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Another Victim Of Electronic Warfare & Organized Stalking Describes This Never--ending Horror

The following is yet another compelling testimony of what it is like to be subjected to organized stalking crimes. The woman who wrote this account also described being spied on within her own bedroom by the abject filth that takes part in these crimes. It is clear that the only way that we are going to get this vermin is to expose them globally, starting with the government's who are not only sanctioning but also taking part in this depravity.

name: RadioHead

Can others place your information else where on the web: yes

In the event of your death or missing in action, Do you want your personal account to remain on the mcf site?: yes

Received 03-19-2006

Victim of Street Theater, Stalking, psychotronic mind control, etc.

I believe that my ex-brother-in-law and his wife have engaged their network of skulls and bones to assist in destroying my family. It is the satanic goal that VENGEANCE is synonymous to DESTROYING that person.

His wife is affiliated with the Disney Family, whom are heavy into MIND CONTROL and support Nazi affiliates such as the Bush family.

personal-account: I believe that my ex-brother-in-law and his new wife are affiliated with Saddleback Church, which use to fly the Skull and Bones fly and no other. They did not fly the American flag nor the state of California flag.

It is my believe that his wife is tied in with a powerful network of family through various church organization and the Disney Family, whom have engaged in street theater stalking, stalking, bugging, tracking and so forth.

I believe they are keeping me from gaining employment or any sort of income to escape the country.

These people are affiliated with Satanism, and vengeance is synonymous to DESTROYING your life.

My ex-brother-in-law and his wife who is a court reporter attempted to imprison my sister. Having failed that, they succeeded to have her mentally committed. They have a network of judges who forced my sister and her son into destitution and homelessness. To date my sister and I both know they are controlling where and how much money she earns.

In 2003, I was contacted telepathically by a woman who claimed to be a CIA agent, and asked that I meet her at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach. If ever you are handed a bird woven from coconut leaves, then be advise that you may be engaging in STREET THEATER. I decided to be late as a test to see if they would wait, and if they would know.

She waited and she knew that I would be late. She had drinks and appetizers waiting. She also handed me an envelope claiming some higher up wanted me to have my instructions. Quite frankly, it was nothing more than a newspaper from South America. It appears that they meet potential victims here as the bartender and waitresses knew her.

She is a sweet woman and seem distraught and sadden by her situation. She speaks of being continuously raped by her grandfather since she was a child. She has a daughter, and I met her. The bird; above given to me signifies that you are a FREE SPIRIT. I gave the bird to her daughter, and she was thrilled by it. I have no idea the significance of this gesture or what the totem means if at all.

However since I have her heckles and snide remarks that I am an angel with my wings clipped. I found this odd in it's implications. She further stipulated that she was in South America as she is assigned there, and would be returning. She was brought out to meet me. She disclosed that a high priestess would be soon dying and that she was very powerful. She disclosed that I was chosen to have ALL her memories and information TRANSFERRED to. I as aghast and remain clueless to date.

We were running late. I was to meet this higher up at the Marriott Resort in South Laguna Beach. However, she wanted to show me this park above the hills. You have to pass Laguna High School to get there. It's at the end of a neighborhood street way up there in the hills.

Once there, I noticed a van full of men, and was a bit put off and wondering what the hell did I get myself into. They had head phones, walkie talkies, and other gadgetry's in the van. I also noted that surround the perimeter of the park were men with the same head sets on bikes watching us.

I was feeling very uneasy. You could see the ocean and the view was panoramic. She took me to the other side. There you could see Saddleback Valley below, and I imagine at night the city lights is awesome. On this side of the park there was a concrete slab at an unusual size (table size). There was an old tree by it and a stump.

I later saw something like this last year, and noted that it was a sacrificial sanctuary for Wiccans. I was going around the corner, and she advised me not to as there were rattle snakes. To date, I wonder what is really around the corner that she did not want me to see.

My home was bugged along with my cellular phone and land line. I was appalled that they were watching me bathe, masturbate, and make love with my husband.

I later found out that the crawl space in the attic adjoining my neighbors was FREE. In other words, I believe that they got to my home via my neighbor's home Peter through this crawl space.

The vandalism to our cars such as missing tire bolts, disconnected wiring, things put in gas tanks, and so forth is perhaps pre-meditated murder.

As of late, they have impose PAINFUL inflictions on my body via someone astroplaning into my room, or through microwaves. This week, I notice a needle mark on my left arm, and wondered if they injected a tracking device. I need to research as to how to determine this. However, I was nauseated later. I also noted about a quarter size and dried blood around my navel.

I feel that night that I was being surgically intruded, and it was PAINFUL. I am not sure if they attempted to impregnate me as I recall hearing few months prior that I had miscarried. I know it is impossible for my ex-husband to have inseminate me as he had DEAD sperms.

I am writing this to help others, because I believe that my life is in danger, and I am attempting to escape the United States.

links: These are the sites that have helped me understand my dilemma.

This is written by Svali an ex-high ranking Illuminati Mind Control Programmer.

The color coding to LABEL you changes in the event that they feel someone has infiltrated the codes. I have gone from pink, lavender, purple, and now diamond in the rough.

I have also be subjected to BETRAYAL PROGRAMMING.

Stay away from - I believe they are Mind Control Programmers all affiliated with Skull and Bones. I was asked by Empty & a user name their is girlfriend is Snow; to join Skull and Bones. I decline and was literally BASHED in and the end all goal is DESTRUCTION, no kidding. I have since attempted to shut them down.

I read these as to determine where the Illuminati goals are taking the global community. If you look closely at the Republicans and Bush's agenda, it is to dehumanize and control the World's resources and Bank. The future is bleak for humanity.

I have so much more links. I no longer feel OPTIMISTIC that humanity can stop this forward momentum which have been well planned and executed since the 1800's. The Illuminati are just about 100 percent complete with their agenda. Genocide of Christians is in the plan.

Bankrupting the United States - I would advise everyone to have gold not in the banks but in their personal possession. Everyone should learn to PROTECT themselves by whatever means.


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