Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why Earth's Population Should Become Vegetarians

As a vegetarian, I am appalled that so many people on this planet claim to be animal lovers who lavish their cherished pets with affection, while eating the flesh of others. Those meals that we eat at the local fast food chain or at our dinner tables had lives before they were cut short because of our selfish needs.

Equally disturbing is that a great number of animals are tortured by the US Federal Government in the testing of biological and chemicals weapons' development. And a great many companies are guilty of animal cruelty in using animals in which to test their harmful products.

This particular video has to do with the meat industry. I have placed it here because when you begin to see that the meals you consume are largely comprised of dead animals who had as much right to live as you do, you will begin to understand just how wrong it is to kill animals for your own selfish reasons.

This movie is going to disturb you. And that is its purpose. I also hope that it will motivate you to find alternative foods to eat. There are plenty of them. And each time you take a meal you can do so proudly knowing that no animal was needlessly slaughtered just so you could have dinner. Moreover, when people ask you what you had for dinner you can smile at them and say -- something that did not have parents. ; )

See this video here:


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