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Pushing A TI's (Targeted Individual) Buttons -- A Basic Tactic Of Psychological Warfare

Most people are familiar with the term "pushing a person's buttons." For those who unfamiliar with it, this simply refers to looking for a person's weaknesses and then exploiting them.

For agencies like the FBI and Homeland Security, this aspect of their psychological warfare operations is key to their ability to destroy the psyches of those whom they target. The genesis of these attacks begins with the FBI or its brethren in crime (other US Intelligence Agencies) using satellites to illegally spy on a Targeted Individual to study their behavioral patterns. TI's are then placed under illegal round the clock surveillance no matter where they travel to.

And even the safety of their own homes is now breached since these satellites can spy on them within the privacy of their dwellings, while electronically accessing their sub vocalized thoughts from right out of their own minds.

Not only are these tactics an obscenity to both the American people and our Constitutional Republic, they are also an outright atrocity to humanity.

And they should not be tolerated!

As the FBI (usually through the NSA) continues to use satellites to surveille the Targeted Individual, the cells of agents who are assigned to the TI's case continue to collect and disseminate information on that person.

In many instances, as the surveillance advances, the Bureau will then sanction either its own operatives or others who will continue to invade the TI's life through more direct means. This is where the psychological warfare operations that the FBI is notorious for conducting begin to take root. Once this occurs networks of well financed federally sanctioned organized stalking groups are deployed to constantly harass the TI 24/7/365, in efforts to systematically destroy their life to the point where they are either forced into an act of violence in which they can either be incarcerated, institutionalized, or driven to commit suicide.

The FBI leaves no stones unturned in the life of the TI, and is absolutely relentless in its vicious pursuit of them, even when it is clear that the TI is committing no crimes.

The long-term COINTELPRO that the FBI has waged against myself has given me the opportunity to study the sociopathic and in myriad instances homicidal tendencies of many of its operatives.

And it appears that through extensive brainwashing protocols, many of these agents themselves are tragically transformed into mercenaries who can be unwittingly programmed to become serial killers, showing no mercy or for that matter any kind of humanity towards those whom they target. I have often stated (and truly believe) that there are prisoners on death row who have more compassion than many of these agents do.

However, this is not to say that there are not decent men and women working within the FBI and for that matter other agencies of the US Intelligence community. There most certainly are. And many become so frustrated with the illegality of what they see occurring within these agencies, that they can no longer tolerate it and take to whistle blowing in efforts to expose these crimes.


Sadly enough, in nearly all cases federal whistle blowers soon find themselves being subjugated to the same COINTELPRO style attacks that many TI's have reported.

As a result their lives become systematically destroyed by those agents whom they once worked with, as their health, reputations, relationships and finances are gradually compromised by the Bureau and its formidable ways of operating.

As for the TI, given that the FBI has now compiled perhaps decades worth of information illegally obtained on them, its agents are now able to home in on areas in which the TI is most vulnerable.

This is both physically and psychologically devastating to the TI, as they soon find that nothing in their lives is private, the result of being illegally tracked and spied on by way of US Government satellites with audio visual and remote neural monitoring capabilities.

To make matters worse is that the FBI will utilize the NSA to home in on those persons around a TI, in efforts to dig up information on them as well, which can later be used as coercion (blackmail has long been the FBI's stock in trade) in order to control them.

I have seen the FBI and DHS coerce people into blatantly LYING in regard to the attacks which were being perpetrated by these agencies. This completely destroys the validity of any judicial process of law, since the FEDS have tainted the entire process through their criminal activity.

Furthermore, as this situation gradually unfolds, not only will the TI become susceptible to electronic brainwave entrainment, the NSA will also use this technology to affect the minds of those around a TI, in which its agents can quite literally use their satellites and super computers to create hostile situations between the TI and their inner circle, to further disrupt their lives.

To anyone who thinks that these agents are not sadistic -- I urge you to take a second and closer look at them.

This is done by design, since with the aid of the NSA, the FBI can now subjugate the TI and those around them to a remote form of mind controlled enslavement in which through the use of brain mapping protocols, these targeted persons can have both their thoughts and actions manipulated. While there is no way of knowing how many Americans have been victimized in this way (and those citizens of many other countries) one thing has become crystal clear.

The FEDS have found themselves a new way of invading the privacy of the American people, since not only do these specialized satellites take them into the homes of myriad Americans, they also allow them to remotely access the minds of these citizens, which is quite simply the most outrageous violation of both civil and human rights ever documented.

This insidiousness is on par with what Hitler and his Third Reich subjected the Jews to during World War II. However, because of the remote methods that the FBI and NSA utilize to attack a TI, these "controllers" afford themselves plausibly deniable ways in which to destroy the lives of their targets.

And in fact, most TI's are often ridiculed and in far too many instances actually institutionalized for making such accusations, even though they are telling the truth and revealing the absolutely despotic nature of the US Intelligence community.

As someone who has been subjected to these outrageous crimes for nearly three decades, it is incumbent upon me (as well any persons who find themselves being targeted in such despicable ways) to report them to the American people.

And that is exactly what I am doing through this Website.

All TI's must do so, since the US Congress has failed to hear our pleas for help, and instead chosen to cover up these crimes rather than punish those who are perpetrating them against us. As a result, many TI's both in the United States and abroad have taken to reporting these crimes by way of the Internet in efforts to promulgate our information on a large scale.

This must be done for the benefit of all TI's as well as the rest of the citizens on this planet, simply because the fate of the citizenry has been jeopardized by the technology that I am documenting here, as well as the "controllers" who are illegally deploying it against myself and myriad others targeted for this depraved abuse.

Furthermore, in order for them to survive any normal type of life, the American people must be forced to understand that their concept of reality is nothing more than an illusion. One being perpetrated by a powerful group of elitists who are in control of both our Government, economy and information system -- AKA the US Media.

And until they are able to rise above this illusion they are going to continue to find themselves being disinformed and used for whatever purposes this fascist shadow government sees fit to use them for.

As a result of my candor, the FBI/NSA/DHS attack on my person in the present day, has become more aggressive than ever, done in efforts to demonize me, given that I am telling the truth about this technology and my first hand experiences in regard to being made into an NSA Satellite prisoner and target for US Government non consensual cover research and human experimentation.

The FEDS' all out attack on me is conclusive enough proof of their intense desperation at a failed COINTELPRO Sting. And moreover, with a TI who has not only survived it, but also learned to adapt to the nefarious ways in which these FEDS operate.

And there are numerous other TI's who have also learned to do the same.

Consequently, given the FBI's outright frustration at having perpetrated such a myriad of crimes against so many of us, and coming up empty (having more than likely spent billions of dollars in these failed efforts), these corrupted agents must be fit to be tied.

Moreover, the Bureau does not like being embarrassed. And most of all it does not like being portrayed as the outright anathema that it is. I have done so for several years in efforts to expose the egregious fraud that this agency is.

Furthermore, the FBI does not honor and defend the US Constitution as it would have us believe -- and it never has. No agency which violates any American citizen's right to due process of law is honoring the US Constitution. They are instead desecrating it; and as such an obscenity to it and the American people.

It's also quite apparent from the FBI's behavior that they have no interest in protecting Americans, and every interest in abusing us in the most abhorrent ways ever documented.

And if Americans ever needed proof of this, the FBI's outrageous behavior since the Patriot Act was passed is the best indictment of it.

As to those who may wonder if FBI agents have difficulty in maintaining their perspective, I can tell you first hand that when the FBI will not only videotape you within the privacy of your own bedroom and bathroom but then show portions of it to the general public, we are talking about the most putrid and vile filth that has ever worked for US Intelligence or any other government agencies.

If the FBI is so incompetent that it must resort to spying on Americans within the privacy of their own bathrooms than this fascist juggernaut has absolutely no place whatsoever in this country, and never has.

Whatever happened to good old fashioned honest police work? The FBI's slovenly ways of operating are like the kid who's always getting balled out for taking short cuts to get things done. Only it's a hell of a lot worse.


And damn Congress for ever allowing for the creation of the FBI in the first place, since this agency has destroyed the lives of more Americans than most people would ever imagine.

In the case of my Family and self, the FBI/NSA and Homeland Securitys' conduct is so reprehensible -- so completely depraved -- that it clearly speaks volumes in regard to the fall of our Constitutional Republic and the emergence of a fascist cabal.

And as for those persons who routinely make the comment "I don't care if the government is spying on me because I am not doing anything wrong," all I have to say is that if you think that it's OK for the FEDS to routinely spy on you within the privacy of your own homes, then you deserve whatever you get for failing to defend your constitutional rights and those of the rest of us, when you still had the chance to.

Moreover, when the FEDS begin to push your buttons like they have my Family's, mine and myriad others who've been targeted for this diabolical harassment, you will finally begin to understand what I have said here today.

I just hope that it's not too late to do anything about it by then.

We are living in a country in which by simply labeling any American as a domestic terrorist, these people will then find their lives destroyed by the most ruthless and sick minded people on this planet.

As for the Bush Administration's use of the term domestic terrorist, it's a become an absolute joke. Especially when a teenager can be placed on an airline's no fly list simply because of a book that they took out from the local library.

Since George W. Bush CHEATED his way into the Presidency this entire country is slowly going insane!


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