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Rick Stanley Begins Serving Six Year Sentence -- The Cruel And Unjust End To Yet Another Despicable FBI COINTELPRO STING

I was just over at former CIA Operative Barbara Hartwell's Website and learned that Constitutional Activist Rick Stanley was recently taken into custody to begin serving a six year prison sentence. Rick's unjust incarceration is a disturbing illustration of just how corrupted this government is. It is also a textbook example of how the FBI uses its COINTELPRO operations to illegally infiltrate your life while systematically destroying every aspect of it. These rat bastards are the biggest sadists that you will ever meet.

The FBI has been gunning for Rick for several years. Why?

Because he was a powerful businessman living in the city of Denver, Colorado who chose to live his life by adhering to the US Constitution. Many other Americans agreed with this, and that made Rick a very dangerous person. He also had no qualms about speaking his mind, even though he knew that he was making some very powerful and crooked people uncomfortable

However, he was not a danger to his community. He was a danger to the status quo in this country which has allowed for the complete Illuminati subversion of our government and economy. He had formed his own militia (something which the Second Amendment Of The United States Constitution allows for) and this made the FBI very uncomfortable. After all, how can the FBI intimidate you if you are armed with weapons which enable you to protect yourself from their fascistic protocols?

These people are not exactly brave, and if evenly matched will head for the hills. Unfortunately for the rest of us, with roughly four billion dollars a year in operating expenses, the FBI has quite an arsenal -- so they don't need to be brave. They will just shoot you as they've done to many of their targets over the years; the most gruesome murder that to this day still sends chills down my spine concerns that of the late Vicky Weaver, who was mercilessly shot to death by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, who clearly broke the rules of engagement, yet to this day has never been punished for it. Weaver was unarmed when Horiuchi shot her in the head while holding her baby daughter in her arms. Of course equally grotesque was the COINTELPRO initiated murders
on roughly 80 Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas in 1993, where the FBI and BATF literally incinerated at least two dozen children and more than 50 men and women.

Exactly how can the New World Order take us over if there are militias all over this country which are capable of defending themselves from this oncoming perversion of government? They can't. So those with such ideologies have to be severely punished.

And men like Rick have to be taken down and neutralized with extreme prejudice, made examples of to keep the rest of society in fear that the same will happen to them if they speak out for their civil liberties. The FBI is nothing but a criminal enforcer -- mercenaries with automatic weapons which they use to silence those citizens whom are speaking out for their civil liberties.

Now one of these brave citizens is going to be spending the next six years of his life in prison, when it is clear that he does not belong there. I have studied Rick's case for sometime and can tell the readers that he was setup from the get-go by the FBI, which colluded with local law enforcement to covertly attack Rick, by destroying his business so that he would no longer have the funds in which to defend himself in court.

This is standard operating procedure for the FBI. And they do this while demonizing those whom they attack in order to destroy public support for them. These are outright Gestapo tactics being deployed against men and women whom the FEDS cannot legally incarcerate.

In my opinion, sending Rick Stanley to prison was not only a cruel injustice, but quite possibly a death sentence. Prisoners get treated like dirt. And these guards (many of whom are sadistic beyond belief) take a special interest in men like Rick, who stand for ideals that these other people gave up on long ago.

Every time I see another situation in which the FBI has been involved in the destruction of an American citizen's life, they continue to grow even more evil in my eyes.

The following is a post from Rick's wife Pam. She is understandably both shaken and angry at the latest developments, but what is even more disturbing is that some of the people on the Revolutionary Coalition Forum are taking what has happened to him lightly. Perhaps some of these people should serve time in prison so that they understand the adversity that Rick is now up against.

People like Rick put themselves on the front lines for what they believe in while the "empty suit" hangers on follow until their leaders fall. Then instead of picking up where these leaders left off, they merely search for another lightening rod who will take the fall if things go wrong. These people are NOT real patriots. They are simply looking for a cause in which they can feel as though they are involved without ever having to suffer any consequences.

I wish Rick the best possible outcome to this situation and hope that he is able to maintain his strength of character while being incarcerated. One thing that I have gathered from my research on him is that he is a very strong person who has the conviction necessary to get him through this nightmare. My thoughts are also for his family at this time who are undoubtedly devastated by this upsetting news.

The FBI attacks those whom it targets in the most outrageous ways imaginable, violating their civil rights in ways that your average person cannot begin to comprehend. As I became familiar with their COINTELPRO operations (from first hand experience) I began to refer to them as snakes. However, since that time and what I have continued to witness, I no longer do so. Calling FBI agents snakes is an outright insult to snakes.

You can say a lot of things about the FBI. Just don't ever say that they are operating legally -- because that would be an outright LIE.

Furthermore, the United States Constitution and its Bill Of Rights are the only true legislation that Americans should be following. And the Patriot Act should be applied only where it will have an appropriate use: as TOILET PAPER.

The followings Pam Stanley's post in regard to Rick:

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RELEASE: Rick's bond has been revoked and he has been taken into custody to start serving his sentence.

Judge Plank ruled today, at the end of Rick's 1:30PM hearing in Adams County, that Rick's bond should be revoked and he should start serving his sentence. Judge Plank feels that, even if Rick is granted an appeal at the Colorado Supreme Court, that they would uphold Rick's conviction and that based on arguments the D.A. presented Rick could possibly be a danger to the community and should therefore start serving his sentence now. All Rick's remaining appeal remedies need to be sought while Rick is behind bars. This is all quite absurd but, none the less, anticipated by both Rick and I. We were both quite certain that eventually they would get their wish to have him in prison.

Our attorneys are going to file the appeal with the Co. Supreme Court within the next 45 days and they also plan to file a petition for reduction of sentence based on his good standing in the community and the fact that he's never committed an act of violence or harmed anyone in his life.

Mean while, this is obviously devastating to myself and the rest of Rick's family, but we are strong and we will manage as best we can while he is away. As soon as I find out what facility he will be serving his sentence I will put the word out so that anyone that is so inclined can write to him. I know he would want to hear from his supporters.

I would like to request that you ALL stop emailing Rick at his email address. I will have enough on my plate without the added responsibility of checking his emails. If there is something of great importance that needs to be communicated you can email me at I do repeat that I only want communication that is absolutely necessary as this is also my business email.

I thank you for all your support and prayers.

Pam Stanley

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RELEASE: Rick's address and booking number at ACDF.

For those of you who would be so kind as to write Rick and show him your support while he is at Adams County Detention Facility here is his address and booking number:
ACDF-Richard Stanley #07-7975
P.O. Box 5001
Brighton, CO. 80601
He is expected to be there for at least a couple months until they have an opening at one of the prisons in Colorado. Apparently they are all over crowded.

Thanks, in advance, for corresponding with Rick and showing him that he may be in jail but he is not forgotten.

Pam Stanley


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