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When The Outlandish Begins To Seem Normal

In the past four years I have experienced anomalies which have been of both paranormal and normal origins. However, In regard to what I refer to as normal here, I am speaking about vastly advanced technology which would completely confound your average citizen.

In the early days I was alone in my experiences, as those around me were not only unaware that such things existed, but also warned (read coerced) to discourage me from further investigating what I was experiencing.

As a result of this, when I would voice my concerns I was quickly dismissed as being paranoid. And when that failed, the chronic illness that I have suffered with for the past 14 years (the biological weapon Lyme Disease) was quickly used as yet another excuse for what I was experiencing.

I was told that I was delusional -- "What I was experiencing was all in my head."

At least that is what those perpetrating these outrageous crimes against me wanted me to believe. However, what I was seeing was so compelling that never once in all this time have I ever wavered in my statements, because I am well aware that what I have and continue to experience is a phenomenon so important to how the human mind (and hence the human race) evolves in the future, that I understand it must be shared with virtually every person on this planet for their own benefit.

And so do most people who've been alerted to this from first hand experience.

The only real dilemma that each of us faces in publishing this information is how much credibility we are willing to risk. However, once such a Pandora's Box has been opened there really is no point in going back, since our eyes have been opened to a vastness that is well beyond that of any of our former belief systems.

Yet, formalized monotheist religions continue to pose problems for many of those experiencing these phenomena, simply because they must now consider that the indoctrination that they have been brought up believing is badly flawed.

And this portends some very serious social ramifications for those who should decide to break away from such religious indoctrination.

For example, consider one of the main precepts of Roman Catholicism, as a driving force behind this particular religion - that man was created in God's image and that he is the highest expression of life ever

The existence of Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBE's) with such advanced capabilities as those of spontaneously healing, traveling to distance star systems, and the ability to communicate telepathically, would certainly put this aspect of the Roman Catholic doctrine to the test.

Based on this one might conclude that God looks more like one of the races of EBE's that have been reported by myriad abductees over the years: Reptilians, Greys or perhaps even the Blond Nordics who are commonly reported in abduction encounters. However, I personally don't believe that the grand creator of all that humans find themselves to be a part of has any physical form that we can identify with, and simply cited the above example to illustrate how seriously flawed religions themselves are.

What these people must remember is that their belief in God need not end simply because they choose to abrogate their beliefs regarding the erroneous foundations that all religious dogmas are based on.

And once they are able to comprehend this the only caveat holding them back will become the fear associated with the enormity of the conspiracy that's being waged against them. Furthermore, once they collectively overcome this aspect of what they are being confronted with, there is no longer any limit to what they can expose publicly, given that the subject matter will become infinite in regard to the myriad directions that it can take them.

Consequently, it does not matter how each of us arrived at this realization. The important thing is that we have. And of equal import is what we now do with this information.

Like many others who've been directly targeted for such advanced technologies, I have chosen to share it with the public, and will continue to do so as long as I am alive. I give the latter import here since the FBI and others within the US Intelligence Community are deploying every psywarfare tactic in their bag of dirty tricks against me, in efforts to drive me to a state of suicide.

However they have no chance of ever accomplishing this and are now spending their days dejected and licking their own self inflicted wounds -- a result of their sadistic protocols backfiring on them.

Quite sometime ago I was doing research on the paranormal when I came across an article written by a former Colonel in the Taiwanese Army. I had been experiencing so many bizarre occurrences in my life at the time, that I quickly began to digest his article given what appeared to be the most outlandish information that I had ever been made privy to.

However, since that time I have learned that the US Federal Government has spent as much of their time lying to the American people in regard to the enormous technological advances that they have made, as they have spent in developing such technology.

As a consequence of this mass deception, the American people have been relegated to becoming third class citizens in their own country -- a result of science marching on behind the scenes since the early part of the Twentieth Century -- while we as a people have been fed a steady diet of outdated research and oftentimes bad science.

Americans must stop contemplating Albert Einstein's research (much of which has been outdated for nearly a century) and start concentrating on the late Nicola Tesla -- the true scientific genius of the 20th Century.

In their efforts to propagate such a fraud is it any wonder why the US Federal Government used Einstein's theories to mask the superior research that other geniuses like Tesla were conducting with far less notoriety and financing? Moreover, do you honestly believe that it's a mere coincidence that the FBI raided the apartment of Nicola Tesla on the day after his death and seized all of his research?

The following is an article that a former colonel in the Taiwanese Army by the name of Alan Yu wrote sometime ago, in efforts to warn the American people in regard to various types of mind control technology that he himself has seen first hand evidence of.

In a second article, Colonel Yu also discusses what the US Navy really discovered when it conducted the Philadelphia Experiment in the 1940's. The fact that it did create technology which can make physical objects invisible and also transport them through time.

The American people have been thoroughly conditioned by the US Media (as a result of programs like the CIA's Operation Blue Book) to disregard or discredit any persons who attempt to disseminate proof that technologies which the Federal Government does not want us to know about, exist -- especially when such technologies may well have been derived from forms of life that are superior to humans in virtually every way.

This is just a further effort to misinform the American people.

Still other former government agents have claimed that the entire UFO phenomenon is a hoax, created by the FEDS as a screen memory to cover up their own mind control research programs.

However one must wonder if these former government operatives are not simply being used as disinformation agents -- either willingly or unwittingly. There is simply far too much physical evidence that UFO's exist, and that their capabilities are well beyond anything that humans are presently capable of creating.

Colonel Yu's information can be seen at the following two links:


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