Friday, July 13, 2007

Next Door Neighbors Are Synchonizing Their Porchlight With My Trips To The Bathroom

As I have often documented, for the past four years, when I would use the bathroom in the evening the motion sensitive light on the garage two houses down would go on early every morning -- preciously 3AM. This still continues from time to time, however not as frequently.

Yet over the past few weeks my next door neighbor continues to turn his porch light on and off when I use the bathroom once it gets dark out. Of course this does not happen at 3AM since this particular light is not motion sensitive and must be turned on manually -- most of these stalkers are fast asleep by 3AM so that they can be respectable for work in the morning.

However, during the daytime if I go to use my bathroom they will suddenly enter their backyard. As so many other TI's have reported in regard to their harassment, it is clear that our neighbors are using some type of electronic devices that enable them to see us within the privacy of our own homes. And the fact that they are watching us within our own bathrooms constitutes what complete sexual perverts they have been turned into.

This is America?

Now consider that before the organized stalking harassment which the FBI and Homeland Security initiated against me began, I had known the parents of these people for years. When their Mom had gone into the hospital for surgery she had even asked if I would pick up her mail -- which I did. It was supposed to be for three weeks. However the Mother had gone to live with her daughter after the surgery and never returned home.

She passed away about six years later and I was still picking up her mail at the time and storing it for her (her daughter or son in law used to pick it up from me from time to time).

Now her daughter (whom I have known since 1964) lives in the house with her husband and two adult children, all of whom routinely take part in the organized stalking against me. Out of respect for how long I have known these people I will not post their names here.

However, I mention them to illustrate how even the nicest of people can be turned into sociopaths who take part in the vicious destruction of people's lives. I have never done anything but be nice to these people and help them out when their Mom was dying of terminal cancer. I owed them nothing, but helped out because it was the right thing to do.

And now they wantonly attack me as a result of the FBI and DHS COINTELPRO being waged against me. Never do they even seem to question the abuse of my Civil Rights or the criminality of what they are doing. What I describe here is typical of what all organized stalking targets document.

The criminals who attack us are for the most part respectable members of the community who have been trained to employ the use of psychological warfare whenever a TI approaches them. This is a government sanctioned operation from beginning to end, and there is no doubt that the FBI and Homeland Security (two New World Order Watchdogs) are pulling the strings here.

As TI's, what we are witnessing here is a government orchestrated break down of the moral code of the human race -- Hitler perpetrated the same crime against humanity in the 1930's. However, this time around it appears to be global in scope.

And as for morality, anyone who takes part in organized stalking crimes has tossed theirs away.


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