Thursday, June 21, 2007

Satellite Spying By The Numbers

Since the NSA cryptologists who've spied on me for the past 27 years have been going frame by frame in regard to the videotape that they have illegally taken of me over the past three decades, I thought that I'd take a brief look at how this translates into numbers.

Consider that when we refer to frames of video we are talking fractions of seconds. To simplify this I took the number of seconds in a minute and multiplied it to give a total for the number of seconds that these cryptologists must spend in looking at this information. I have also done so to illustrate how outrageous and precedent setting the FBI/NSA collusive campaign to spy on me has been. It is absolutely mind boggling.

86,400 seconds in a day

31, 536,000 seconds in a year

851,472,000 seconds in a period of twenty seven years -- Close to a billion seconds of tape to wade through!

I placed these numbers here simply to show just how staggering they are, and that the FBI's interest in me had nothing to do with a legitimate investigation and everything to do with a criminal conspiracy waged against me by one of their degenerate agents. An agent who abused his position with the Bureau to violate my civil rights under the color of law statues in this country. The FBI is well aware of this and is covering up for this miscreant by wantonly attacking me and violating my Civil Rights.

Take a good look at the aforementioned numbers again because they reveal one of the most outrageous violations of an American citizen's civil rights in United States History.


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