Friday, June 22, 2007

Hit With ULF Waves Courtesy Of The NSA

Ultra low frequency (ULF) waves are a form of directed energy weaponry which can be deployed by way of satellites to disrupt the electromagnetic field which emanates from a targeted person's body. They can also be used to attack the central nervous systems as well as other areas of the bodies of those persons being targeted for non consensual cover research and human experimentation. The NSA has been directing these pulsed wave beams at me for years, and last night again began doing so aggressively in efforts to further disable me. ULF waves cause fatigue, nausea and dizziness. A great number of individuals targeted for this Nazi abuse have reported experiencing these symptoms as they are being attacked.

I have been experiencing this depraved abuse for years. Directed energy weapons can also be used to cause heart arrhythmia's which can lead to either a fatal heart attack or stroke. I have been experiencing these arrhythmia's for years, which I also attributed to having chronic Lyme Disease. However some of the heart related symptoms that I've had, have never been reported by Lyme Disease patients. Yet, they have been reported by TI's who've been targeted by directed energy attacks!

I will continue to update on my experiences with these attacks. As those who regularly read this Website know, the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security have been attempting to murder me for the past four years for exposing their rampant criminal activity. And I have already stated on numerous occasions that my death will be premature and of unnatural causes -- a murder to appear as either a suicide, aneurysm or heart attack. In my opinion, those of us who do not die outright in such ways will die from various forms of cancers brought on by the constant exposure to the radiation deployed against us by way of NSA or other government satellites.

I believe that EarthFirst! activist Judi Bari was murdered by this type of satellite deployed radiation, in efforts to prevent her from continuing a lawsuit which she filed against the FBI in 1992, after they planted a bomb in her car which blew up as she was driving to the Redwood Justice Summer Project sponsored by the EarthFirst! ecology network. The FBI attempted to have Judi's lawsuit thrown out of court on three separate occasions and failed all three times. They knew that they would lose in court and that the US Federal Government would have to pick up the tab when they did. And that's exactly what happened in 2002, when a federal jury found the FBI guilty of conspiring with the Oakland Police Department, to destroy Judi Bari and the EarthFirst! movement, and forced it to pay her estate 4.4 million dollars in punitive damages. (Judi died of a rare and fast moving form of breast cancer in 1997.)

I also believe that the late UFO investigator/abduction researcher Dr. Karla Turner, was also murdered in a similar way to Judi. Dr. Turner had been warned by the US Federal Government to end her investigations. They also warned other abductees to stop contacting her. However, Karla would not comply and suddenly came down with a rare and fast spreading form of breast cancer which took roughly three months from the time it was diagnosed until the time that it ended her life.

Judi Bari also died from a fast spreading form of breast cancer. I believe that there is a definite correlation between these two deaths (in my opinion both Judi Bari and Dr. Karla Turner were murdered by agencies of the US Federal Government).

This is the real US Federal Government -- a shadow fascist cabal that the American people need to learn about -- the hub of the New World Order one world fascist government. And they need to learn about it quickly.


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