Friday, July 13, 2007

A TI From Texas Describes The Torture She Is Going Through As A Result Of Government Sanctioned Mind Control & Organized Stalking Crimes

The following is a well written account by a young woman who perfectly describes what it is like to be an organized stalking victim in the United States. There are thousands of people surfacing on the Internet to describe this atrocity; one which the American media will not touch. And the organized stalking phenomenon is hardly unique to the United States. Our brothers and sisters from many other countries around the world are now exposing the same Nazi-style crimes. And it's clear that in nearly all these cases the government's of these citizens are responsible for their harassment.

This situation and its global impact have become abjectly horrifying.

Lindsay's Account Of Being Targeted For Organized Stalking Crimes:

I am a 31 year old female victim of blatant govt./military/corporation sponsored covert harassment's and have been for almost ten years now. Non stop. 24/7 ILLEGAL surveillance in my rented apts., hidden cameras, harassment's, and set ups. Everywhere I live, everywhere I work. It is exhausting and humiliating, to say the least.

I have experienced everything from illegal home surveillance, spying on by "neighbors" who often are obvious govt. contract workers, asinine street theater prank b.s., direct conversation (strangers discussing parts of your private life within earshot), hacking of my e-mail journals, computer and phone tapping, group and individual stalking, employee mobbing at jobs, blatant discrimination's and harassment's in the 12 step cult known as Alcoholics Anonymous (went on my own free will and curiosity i am not even an alcoholic).

There have been many other things that have I have been set up for, but the above mentioned have been the worst of it. What is all has taught me is that many people are stupid, cruel, very insecure, and very jealous of people whom are different and perhaps artistic or creative....or that is to say, on a different spiritual/mental level that they have not yet achieved.

I think I know why this has been happening to me and who the main person is behind it. It is odd. But at least I know I have done no harm to anyone intentionally, nor do I deserve this abuse.

To make matters more complicated, I applied for jobs with both the CIA and FBI about a year ago for my superb intuitive and language skills. Well, seems this has only made it worse for me.

It's like an ongoing, open investigation and total interrogation of my professional life, relationships, and so called "privacy." It is a person's worst nightmare when false rumors are being circulated about you and you are facing terrible character assassination by so many people, even so called trusted "friends" and family members.

I am 100% certain that I am being targeted and have been illegally used as a human lab rat for certain ILLEGAL covert govt. "secret" mind control/brainwashing operations. It shows me how incredibly STUPID and obvious these so called "professionals" are at their sick and twisted childish antics. But indeed it has pretty much ruined my life and confidence over the years. But I still keep fighting for my civil rights even though I am virtually ignored and treated as if I were crazy.

This crap has to stop and all of the govt. lies MUST get exposed so that naive people can see what is really going on in this police state we live in.


Lindsay G. Baldwin in Texas

Posted by: Lindsay G. H. Baldwin 2007.01.18 at 02:23 PM


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