Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Latest On Ed and Elaine Browns' Standoff With The Criminals In Government

As I passed through the kitchen earlier, ESPN had a newsbrief update in regard to the standoff between Ed and Elaine Brown, which led the viewer to believe that this standoff had been resolved. However the station went to a commercial break and when it returned there was a two second blurb informing the viewers that this standoff continues as it has for the past several months.

Given how the NSA superimposes its own broadcasts over our regular cable signals it is impossible for me to determine if this was a legitimate broadcast or a spoof like the millions of others that this criminal agency has inserted into our own programming over the past four years.

Given the NSA's illegal usurpation of our programming, as far as I am concerned, the only information that I acknowledge in regard to the Browns is from their own Website and the ones which they sanction.

I also follow their interviews with the media on Google Video. There is a two part interview which can be accessed below. This interview was conducted by CATV in late June of 2007 and added to the Google View Website in early July. Ed and Elaine are tired and frustrated, but holding their ground, knowing full well that they are well within their Constitutional Right to do exactly what they are doing, and that the US Federal Government is violating the law by threatening them as it continues to do.

Elaine Brown also mentioned that when Ruby Ridge survivor Randy Weaver returned to his home in Arkansas, he was soon surrounded by a SWAT team. This is outright intimidation by a group of mercenaries who are masquerading as law enforcement. The FBI and BATF have taken enough from Randy Weaver having murdered his young wife and son back in 1992. These FEDS are nothing but lawless thugs who routinely torture and murder innocent American citizens who stand up for their civil rights.

Randy, Ed and Elaine are all American Patriots. The FEDS are nothing but Nazi's passing themselves off as law enforcement. They are an outright disgrace to the American people and humanity itself.

The Brown's Speak With CATV: PART 1 PART 2


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