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Actress Jean Seberg Targeted For An FBI COINTELPRO -- A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

Actress Jean Seberg In An Undated Photo

While I have done some extensive research in regard to the FBI's COINTELPRO activities and those unfortunate persons who've been targeted by these illegal and despicable attacks on humanity, their attack on the late actress Jean Seberg remains as one of the most disturbing accounts that I have researched.

Jean was an extremely beautiful and charming young woman. And as naturally talented as she was beautiful. She also had a conscience, something that those within the FBI who perpetrated a COINTELPRO operation against her did not. As the movie star she was, Jean's opinion carried a great deal of weight with the public. And when she began to voice her support for the Black Panther Party, a civil rights activist group defending the civil liberties of the African American people, the FBI decided to target Jean in efforts to destroy her credibility.

They did so by using their COINTELPRO tactics to systematically destroy her life. Just like they have done with so many of us over the years; those whom this criminal agency could not arrest legally.

Moreover, at a time when Jean should have been overjoyed at learning that she had become pregnant, the FBI exploited her pregnancy as yet another way in which to attack her.

They used the US Media to circulate slanderous rumours that the father of Jean's unborn child was a member of the Black Panther party. This would turn out to be an egregious LIE. The FBI continued to make her daily life a living nightmare, by stalking her and taking every opportunity to drive her into a state of mental instability.

However, Jean was a very strong and determined young woman. A person of principle and character. And that only made the FBI more determined to destroy her.

The stress on Jean became so intense that she suffered a miscarriage and lost her baby.

Completely and understandably devastated by this, Jean would soon retaliate against the FBI when she appeared in public with photos of her dead infant, describing for the American public how the FBI was responsible for the murder of her child.

This was to be just one more in a myriad of indictments in regard to the outright anathema that the FBI had become.

However, Jean's public attack on the FBI would not dissuade this fascist juggernaut from its relentless attacks on her. And in 1979, at the age of only 41 and no longer able to withstand the FBI's sadistic and ruthless protocols, Jean chose to take her own life.

At least that is what the media reported to us. However to this day, I ponder as to whether or not Jean committed suicide or was perhaps murdered by the FBI in a made to appear suicide. Regardless of which is the case, there is no question that she died as a result of the FBI's vicious attacks.

And that makes the FBI complicit in her murder.

The following are two photos of Jean. And they speak volumes in regard to the destruction that an FBI COINTELPRO operation can inflict on a targeted person.

A Happy And Beautiful Jean in 1977 Before The FBI Attack

A Weary Looking Jean in 1979 Suffering The Effects Of COINTELPRO

Taking a close look at these two photos it's clear that the FBI's damage to Jean had caused her to age at least a decade, even though she was just two years older than she was when the first photo was taken in 1977.

Having been targeted for a COINTELPRO for the past 27 years, I am well aware of this from first hand experience. And my accounts (as well as those of numerous others) are indeed bringing to light more and more information in regard to the FBI's extensive corruption as well as the sociopathic and homicidal nature of the majority of its agents.

In exposing the FBI and its COINTELPRO operations for the outright anathema that they are, I have also sworn to avenge the murders of all of the people whom this cancer of a federal agency has destroyed throughout its criminal history.

I am doing so through the writing of extensive articles exposing this agency and its rampant criminal activities. I am doing so through my First Amendment Right to Freedom Of Speech. And finally, I am doing so legally. If only the FBI were operating legally and within the framework of the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights, there'd be no reason for myself or anyone else to write such venomous articles in regard to their despicable behavior.

However, the FBI is not operating legally, and as such remains a very serious threat to all Americans and our freedom.

May Jean Seberg rest in peace. And may those within the FBI who destroyed this beautiful lady rot in hell for an eternity, since they are an abject cancer on the human race.

Driven To Suicide By The FBI Jean's Final Resting Place

The following are three Websites on Jean Seberg and her life. The second and third sites describe further details in regard to what the FBI subjected her to through an illegal COINTELPRO Sting operation. While the FBI will deny it, this criminal organization is utilizing COINTELPRO's to murder Americans in the present day, under other covert names.





Blogger AJH said...

(Second attempt- more "glitches")
Am I correct in recalling that J Edgar Hoover wrote something to the effect of; "must be neutralized" in Jean Seberg's file? If true, it is totally apalling that this isn't getting any agressive oversight of the FBI.

11:18 AM  
Blogger James F. Marino said...

You are correct in your comment about Hoover wanting Jean Seberg neutralized. As for FBI oversight I must ask what oversight?

The Department Of Justice is supposed to oversee the FBI yet has failed to do so since its inception.

For the most part FBI agents have impunity to commit any crimes that they care to, including murder (WACO, RUBY RIDGE, WOUNDED KNEE).

As for being "neutralized" I speak from personal experience as well, given that the FBI has been attempting to neutralize me since I began promulgating information in regard to the US Military's creation of Lyme Disease as a biological weapon. I did so roughly 9 years ago when sending this information to a Lyme Disease mailing list and recommended a book entitled "The Brucellosis Triangle" to fellow Lyme Disease patients alerting them to the fact that they were suffering as a result of a biological weapon, and not some bacterium that exists naturally.

Once this occurred the FED's attacks on me became more noticeable, going completely overt in 2003.

Of course now that the FBI has utilized Homeland Security in its attacks on me (it's been doing so with the NSA for the past 27 years) for the past 4 years, I am dealing with outrageous abuses of my civil liberties, slander, defamation of character and numerous other forms of calumny.

The FEDS attack on my person is a textbook example of a COINTELPRO Sting operation, except in this case one that failed and resulted in my being subjugated to that of a satellite prisoner.

Of course the FED's infiltration of any activism groups that I have attempted to join in the past has now precluded my doing so in the future.

I am far more effective doing my own researching and promulgating it through various venues in order to expose the outrageous abuses of civil rights which have been perpetrated against my Family, self and myriad others.

As you well know, the attacks on us are relentless and perpetrated to drive us into the commission of suicide.

However, when they fail, those who attack us find themselves being exposed for their despicable behavior.

And as a mind control target, I am well aware of the adversity that I am up against as are you.

I include here how the FEDS or their handlers use blackmail as a form of coercion in which keep those around us from telling the truth in regard to the crimes the FEDS are perpetrating against us.

I am well aware that if the FBI can coerce my very decent and loving Family into lying about this, than they will have no problem getting others to do the same.

When the FBI and DHS use abuse their authority to get others to abjectly LIE about the crimes that they are committing against us, and then attempt to propagate their own disinformation, it is clear that the justice system in this country has been irrevocably corrupted.

It is just something that we must deal with.

If there is any truth to the statement that suffering builds character, then TI's have quite an abundance of it.

12:02 PM  

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