Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yet Another Account Of A Citizen Being Targeted For Government Sanctioned Organized Stalking Crimes And Covert Mind Control Research

The following is a fairly recent account of yet another mind control target who lives in Canada. Canada's organized stalking phenomenon appears to be just as serious as the one in the United States, and others which have been reported in Europe and Asia.

This person also refers to being "setup" for auto accidents - I have been setup for them since the early 1980's, and have been crashed into on 4 separate occasions. I have also been run off the road and threatened with bodily harm on numerous occasions over the years, by other drivers whom I did not know and had no altercations with. These are government agents or their operatives who deliberately cause staged car crashes as part of their harassment. It is done to damage your driving record so that insurance companies can raise your rates, and also as one of myriad ways in which the perp's erode your finances.

This TI also describes being targeted for sleep deprivation through the use of directed energy weapons as well as being physically and psychologically assaulted by this technology -- something that I have been experiencing for nearly three decades.

As citizens we are also entrained to believe that the one place which we are always safe is in our own homes.

However, the NSA's use of spy satellites and remote neural monitoring to track each of us, has destroyed any privacy that we may have once had. We now live in the age of electronic surveillance where even your own thoughts are no longer private from those who ("controllers") operate these audio visual satellites.

This technology is going to cause a revolution around this planet as the citizenry ( in fear for our own lives) ultimately strike out against our respective governments and put down those evil dictators who are using this technology to covertly murder us. This movement has already begun.


date: March 20, 2007
do you want your email listed: yes
can others place your information else where on the web: yes
in the event of your dead or missing in action. do you want your personal account to remain on the mcf site: yes

your-introduction: I am a victim of ongoing mind control experiment, ritual abuse and conspiracy of secret section of the government. I am a subject for non consensual human mind control experimentation as part of conspiracy by the government secret section.

Since 2000, strange things began to happen to me, but I had no knowledge of organized stalking or mind control, I used to think those strange happenings were just coincidences. As time went on, this bizarre phenomenon happened more frequently until 2004, it was clear that I had been targeted by a group of people that consists of private citizens and government secret agencies.

Since the end of 2004, the perpetrators behaved so irrational and advanced into the attacking stage from just monitoring by putting me under covert surveillance 24/7 inside and outside of my home. Since then, I was derived of the constitutional rights we are entitled to as a private citizen, and the worst part had been the invasion of my thought through stalking and the high tech device.

For the past two years, I experienced real verbal abuse (not voice to skull), and behavioral, psychological mind control abuse as daily routine. They constantly used the hideous tactics of provoking and baiting in order to inflict mental distress, or infuriate me into violent action for the purpose to make an arrest. They used rumors and slander as weapon to propaganda hate message against me.

Puzzled and emotionally disturbed by this non-stop organized stalking and psychological harassment, I was compelled to go on Internet to do the research, and found out that what happened to me was a hidden crime – both hate and racially motivated ‘Organized Crime’, a conspiracy that a few jealousy and vindictive individuals together with local group, secret agencies and government gangsters plotted.

This harassment group goes to extreme to use high tech non-lethal weapons to attack the targets physically. They act as if they were someone above the law. Under the guise of the public interest, they are actually violating the public trust, the law and abusing the human rights to their own benefits. They once staged car accident, and an electronic shock to intimidate me, but I was able to respond quick enough to avoid the car accident. Other physical assaults were also done to me.

Under the high tech assault, I lost countless night sleep. Sometimes, they even kept me awake the whole night. This sleep deprivation was so destructive that directly had impact on my well-being and my job performance. For a period of at least one year, I was under intensive sleep deprivation torture. I still could remember
how painful it was with the feeling of severe fatigue during the day after a sleepless night. They also used invisible technology to attack my knee. I am a witness of this hidden organized crime – they are human rights abusers and secret murderers.


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