Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Holocaust Similar To That Of The Nazi's Is In The Process Of Happening Again -- This Time In The United States

Anyone who has seen the movie Schindler's List and been moved to the point of tears understands the extremes in human nature between compassion and brutal savageness.

A the present time, there are approximately 800 interment camps around the United States sitting vacant, which most Americans know nothing about. Those few persons who have learned of them and contacted the appropriate government agencies in efforts to discern why they were created, have either received no answers in regard to their inquiries or ones which were deliberately used to obfuscate their investigations.

It is clear from independent research that's been conducted, these camps are capable of holding about 15 million people -- roughly the number of Americans whom the Bush Administration, FBI and Homeland Security consider to be dissidents and enemies of the fascist cabal that this government has now become.

George W. Bush has secretly authorized so many unconstitutional laws since cheating his way into office in both 2000 and 2004, that there is no telling what will happen to these people if the Illuminists within the US Military/Industrialist/Intelligence Complex in this country decide to attack us again.

However, one thing is for certain. Bush will immediately declare a state of marshal law in which the US Military will take to the streets and begin rounding up those whom the Bush Adminstration considers to be dissidents.

There is also no doubt in my mind that as a sworn enemy of this fascist police state, I will certainly be amongst those whom are arrested, simply for this blog, which clearly states my unvarnished views of this government and the puppet dictator who has helped to destroy our beloved Constitution and country.

What are your views?

Will you be one of the roughly 15 million to lose your life?

The following is a Website courtesy of the people who gave us "Schindler's List," one of the most brilliant and emotive cinematic masterpieces ever created. It documents the historical accounts of what occurred at Auschwitz and Treblinka in the 1940's.

None of us can ever forget these atrocities. Nor should we, since they can and terrifyingly enough will happen again. We did not rid ourselves of the Nazi's after World War II as we have been wrongly led to believe. Many of them were smuggled into this country during the CIA's Operation Paperclip in the late 1940's, by so called Americans who respected the perverted machinations of men like Adolph Hitler. They prospered in this country while perpetrating their crimes (crimes against humanity) against American citizens after World War II.

The progeny of these men are living in this country today. And so are those whose ancestors aided and abetted the smuggling of these Nazi war criminals.

Perhaps you recognize some of their last names since all were wealthy American businessmen who are in the present day posthumously and erroneously respected, when they should in fact be reviled for their High Crimes Of Treason:

Dulles, Morgan, Dupont, Bush, Ford, Rockefeller, Mellon, Carnegie, Cheney et al.

The Holocaust is about to happen again.

More Information On The US Detention Camps That The Bush Administration Will Use To Round Up American Dissidents After The Next Terrorist Attack Takes Place. Are You One Of The 15 Million Who Will Be Captured?

The REX 84 program and Operation's Garden Plot and Cable Splicer


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