Friday, June 22, 2007

When A Federal COINTELPRO Sting Goes Bad

While the FBI was credited with creating the COINTELPRO program in 1956 under then director John Edgar Hoover, the reality of COINTELPRO is that these types of operations are commonly practiced within most if not all of the US Intelligence community. While the FEDS no longer refer to them as COINTELPRO's, the protocols appear to remain the same.

Most of the FBI's historic and infamous COINTELPROs ended with this agency accomplishing its objective -- to destroy the persons or groups being targeted through a vicious and well organized campaign of psychological warfare and slander. Tragically, many of the FBI's targets found themselves in such dire situations as a result of the FBI's attempts to both demonize and dehumanize them, that they were driven to commit suicide.

A famous actress by the name of Jean Seberg was one of such people, whom through a series of the most vicious COINTELPRO's ever documented, was driven into becoming a recluse and later to suicide as a result of the FBI's endless brutality.

Two photos taken of Jean just a few years apart showed the stress that she had suffered under the FBI's attacks. The first photograph showed an extremely beautiful young woman. The second, a woman whose face showed all of the signs of being broken both psychologically and spiritually.

FBI COINTELPRO's lead to the systematic destruction of the targeted person's reputation, relationships and finances. Oftentimes, the FBI's victims are either driven to suicide or covertly murdered by this fascist agency in order to prevent them from being able to continue their civil and human rights activism.

And former government agents are no exception to this rule. Government whistle blowers are the bane of the FBI and other Intelligence Agencies because they have inside information in regard to the corruption present in these agencies, and if given the opportunity, enough credibility to cause them serious problems. Like the rest of those persons targeted for COINTELPRO's, these agents are attacked in the most vicious ways possible, suffering the loss of their reputations, relationships, jobs, and finances. Honorable men and women who are treated as disgraces instead of the Patriots and heroes that they are.

So who has been targeted for the US Intelligence Community's COINTELPRO's?

There's little doubt that you have heard of some of these people, and they are just a few of myriad others who've been attacked by them. Some have even been covertly murdered.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Murdered)

Attorney General Robert Kennedy (Murdered)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Murdered)

Dr. Steven Hatfield

Activist Judi Bari (Murdered)

Dr. Albert Einstein

Dr. Karla Turner UFO Abductee/Researcher (Murdered)

Journalist Gary Webb (Murder to appear as suicide)

Sherman Austin (Setup By The FBI On Fabricated Evidence)

Rick Stanley (Constitutional Activist Setup On Fabricated Charges)

Military Intelligence Officer Steve Kangas (Murder To appear as suicide)

M. William Cooper -- Military Intelligence Officer (Murdered)

Actress Jean Seberg (Driven to suicide or murder to appear as suicide)

Margie Schoedinger (Driven to suicide or murder to appear as suicide)

Michael Boren Williams and his family

Attorney Brandon Mayfield

Inventor Nicola Tesla

The Black Panther Party

Fred Hampton (Black Panther Party leader murdered by FBI)

The American Indian Movement

Leonard Peltier (AIM leader wrongfully imprisoned by the FBI for the past 30 years)

Kenneth Trentadue (Beaten to death by FBI operatives)

Activist Fred Wilkinson

Cary Adcox (Suicide or murder to appear as suicide)

The Puerto Rican Independence Movement

The Socialist Workers Party

James F. Marino and The Marino Family

Janis Lanham

But what happens when the FBI runs into a situation where no matter what they do they simply cannot destroy the people whom they are targeting? They have no legal cause in which to arrest them. They have already committed outrageous crimes against these people and violated their civil rights terribly enough to set a precedent.

And the worst part in all of it is that these people are now madder than a junkyard dog and looking to expose these FBI agents for their outrageous behavior.

When this occurs, even the FBI, whose notorious history of brutality and the worst violations of both civil and human rights ever documented, ends up miffed. Moreover, in cases such as these, their attacks on those being targeted become so personal in nature and done so wantonly, that the agents themselves lose all perspective in regard to these situations and become so aggressive that they lose the benefit of the plausible denial that they depend on for anonymity. They are now experiencing this situation in regard to their attack on me, so in desperation they have been forced to demonize me throughout my community in efforts to create a massive campaign in which to harass me.

Yet all this has done is to take a large group of law abiding citizens and turn them into unindicted felons. Many other TI's have reported similar types of campaigns which were created to demonize and dehumanize them. These are textbook cases of large scale brainwashing by the FEDS, who out of desperation at failed COINTELPRO's are looking for angle in which to destroy those whom they are targeting.

I have read of numerous accounts of people who are being targeted by the FBI and other federal agencies in the present day, and in most every case at some point in their documentation the statement: the FBI is now out of control is made.

And as a long-term target of an FBI COINTELPRO Sting that has failed in its objective, that is exactly what has happened in the FBI's attack on me.

These agents are out of control. And they have become a MENACE TO SOCIETY!

They simply have no legal recourse in which to arrest me. Not only have they perpetrated crimes against me that should have put these agents in prison for life, their behavior has become so outrageous that they are quite literally attempting to LIE their way through what they have done.

And they have drawn the NSA and Homeland Security into this situation as well.

We are talking about US Federal Agencies that are taking videos of those they target within the privacy of their own bathrooms and bedrooms, and sharing them with the public. This would be outrageous behavior for any criminals.

However, the fact that the NSA, FBI and Homeland Security are perpetrating crimes such as this is perhaps the best illustration that these agencies no longer have anything to do with enforcing the law, and everything to do with violating it.

They LIE to the public in efforts to gain support for what are clearly outrageous violations of the law. And even worse, these FEDS cover up for one another when they get caught in their LIES, in efforts to obfuscate the situation. Consequently, they end up contaminating their entire organizations

Then on top of everything else, they outright DEMONIZE and DEHUMANIZE any persons whom they have perpetrated these crimes against in order to justify what they have done, simply because these persons have not broken any laws in which they can be arrested.

So at this point where common sense would dictate that the FEDS should recognize that they are wasting time and taxpayer money and just move on, they continue to attempt to come up with different ways in which to attack us. Further machinations which are becoming more and more outrageous by the day.

The end result in all this is that their behavior is now insane.

What they are attempting to do here is absolutely ludicrous. So much so that they have now become the criminals which they once arrested. So is it any wonder why they are as furious as they are? We have to conclude that they were once reasonably intelligent people, and that as such, knew when they were breaking the law and when they were not.

Yet from their present behavior, it is quite clear that these agents are well aware that they have now broken the law and even more disturbing, could not care less about it. This outrageous abuse of the law is just a symptom of the absolute erosion of the constitutional republic that we once had in this country.

And if I don't take them to task in regard to their attacks on myself and numerous others what is to prevent their actions from becoming even more aggressive?

The answer is absolutely nothing. Which is why I will continue to do so aggressively, as they are attacking me. However with one major exception. I am operating within the law; these federal agents clearly are not.

Furthermore, these agencies would never have attempted to perpetrate what they have done here if the USA was a constitutional republic, because agencies like these are not permitted to exist within a constitutional republic. Which is a primary reason why the American people need to reestablish the one which our forefathers created more than two hundered years ago and to abolish the US Intelligence community for once and for all.

In regard to my situation here are some of the most pertinent issues:

The FEDS' violations against me are so outrageous that they simply can never win any moral or ethical argument here. We are talking about people who are using an American citizen to test their electronic and satellite based mind control technology on while subjecting him to psychological warfare. And in order to determine how effective the technology that they are deploying against me is, they use audio visual satellites to track me 24 hours a day, to the point where I can't even use my own bathroom in private. And I am just one of myriad Americans who is reporting such outrageous violations of both civil and human rights.

And there is no longer any question within my mind that the entire US population is under NSA satellite surveillance 24 hours a day.

This is an OUTRAGE!

It is also depraved behavior for anyone. And it is certainly no less for these FEDS, who appear to have some serious psycho/sexual problems as have been illustrated for us in the news lately.

Recently an FBI agent was arrested when he was found pleasuring himself in a women's lavatory at the University Of Arizona. Other sexual scandals include those of FBI agents having group sex in their offices (even on their own desks) as well as several who've been arrested for pedophilia, murder and a host of other nasty crimes. More on this case of the FBI agent who likes women's bathrooms can be found below:

Some of you may even remember about a year back when a former FBI agent by the name of Lindley Delvecchio was arrested on five counts of murder. I have no doubt that his cronies will be looking to attack any witnesses that the prosecution comes up with, and would not put jury tampering past them either.

They have a lot to lose if they don't.

If Delvecchio cops a plea he is likely to rat out many of his fellow agents who have probably committed crimes even worse than his own. So it's in all of their best interests to keep any witnesses who could implicate Delvecchio from ever testifying. More on Delvecchio's case can be accessed below:

And these agents are going to stand in judgement on the rest of us? Are they kidding?

They've got the morals of a crocodile.

We are also talking about government agents who will blackmail the people around those they target into telling blatant LIES about them. This is very convenient for agencies like the FBI and DHS, simply because the people being targeted never have a chance to defend themselves. In accomplishing this all the FEDS are really doing is attempting to take a myriad of LIES and turn them into the truth.

Yet anyone with a grain of common sense will tell you that when you tell a LIE it will only result in your having to continue to tell more of them.

So exactly what is the point of having such agencies as the FBI when their agents are the ones who are lying? Aren't they suppose to exist to get to the truth while upholding the US Constitution? However, the FBI is doing neither. And neither is Homeland Security.

So why are the American people paying astrobucks to finance them?

LIES, LIES and more LIES....

The US Intelligence community's abject deceit of the American people is now beginning to snowball on them and will ultimately result in the abolition of these criminal organizations. However, until then, those of us who are experiencing the most outrageous violations of civil liberties in US History are going to continue to expose these fascist juggernauts for what they are.

It is a filthy job, but someone has to do it. So it might as well be those of us whom these agencies decided to attack in the first place. After all, we weren't the ones who attacked the FEDS. They decided to violate our civil rights. So it is only fitting that we take our rightful places in history as those who were at the forefront of destroying such anti-American abominations. However, don't worry about us publicly showing videos of these FEDS within the privacy of their own bedrooms and bathrooms.

After all, we have a heck of a lot more class than they do. Besides, we don't make horror films -- much less budget ones.

The Brothers Bulger is a book which discusses the FBI's association with Boston organized crime in the 1970's. A few years back former agent John Connelly was finally arrested for crimes that he had committed while covertly working with crime family member Whitey Bulger.

While I have not read this book, it comes highly recommended. In fact one of the readers who commented on it has claimed that this book makes a good case for most of the agents of the FBI being serial killers. Who am I to argue with this logic since they are still trying to find plausible ways in which to murder me and several other people with whom I am familiar. The FBI is an outright criminal organization and it is time that the American people realized it.

FBI is just an acronym which could have had a very positive meaning for the American people if only these agents had just obeyed the US Constitution and operated within the laws of this land. However they did not. And now this agency is going to go down in history leaving a legacy of the most abhorrent crimes against both civil and human rights ever documented.

And the saddest part of all is that it did not have to be this way.

The Brothers Bulger:


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