Monday, June 25, 2007

A Fellow TI By The Name Of Frederick Lee Describes The Horror That He Is Being Subjected To As A Satellite Prisoner

The following is a short but compelling video of a man by the name of Frederick Lee .

"With this technology these people can see anything you are doing. They can hear everything you are saying. I know that this is happening in Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona. These people are out to hurt you and destroy you."

-- Frederick Lee Organized Stalking/Mind Control Victim

Frederick is just one of many Americans who is being illegally targeted by way of satellite based directed energy weapons' technology. He describes the nightmare that his "controllers" are subjecting him to 24/7/365.

He is both physically and psychologically tortured by way of directed energy weapons. His mind is adversely affected; he is kept from holding a job; and those who are deploying this insidious technology against him recently tried to murder him when he was run over by a car and critically injured.

And Frederick's account is hardly unique. A great many Americans and citizens from other countries are describing the same types of abuse at the hands of what can only be described as modern day Nazi's who have become an absolute cancer on the human race.

These pieces of excrement don't respect anyone or anything. They are sadists who thrive on perpetrating the most despicable acts of torture on others. They use our Constitution and its Bill Of Rights for toilet paper while they perpetrate their Nazi crimes against us. One way or another they must be stopped.

Please circulate this video of Frederick Lee to others so that they can learn of the plight that all TI's are now facing. What is being done to us is a crime against humanity which will not be tolerated.

Keep our plights in mind because you could be next.

TI Frederick Lee describes his torture at the hands of his "controllers."


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