravating them. Or does the federal government now allow for a vehicular stalking write off for those who take part in these crimes?

This government is so screwed up that even this wouldn't surprise me any longer. You know how you feel about George W. Bush and his administration. Well Congresses approval rating is even lower.

With the American people now coming to grips with the fact that 9-11 was an inside job, and the ever present threat of American society collectively learning about the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds, the fascist shadow government which runs everything in this country is going to have a very difficult time surviving.

My personal opinion is that it will not be able to and that the American people will be forced to resurrect our old constitutional republic in order to keep this country going. This is the best situation that can happen, since the corruption in the present government is so far beyond the pale that it is no longer salvageable.

And given that it's a democracy, and that democratic rule is just another form of tyranny where 51% of the population controls the other 49%, the best thing that we can do is to take a shovel to it and go back to the best form of government the people of this planet have ever seen. A constitutional republic.

In truth, how much it cost these perp's each week to fuel their vehicles so that they can take part in organized stalking crimes is not my concern. After all, I'm not the one whose encouraging them to take part in this sociopathic behavior, so why should I care if they are quite literally burning another $50 a week per vehicle to stalk me?

As Forest Gump once said "Stupid Is As Stupid Does." Who knows, he may have actually been secretly referring to organized stalking groups. One thing's for certain -- they are most definitely useful idiots.


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