Saturday, June 23, 2007

FEDS Hack My Website This Afternoon

Many people targeted for government sanctioned organized stalking harassment will tell you that there are more aspects to a psychological warfare operation than they can ever remember. One which I have experienced on numerous occasions occurs when they hack into an online account of mine, whether it's Blogger, Angelfire, or simply an E-mail account, to change words in a sentence to alter the meaning of what I am saying -- or for that matter what others who are communicating with me are saying. It happens constantly.
I have also written extensively since renouncing Roman Catholicism as my religion, since my own personal research has revealed far too many inconsistencies in regard to the RC Church's teachings pertaining to Jesus Christ, and also a significant amount of corruption within the Vatican.

Today after finishing one of my posts I checked it to make certain that the spelling and punctuation were impeccable before I signed off. When I returned hours later I found the following changes made to one of the sentences. The first sentence is the original. The second sentence is the one which was altered. The red words denote the changes in wording and in the meaning of what I was saying.

1. And these agents are going to stand in judgement on the rest of us? Are they kidding?

2. And these agents are going to sin judgement on the rest of us? Are they kidding?

Notice that the last four letters of the word stand have been removed and the word in joined with the letter s in stand to make the word sin. Then notice how they followed it up with the word judgement. It is as though I am now dealing with people who are practicing Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRC), something that I recently began researching to understand how the Illuminati develop into what they are. You can learn more about this depraved abuse of the psyche at the following link:

These people are guilty of the most heinous crimes of child abuse ever documented and long ago infiltrated government agencies, including the FBI and the rest of the Intelligence community. The characteristics that I have seen exhibited by these FEDS show that I am clearly being attacked by people who masquerade as church going Christians but who are in fact Luciferians (worshipers of the devil).

It is also clear that these FEDS are psychotic and have become extremely dangerous to American society. Many of them are not only sociopaths by nature, but also serial killers.

Moreover, as for sinning, they are the last people to judge any one else since not only do they base their lives on committing sinful acts, but also a complete LIE.

Furthermore, these types of "text manipulations" happen often, and most times I just make the appropriate changes without reporting them. However, when there is something significant enough to make notation of I do so. In 2005 when I sent my article "Tortured By The FBI" to the New York State Senate, I received an E-mail from the assistant of Michael A.L. Balboni which did not address my concerns directly, but sent them on directly to Senator Carl Marcellino.

A sentence was deliberately altered in which several words were changed to make it sound as though I was threatening these Senators. This was done by the FEDS in efforts to have me arrested. I immediately contacted Senator Marcellino to explain what had been done, and shortly afterwards, I received a letter in the mail which was sent directly to Senator Clinton, apprising her of the FBI's attack on me.

To this date they have never contacted me, nor will they, since they are well aware of the outrageous attacks that the FBI and others within US Intelligence have perpetrated against me. And they simply don't want to get involved out of fear for their own political careers. Thus far, no TI's have received any legitimate help in ending the organized stalking and mind control attacks which the FEDS or others have waged against them. And even though the Democrats are now in power again, and some are even promising to make meaningful changes in efforts to end these outrageous violations of both civil and human rights, I am certain that it will not happen.

The types of attacks that we are being subjected to are in line with the protocols of the fascistic one world government New World Order which is being ushered in. And the types of protections that Americans were once afforded by Congress are now going the way of the dinosaur.

And if we can prove that our issues are just, the FEDS are simply going to find ways in which to twist it to their advantage, even if it what they are doing becomes a gross perversion of the law. They continue to perpetrate this crime routinely.

The painful reality that I have arrived at is that we are going to have to take this country back from these people. They are not going to surrender it to us willingly.

I wish that this were not the case, but my own personal experiences with people who are nothing less than Nazi's that masquerade as government officials and law enforcement, have shown me that it indeed is.

I continue to propagate this information for your benefits as much as my Family's and my own because I can no longer tolerate any person or group who would violate any one's rights in the ways in which my Family's and mine have been and continue to be violated.

The choice is up to us. We can either let these government criminals get away with their crimes or we can hold accountable for them. For those who cannot overcome their US Media induced apathy they will continue to be part of this problematic issue, until such time as they begin to acknowledge that these FEDS are in reality Nazi's simply masquerading as government officials.

The cruelest irony in all this is that the American people have been unwittingly financing the research behind these insidious computer and satellite based technologies, which are now gradually being used to enslave their minds. Technology that will continue to be utilized by the New World Order in efforts to destroy our independence, creativity and sanity.

The final step of the NWO will be mass genocide in order to reduce the Earth's population to a more manageable size. They want to reduce it by two thirds -- this translates into the covert murders of more than 4 billion people.

Are you going to be one of them?


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