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Brainwave Frequency Entrainment Technology - The US Federal Government Wants To Control Your Thoughts Electronically

As I have often discussed, the National Security Agency long ago had access to research which had been done to map out the human brain. What I mean by this is that they know which portions of the brain to electronically stimulate in order to bring about certain types of behavior. And they are frighteningly proficient at doing so.

Each portion of your brain evokes a certain response. And these areas can be targeted to affect everything from your emotional responses and appetite to your sex drive. Nothing is off limits. And the FEDS are well aware of this and have used many of us to test this technology on in efforts to determine its efficacy (this means how efficient it is). This is not a new practice for the federal government. For many decades it has been subjecting a great number of unwitting Americans to many different types of weaponry to determine how they affect the human mind and body.

The US Military has done so for the past Century by covertly disseminating its biological and chemical agents against us, and then using the National Institutes Of Health and Centers For Disease Control to quietly track cases.

Have you ever heard how certain businesses "cook their books?" This refers to them keeping two sets of books -- the one which contains their truthful information, and the one which contains their "adjusted" information.

Over the road truckers have been doing it with their log's for thirty years, just to be able to make ends meet.

The CDC and NIH operate in much the same way. However, in their respective cases, the epidemiolgical studies that they research will only include information on specfic bioweapons after this info has been screened by the US Military and Department Of Defense.

A perfect example of this concerns Lyme Disease, which has become so problematic, that it's now reached pandemic levels (meaning that it has crossed continents).

The CDC and NIH have both deliberately underreported cases of Lyme Disease for decades, knowing full well that it's a bioweapon and that there is no cure for it.

To this day these government agencies continue to promulgate disinformation in regard to the numbers of emerging cases each year, while there's no doubt that they are furnishing the US Defense Department with the real numbers, so that the scientists who created Lyme Disease can keep apprised of the actual statistics in regard to the damage that this bioweapon has caused.

Once again, the American people get lied to. This has become a habitual problem with this government and its covert research programs; programs that would have been right at home in the labs of Nazi scientists of the 1930's and '40's.

The government scientists who created these weapons and the agents who deploy them against us most assuredly could not care less if you just happen to become disabled by these weapons or even killed by them. That is why they deployed them against us in first place -- to test them on us to determine how well they worked.

And as someone who's lived which chronic Lyme Disease since 1993, I can tell you that these biological weapons are quite effective at destroying your health and your life.

These government agents have been turned into sociopathic personalities through extensive brain washing protocols, which enables them to perpetrate such insidious crimes against humanity without ever giving what they have done a second thought.

The US Intelligence community is loaded with sociopaths.

The NSA's electronic warfare program has been conducted in a similar vein to that of other US Intelligence programs. Like the CIA (I refer to MKULTRA mind control experimentation here) the NSA keeps track of those of us who it experiments on by way of 24 hour a day satellite surveillance. This way they can watch how we respond to the brain entrainment protocols that we are subjected to.

And for those of you who believe that you are unlucky, please consider the following:

I was unwittingly placed into this electronic tracking system in 1980 and have been a non consensual guinea pig of the NSA's ever since. If this was not bad enough, in 1993, after receiving several tick bites over a three month period, I contracted Lyme Disease ( a biological weapon), which destroyed my health and kept me bedridden for nearly a decade. Contrary to what most ignorant doctors will tell you, there is no cure for Lyme Disease. There is only a remission for those who are lucky.

Once the Lyme spirochetes reach your bloodstream they become systemic (meaning that they affect all systems of the body). They also cross the blood brain barrier which makes treating the illness far more difficult. Only IV administered antibiotics can successfully cross the blood brain barrier. Orals are ineffective in doing so; especially in later stage cases of Lyme Disease.

Nowadays, I cope with chronic Lyme, as well as being targeted by satellite based directed energy weapons' technology, all while being subjected to the FEDS' psychological operations and organized stalking crimes 24 hours a day.

So the next time that you are having a really bad day remember that there are some of us who never have a good one.

The following Website covers quite a bit of very useful information on brainwave entrainment technology. I urge all of my readers, those who regularly access this blog and even those who are just passing through, to take a serious look at this information, since this technology can be used to affect your brainwaves just as it has been used to affect mine as well as those of a myriad of other government mind control targets.

The NSA has no right to do what it has done to us. And the US Federal Intelligence Community's covert non consensual cover research and human experimentation program is an outright atrocity against both civil and human rights.

Those of us who are being attacked in this grotesque way are telling you some very ugly truths about this government; truths that it does not want you to know about. And since these government agencies have failed to entrap me on trumped up charges, or to institutionalize me in a psychiatric facility, their only hope now is to continue to attack my psyche through their use of psychological warfare operations. If this continues to fail, they will be forced to become more aggressive and figure out a way in which to murder me. However, I have now made this very difficult for them having gone public stating that the FBI, DHS and NSA are trying to find a plausible way in which to murder me. If I suddenly die, everyone will know that the FEDS murdered me.

Am I afraid of them or of dying? Not anymore. My focus for the remainder of my life is to expose these covert Nazi's for the outright anathema that they are, so that the good people of this country don't end up as electronically mind controlled slaves; exactly what the New World Order one world fascist government is about.

And remember this: for all intents and purposes, Nazism, Communism and Fascism are basically one ideology in which the citizenry becomes subjugated to the desires of the state. They are all terrible forms of government, just as Democracy is. The only good government is a transparent government which protects all of a country's people.

This type of government is a constitutional republic -- something that Americans used to have before the privately held Federal Reserve Bank destroyed the US Congress and our economy. See Aaron Russo's superb documentary on the US Federal Reserve and IRS frauds. It's entitled: America From Freedom To Fascism and can be seen for free on Google Video. Just click on the hyperlink below to access this life changing documentary. I say life changing because once Americans see this video they can never go back to seeing this country or its government as they did in the past.

It's the most educational two hours that you will ever spend in your life. And you will come away with a completely new understanding of what a corrupt government we now have in this country. The real kicker is that you will learn that the IRS has absolutely no legitimate authority to tax your wages. And it never has. Nearly 70 million people in this country never even file a 1040 income tax return. And you don't have to either. So see Aaron Russo's documentary to learn how you can protect yourselves from Congress and the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank frauds.

The following's some excellent research in regard to brainwave entrainment technology and how the governments on this planet are utilizing it on the citizenry in efforts to control them. A must read for every person on this planet!

My loyalty is to America and the American people as well as the citizens of this planet. Not the lowlife government rat bastards and the Illuminati masters who control them.

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