Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Personal But Necessary Post

This evening was typical of most for me since becoming a target of organized stalking crimes. Although after 1500 consecutive days of the FEDS psywarfare attacks against me, I occasionally have to let off some steam to maintain my sanity.

And that is exactly what I did this evening by practically screaming so loud that I thought the roof of my home was going to blow off.

I rarely get that angry. However, being told that the FEDS have nothing to do with my harassment when it is quite clear that these rat bastards have everything to do with it is the straw that finally broke the camel's back.

And anytime that the FBI, NSA or Homeland Security want to show up at my door to deny what they have done (a complete joke given the damage they have caused as a result of the outright negative publicity that they have created for me) I welcome the opportunity to stare these miscreants straight in their fascist faces.

The absolute gaul that these FEDS have of perpetrating these crimes and then attempting to get my Family to tell me that I should be careful because of slander?

Slander is when you LIE about someone to the public -- something the FBI, NSA had DHS have routinely done. They are just pissed off because this Website is documenting them for the outright anathema that they are and they can't take the truth.

Given what they have done, I seriously doubt that these fools could even hold a straight face long enough to ring the door bell. Unless they come crashing through it. These days with the Patriot Act you never know.

So my message to the FEDS is as follows:

You have routinely violated my civil rights through illegally spying on me and subjecting me to psywarfare and mind control research for nearly three decades.

You have also denied me due process of law as well as slandering me. And of course the fact that you trashed me with the public no longer allows you the ability to deny that you violated my Civil Rights. The only thing you can do now is to turn the entire public into the pathological LIARS that you are which I won't put past you.

It is also quite obvious that you are DESPERATE to stop me from propagating the truth about you and what you have done to me and my Family. And your attacks on my Family are the best proof of it. How many times have you or your handlers met with them this month alone?

No one has yet had the courage to anonymously slip me your names. And you better hope they don't because if they do your names are going to be all over this Website.

So understand something. You began this nightmare nearly 30 years ago. It was you who decided to break the law and make me into an unwitting NSA Satellite prisoner and non consensual human guinea pig.

And it was you who have spent the past four years using the most vicious psywarfare campaigns to force me to kill myself.

Except that you failed and I am still here. And short of death I am not going away.

And in spite of every psychotic tactic that you have used to prevent me from getting my information out I have succeeded in doing so. SO cut the crap with your LIES and admit to what you have done! It's either that or you're going to have to turn every person whom you have used to attack me into the same pathological LIARS that you are. DENIAL!


So even if you do manage to kill me, the entire world is going to know that the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security (as well as your organized stalking degenerates) are nothing but murderous thugs masquerading as law enforcement. And that COINTELPRO's for all their EVIL are still alive and well and being perpetrated by the United States Intelligence Community just as they have been for most of the past Century.

And furthermore, the minute that you violated my civil rights you broke the law and became the criminals. So stop hiding behind your badges because they can't save you from what you've become.

This person is a COINTELPRO survivor who has lived to tell of his accounts and those of many other Americans who did NOT. And I owe it to these people (your victims) to see to it that you and your corrupt agencies are shut down for good.

And given what you have put us through you can all go straight to HELL.

And that goes double for Raymond THE RAT Migliore.


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