Saturday, July 14, 2007

Why Must The United States Build A $600 Million Dollar Embassy In Iraq When It's Clear We Are Never Going To Be Welcome There?

I recently learned that the United States is presently constructing a $600 million dollar Embassy in Iraq as the country continues to be torn apart. This reminds me of the palatial residences that the British built in India for their ambassadors who lived like royalty, while the people who were Native to India (Hindu's, Muslim's and Sikh's) were relegated to living in poverty; the shanty's in which they resided never even having the basics of running water or electricity.

With all of the damage that the United States has done to Iraq, this Government's first priority should have been to dedicate financial resources to rebuild the Iraqi infrastructure. Moreover, we have no business being in Iraq so there should be no need to construct any US Government buildings there.

The same can be said of the more than 100 facilities that we have constructed in other countries in the past Century, where American tax dollars continue to finance US Military troops who have no business being in these countries. This has and continues to be an enormous financial burden on the American people.

Furthermore, the only reason that we are constructing a US Embassy in Iraq has nothing to do with protecting the so called democracy that the US has alleged to have given the Iraqi's. (And anyone who understands what a democracy is will tell you that it is a terrible form of government where the majority rules at the expense of the minority). It is what replaced our Constitutional Republic to our detriment.

The real reason for this construction is that the Bush Administration is intent on setting up an elaborate locale from which they can comfortably oversee the theft of Iraqi oil and further subversion of the Iraqi people. This facility even has a swimming pool so that our ambassadors can swim while the Iraqi people starve to death.

What this Administration has done to the Iraqi's is an outright atrocity, in which every American citizen has been shamed.

This Embassy can be seen at the following Website:


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