Friday, July 13, 2007

The NAZI Bush Administration Warns The Al Qaeda Is Gaining Strength & Bin Ladin Is Alive -- Here We Go Again

In order for the New World Order's one world fascist government to be implemented, a formal state of martial law which will give sole rule of this country to its president (in this case George W. Bush) must be declared. And in order for this to happen the United States will have to experience another terrorist attack of similar proportion to that of 9-11.

So it should come as no surprise to any of us that the US Media is now reporting Osama Bin Laden has regained his strength, and that along with the Al Queda is again a force to be reckoned with. This information is indeed apocryphal and just further proof of the desperation of a lame duck president who no longer has any credibility. Through this information, what Bush is covertly telling us is that he plans another attack on us.

Moreover, for the past few years when the US Media has asked him about Bin Laden, Bush and for that matter some members of his cabinet have said that they were no longer concerned about Bin Ladin's whereabouts.

Yet now with Bush's approval rating dropping to an all time low Bin Ladin's suddenly back in the news.

The bottom line here: if Bush can't control us through his bogus war on terror campaign, he will again use the Defense Department to give us the real thing. Another 9-11 scenario. And if Bush's latest media blitz regarding Bin Laden does not whip us all into shape within the near future, this attack will probably happen very soon. Bush and his cronies want our troops to remain in Iraq and Congress is now telling him that it wants them out.

His only logical alternative is to use fear to get his way. And that means more Bush orchestrated terrorism in this country. It must happen this way because he is fresh out of options and the American people are ready to hang him. However if he is able to impose a state of martial law in this country where he maintains sole control of this government, then even the US Congress is going to find itself under his thumb.

Years from now Americans will scarcely believe that they were so easily taken in by Bush in the present day, and that they were equally as powerless to stop this traitor from attempting to destroy their country. What is happening to us has become nearly a mirror image of what Hitler perpetrated against the Germans in the 1930's.

And it portends a similar outcome.

Bush isn't a genius by any means. But he is most certainly not the moron that most as of us have surmised he is either. He is a cunning psychopath who orders the murders of others without a hint of conscience. A perfect figurehead for the New World Order one world government.

****** A recent post on this:

After four and a half years of mounting criticism against the war in Iraq and George W. Bush's recent erroneous pardon of Scooter Libby, he has decided to pull the notion of Osama Bin Ladin and the Al Qaeda out of moth balls in efforts to divert attention away from his latest crime against the American people.

Looking haggard and dejected, Bush now appears to be as tired as the lies that he continues to promulgate through the US Media. What concerns me is that if he becomes desperate enough Americans will see yet another 9-11 type attack simply to keep the bogus "war on terror" going.

This has become a very real possibility given the proliferation of the 9-11 Truth Movement in the United States and its implied threat to Bush.

Moreover, this latest resurrection of the Bin Ladin fraud bespeaks the desperation that the Bush Administration is now experiencing as a result of this movement, having lost its credibility not only with the American people but ironically enough, with many of the Republicans in Congress.

Bush and his Administration have become the most criminal and dysfunctional in US History and are in need of another terrorist attack to clamp down on those who are now dissenting.

The photo of Bin Laden on the front cover of today's Long Island newspaper, Newsday, is yet one more piece of black propaganda being perpetrated against the American people -- a photo of a younger and more vibrant Bin Laden -- leading us to believe that he is as strong as ever. This is clearly one more in an outrageous series of lies that this administration has continued to tell us in order to strip us of our freedoms under the pretense of a protracted war on terrorism.

Moreover, I seriously doubt that Bin Laden is even alive.

However, that does mean that we will not see more terrorism in this country. For if Bush becomes desperate enough expect to see another large scale attack of 9-11 proportion which will enable him to impose martial law. This is what he has been waiting for all along as have those whom he covertly represents.

One more such attack will give Bush the ability to take complete control of this Government thus turning the United States into a fascist dictatorship. Although Bush will simply tell us that we are in such danger now that he must maintain control through martial law until the situation improves. However it will never improve as long as he is president.

Presidents in other countries have already been ousted for perpetrating crimes such as Bush's.

The truth of the matter is that he is a Nazi and hails from a long line of them. Bush also sees himself as the self appointed dictator of the American people. And even the US Congress seems powerless against him. In this country never before have we witnessed such an outrageous abuse of our of own Constitution, while Bush and his cohorts quietly re-write many of our laws under the pretext of being in a time of war.

And we will continue to suffer as a result of this mass deception until the American people force Congress to impeach him. And that means getting enough of the Republicans in Congress to join with the Democrats to force this issue.

Still another problem is that Americans are now finding themselves in uncharted waters here, since we really don't know the extent to which Bush has manipulated the laws in this country. And even if Congress collectively decides to impeach him, what is to say that we would not continue to see a tug of war between Congress and the White House with the Defense Department standing on the sidelines trying to determine who the winner is, and moreover, what authority Bush may have secretly given himself to prevent his dismissal under such conditions?

Furthermore, if there's an Achilles' heel to be found in American Government it can be seen in the damage to freedoms that a president is able to perpetrate under executive privledge in a time of war (whether such war is legitimate or the machination of a group of evil people such as the Bush Administration and their cohorts in treason).

And would you want Dick Cheney replacing Bush? (Although many people think that Cheney has been running the White House all along.) Personally, I think it's been Karl Rove.

This situation is truly turning out to be one of the most bizarre in this country's history. And unfortunately all Americans are now finding themselves with a front row seat to this spectacle.

In any event here's a petition to sign which calls for the entire Bush Administration to be impeached. It has nearly one million signatures to date so why not make yours one of them? I have.

As for Bush's statements that this war has actually helped the Iraqi people by making them independent, take a look at the following letter from former Deputy Attorney General Ramsey Clark which covers facts in this situation which the US Media has deliberately failed to report to us:

~A message from Ramsey Clark~
"Time is short: The question is whether we have the will to act"
Help support the September 15th march in Washington

I am writing to you with the hope that you will help us organize and promote the September 15th March in Washington DC. Thousands of Americans from around the country will join together to demand the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and insist on the immediate end to the war in Iraq. September 15th is the date General David Petraeus is mandated to make a report to Congress on the progress of the so-called surge. The eyes of the national and international media will be focused on Washington DC at that time.

In the coming weeks we will be taking out newspaper ads, producing 500,000 leaflets, flyers, and stickers, and setting up outreach committees for the September 15th March in Washington all over the country. I hope we can count on you to help in this momentous effort. Time is short. The question is whether we have the will to act.

President Bush has said ...”the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude.” Feeling unappreciated he has questioned “...whether or not there is a gratitude level that’s significant enough in Iraq.” Let us count the acts of the Bush Administration for which the Iraqi people should be grateful.

We need your help. How much will you give to impeach Bush? Please act now, as if the future of the country depends on it.

It is essential that we raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to organize buses, to take out newspaper ads, to print 500,000 flyers, stickers, and posters, to cover the cost of sound and stage, and more. We can succeed but only with the help of you and thousands of other people.

Please make a donation today by clicking this link -- you can make an online donation or send a check.

—US violence has brought death to hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s and physical injury to millions.

—Hundreds of billions of dollars in property destruction caused by U.S. aggression will take decades after peace to rebuild.

—2.2 million Iraqi’s, nearly one in ten, have fled their country to foreign exile, refugee camps and a doubtful future while at least 2 million more have fled their homes and communities to furtive lives of quiet desperation, to inadequate housing within Iraqi, without jobs or schools.

—3/4's of the people do not have safe drinking water.

—Iraqi’s internationally acclaimed and free health care system is a shambles.

—Since Shock and Awe began in March 2003 infant mortality in Iraq has increased radically to the highest death rate of all nations.

—Iraq is the most unstable country in the world.

—The sight and sound of violent death has created a pervasive state of constant devastating fear.

For this Iraq should be grateful?

It must be clear to every informed and thinking person that President Bush has no concern for human suffering, truth, freedom, democracy, peace, justice, human rights, or the Constitution of the United States. His words and acts are designed only to increase his personal power and achieve his personal agenda and that of those who share his goals and hatred.

To this end, he will destroy relations with Russia by placing missile defense systems on its border inside Poland and in the Czech Republic, he will impose Wolfowitz on the World Bank, and he will retain Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General.

President Bush intends for a major American military force to remain in Iraq for the foreseeable future even if it destroys that country utterly and turns the whole world that cares about justice against the United States. Look only at the $600 million dollar U.S. Embassy built in the heart of Baghdad and nearing completion. He sees withdrawal from Iraq as the loss of control of its oil followed by Saudi Arabia and the Emirates with their oil and the expansion of Iranian influence.

President Bush seeks regime change in Iran and Syria and the perpetuation of repressive dictatorships in Egypt, Pakistan and elsewhere in the region. There is a high risk he will order an attack on Iran. Having achieved regime change of the fairly elected government of Palestine, he seeks permanent isolation and decimation of Gaza and tightening control of the West Bank through funding and arming of a minority faction there, ending the hope for a viable, free and independent Palestine.

He plans to expand his war against Islam that will involve the U.S. in a losing military conflict on Muslim soil for years to come with unforeseeable, but devastating costs and consequences.

To continue these policies he will further diminish the freedom, privacy and civil liberties of the American people and expand the domination of wealth and militarism over the economy and body politic of our country.

He has committed the most serious crimes against humanity from wars of aggression and threats of more to political corruption and the corruption of justice at home unprecedented in our history.

Impeachment now is imperative. If, We the People fail to force accountability for these crimes this fall, President Bush will have a free ride with impunity through the Presidential election year of 2008, when the Constitutional duty to impeach will succumb to political pressure, to the end of his second term in January 2009.

The impeachment of Bush, Cheney and the other civil officers of the United States is not merely the best way to bring our troops home from Iraq and prevent new aggressions, it is the sure way and the only way. President Bush, who assaults nations in the name of democracy has proclaimed himself the one man “decider” for the fate of our country and its victims. For him, democracy is an election controlled by wealth every four years and dictatorship in between.

If we fail, the world will see that the American people are powerless to effectively oppose Bush policies that have angered and embittered billions of people, making enemies of most nations, or worse, that the American people support Bush policies. How else could such lawless and destructive policies be tolerated?

We do have the will to act and by working together we can make the difference. Please act now, as if the future of the country depends on it.

We can succeed but only with the help of you and thousands of other people. It is essential that we raise hundreds of thousands of dollars right now. Please make a donation today by clicking this link -- you can make an online donation or send a check.

We can organize, arouse public opinion and raise funds over the summer to bring a massive turnout on September 15 in Washington DC demanding Impeachment and an end to the war. If you want to be listed as an endorser and supporter of the September 15th demonstration, you can do so by clicking this link.

We will work in key Congressional Districts, constituents to their Representative, to insure action on Impeachment. We will involve people in every walk of life, working together to stop the runaway lawlessness of the Bush Administration before we are so inextricably intertwined in aggression, war, occupation and alienation that it will take decades before we can pursue policies that serve humanity, rejecting militarism, domination and exploitation.

We need to know how receptive the American people are to an all out effort in this moment of maximum moral and political crisis to personal commitment to participation in a six month campaign to impeach Bush/Cheney, et al.

Are you? Let us know now whether you will join this campaign. Let us know how you can organize support, enlisting others, staging demonstrations across the nation, raising and contributing funds for massive T.V., newspaper, computer and direct telephone and mail campaigns.

I hope you will join us and make this effort a priority so we can persevere in common cause.

Ramsey Clark


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