Friday, July 06, 2007

Quite Literally Dozens Of Examples Of Psywarfare Each & Everyday Perpetrated Against The Person(s) Targeted For This Depraved Harassment

For those targeted by FBI, NSA, Homeland Security or any of the other cesspool operations that they run against the men, women and children of this country (various aspects of their psychological warfare operations), one thing that we can tell you for certain is that these attacks are relentless and designed to infiltrate every aspect of our lives. The FEDS can't arrest us legally so they wanna wear us down through some incredibly sick and depraved psywarfare protocols that place them in the same category as Hitler's once notorious Gestapo.

And when you are a survivor of an FBI COINTELPRO Sting operation, these attacks are increased exponentially against you, given that you have defeated the federal agency that attempted to illegally entrap you and are now dealing with a group of agents who are nothing more then predatory psychopaths masquerading as law enforcement - those who are so enraged at having been found out and exposed that they live to make your life a living nightmare.

Most FBI agents are incorrigible. And the agency itself is anathema.

The followings the FEDS' latest scam -- using my Paypal account to create a new username.
Notice the name they picked out:

The real question here is does this Josh guy even exist and if so is his E-mail address real? (Sometimes the FEDS will take a real person's E-mail or phone number and inject these unwitting participants into their harassment campaign against me. They sent me the phone number of a person in Mexico a few months back just for their psychotic kicks.) However, in most instances they simply make up the names (and rules) as they go along.

Being a FED must be like living in a violent video game world where they get to do all sorts of illegal things without ever having to pay the Piper. However, the FEDS are not committing a crime in a virtual game. They are doing so in real time and to a great number of people.

So why should any of us have to tolerate these insufferable criminals?

Absolutely no reason at all.

Which is why I don't.

And neither should you.

The followings a recent example of the FEDS' brainlessness and how they attempt to keep me occupied 24 hours a day through their use of psychotic harassment. I checked my Paypal account and found no evidence of this name being added. However I will update this information if I see any evidence of impropriety with Paypal. Now would the people with the white coats please throw a net over these federal degenerates and their sick and sociopathic associates, as they are an outrageous menace to society.

Did the FEDS fabricate the entire E-mail to me? Or was Paypal involved? There's little doubt that Paypal will go along with the FEDS if they are told to. I have already seen CVS Pharmacy do so, as well as Citibank, Firstcard, several restaurants, a number of doctors and even Verizon. So why should Paypal be any different?

I wonder what line the FEDS' use to get these people to cooperate? Can you imagine if they actually told the truth about themselves?

It would go something like this: Hi! I am an FBI agent/psychopath/sometimes murderer who is taking part in the systematic dismantling of an American citizen's life through the use of psychological torture.

Would you like to have some depraved fun and help me? If you do, I can promise you that you'll have friends in the FBI for the rest of your life. Psychotic misfits with deep dark pasts whom you'd never want to meet in an alley late at night. So are you game?

The Email from Paypal with two additions added by myself in red:

You've added an additional email address to your account to you (bcc) - Jun 21More Details From: Hide (Actually I haven't.)

You have added as a new e-mail address for your PayPal account.
If you did not authorize this change or if you need assistance with your account, please click here to contact PayPal customer service. (Once again, no I have not.)

Thank you for using PayPal

The PayPal Team
Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and choose the "Help" link in the header of any page.


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