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The Accounts Of Yet Another TI Being Sexually Assaulted By Way Of Satellite Based Directed Energy Weapons

The following account is yet one more in which a myriad of people who are being illegally targeted for satellite based forms of remote electronic torture document their harassment. The following TI is a man by the name of John Finch who resides in Australia. A number of Aussies including a man by the name of Paul Baird have reported these ongoing crimes against humanity.

Paul has an excellent Website that I have referred to on many occasions:


Finch has reported being targeted since 2004. Baird, even earlier than that. I can appreciate their accounts since I have been illegally satellite tracked and subjected to as Finch refers to it "being used as a lab rat" since roughly 1980.

It's a miserable situation which historically only continues to deteriorate until the targeted person(s) are either driven to suicide or murdered.

And what makes matters even worse is that those who are attacked is such ways are portrayed within society (by the attackers themselves -- oftentimes federal agents) as being mentally ill.

However, how normal can one be when their brains are being electronically accessed and manipulated by way of remote satellite/computer driven technology; technology which is being used to manipulate their thoughts and behavior?

Quite obviously, attempting to live a "normal" life under such depraved conditions is not even a realistic option.

Moreover, it's the equivalent of someone attacking you in a physical way in efforts made to provoke you into responding in kind, and then criticizing you when you respond in an appropriate manner. Yet you are told that you are the one who is mentally unstable, when it's painfully obvious that the person(s) attacking you are the ones with some serious psychological problems. After all, they are the ones attacking you -- not the other way around.

And as for FBI and NSA agents who are using satellites to watch Americans within the privacy of our own bathrooms we must truly begin asking what the hell is wrong with these agents? These people are sick.

These are sexually predatory crimes that they are routinely committing against us. And absolutely no excuses are going to justify such depraved behavior; nor will they be tolerated.

The mere fact that these predators would ever attempt to assume some moral superiority here is an outright disgrace.

Unfortunately, as a result of this hypocrisy, most TI's are so badly beaten up both physically and psychologically that at times we can become our own worst enemies -- something that I have seen demonstrated time and time again. The fact that many TI's get on one another's nerves only serves to make it easier for those who perpetrate these EVIL crimes against us to keep us at odds with each other. And for this very reason it is important to continuously revisit our situations to remain as objective as possible, while documenting the cases of as many other TI's as we can.

The numbers of TI's globally are increasing in leaps and bounds as many use the Internet to document their cases. This will continue to occur as grassroots organizations gain more credibility and expose these modern day Nazi technologies and the miscreants who illegally deploy them against us.

And as always, it's important that TI's understand they are not the enemies of one another. Our enemies are the ones who are perpetrating these crimes against us -- regardless of which organizations they represent.

Furthermore, while forums can be useful for certain TI's they can become an outright nightmare for others, who find themselves under constant attacks by other members of these forums; those who look to vent their anger on people who have done them no harm. In such cases, attending these forums is not only unhealthy but also not recommended.

Moreover, group attacks on any TI are inexcusable behavior and should not be tolerated by anyone. TI's are subjugated to enough psychotic abuse without being attacked by others who are experiencing the same depraved forms of harassment.

And any TI who uses similar forms of psywarfare to attack another TI is an outright hypocrite.

So a reminder to all TI's - if you don't like being treated in a certain way, don't treat others that way. It's a simple enough rule to remember.

John's accounts of his electronic harassment are below:

e-mail: johnfinch@yahoo.com

alt: johnfinch@excite.com

date: 25/02/07
do you want your email listed: yes

can others place your information else where on the web: yes

support group: yes

in the event of your dead or missing in action. do you want your personal account to remain on the mcf site: yes

would you care to be an area contact for other victims: yes

area-contact: Electronic / Psychotronics harassment

contact-address: johnfinch@yahoo.com

location: Australia


I sent a series of human rights activist emails to public authorities and forums beginning in 2003 up to 2006. I came to the attention of an extremist US Jewish security organisation in 2004 for this exercising of my democratic right to free speech and since then I've had my human rights, liberty and privacy completely violated and ALL aspects and degrees of my human freedom, individuality and mental and physical integrity and health profoundly assaulted, tortured and wrecked.

Using “star wars” and directed energy weapons technologies coupled with advanced neuro and medical science, and also using nanotechnology and holography technologies (or some such technical combinations) these people have the ability to :-

a. place a human subject under continuous surveillance, no matter where he/she is, from remote locations.

b. continuously monitor a human brain from remote locations, including thought and image reading.

c. continuously input directly into a human brain from remote locations, including the ability to override, control and alter consciousness, and to introduce voices,
noises, other disturbances, images and “dreams” into the brain.

d. directly interfere with, abuse, torture and hit bodies and objects.

By these means I have been :-

1. continuously - 24 hours a day 7 days a week - surveilled. (2004-present)

2. subjected to sleep deprivation torture. (2005)

3. continuously subjected to sensory and mental torture by being verbally, aurally and “intellectually” abused, goaded, disturbed and engaged with - directly into the brain. This takes the form of a running commentary with a personally codified system of comments and responses to my thoughts, activities and biorhythms - both straight forwardly and with echo, repetition and distortion effects.

This sensory and mental torture directly into the brain has varied from extreme causing near–complete mental breakdown and desperation, to loud, intensive and continuous, to milder. It is all, however, unignorable and inescapable, and it has profoundly degraded and wrecked my mental and physical life and being. (2004/2005-present)

4. repeatedly and relentlessly subjected to electrical abuse and torture on the genitals – electric currents are applied to my genitals at different intensities and positions, often continuously for extended periods of time. This ranges from extremely to mildly disturbing. The cumulative affect is sickening and constant mental and physical stress and tension.

This electrical abuse and torture on the genitals is applied at any time of the day or night. I am often woken up by the application of electric currents to my genitals – night after night after night. My genitals have also been liposuctioned, collagened, vasectomied, and my scrotum subjected to repeated reductions and enlargements. (2005-present)

5. continuously subjected to multiple nightly neurological experiments and interventions - night after night after night 2,3,4,5 or more times per night artificial “dreams” are introduced into my brain and therein experienced and processed “organically (?)”. This has resulted in mentally exhausting, degrading and wrecking me. I haven’t had an uninterrupted nights sleep in nearly 2 years. (2005 - present)

6. subjected to ’deep’ neurological interventions on my brain creating a lasting ‘lobotomised’ effect. Repeatedly subjected to multiple other experiments and interventions on other areas of my brain. (2005-present).

7. subjected to various other mental, physical and social tortures, degradations and dirty tricks. (2004-present)

As an ancillary to these each and every night I am repeatedly put to sleep, woken up, made to go to the toilet, and mentally mood and temper controlled on waking.

Other nights I am given erections, and occasionally voided of semen (my sperm production has been stopped). I am being used like a lab rat. This regime has been ongoing now for nearly 2 years.

Each and every waking hour I am thought and image read, and continuously subjected to the various forms of sensory and mental torture by being verbally, aurally and “intellectually” abused, goaded, disturbed and engaged with - directly into the brain. Coupled with the various forms of genital abuse and torture. This regime has been ongoing now for over two years.

Thus my human rights, liberty and privacy have been completely violated and ALL aspects and degrees of my human freedom, individuality and mental and physical integrity and health profoundly assaulted, tortured and wrecked in this ongoing totalitarian nightmare.

There is massive ignorance and secrecy regarding these technologies and victims such as I are being subjected to uncontrolled and unacknowledged torture and mental and physical destruction. This has remained completely unreported and undiscussed publicly.

Despite, since 2004, continually appealing for help to Governments, UN Missions, UN Organisations, EU Organisations, other International and Human Rights Organisations, and many, many media outlets in the US and worldwide I have received virtually no help, or even acknowledgement, from anyone at all! Both the technologies and the perpetrators of these atrocities remain secret and unprosecuted!

John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia
Tel: 0424009627 Email: johnfinch@yahoo.com

Please refer to the following websites for further
information : -

1. http://www.cognitiveliberty.org/

2. http://www.mindjustice.org/

3. http://www.deps.org/index.html

especially the “sponsors” page

4. http://www.slavery.org.uk/

5. http://www.icomw.org/

6. http://www.angelfire.com/or/mctrl/

and especially the articles:-

a. John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA

b. On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis
in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology, Carole Smith,
Journal of Psycho-Social Studies , Vol 2(2) No 3 2003

7. http://www.projectcensored.org/

8. http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Campus/2289/webpage.htm

9. http://surveillanceissues.com/

10. http://freedomfchs.com/


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