Friday, July 13, 2007

Would Mohandas Gandhi's Civil Disobedience/Passive Resistance Have Worked Against Organized Stalking Groups?

No. These people are brainwashed out of any decency that Gandhi G. would have been attempting to reach. It was the humanity that he called on in each of us which Gandhi depended on to bring about righteous change through passive resistance. And electronic forms of psychological warfare which are now being conducted by way of satellites and super computers to remotely manipulate the thoughts of humans, are only going to further this atrocity in the future.

Moreover, given that the humanity which Gandhi referred to has been all but completely removed from organized stalkers (through various forms of brainwashing), his protocols would have been an abysmal failure in the modern day -- since you can't convince droids that what they are doing is wrong or cruel. What else would you call people who are deploying vicious psywarfare protocols against you in efforts to force you into a state of suicide?

Compassion is most certainly not their long suite.

And as saddened as I am to have to say this, this incredible human being would have taken a tremendous beating in the present day for nothing more than heartbreak. It's better that he is not alive to see how things have turned out, given that he would have been horrified to see what has become of this planet and its inhabitants both human and otherwise.

Moreover, this is a profound illustration of the extreme global declination of humanity over the past six decades and portends the horrors which are yet to come for each of us, unless we can bring about the necessary changes to save it from its present course.

For when you have so called "leaders" like George W. Bush, it is clear that humanity is presently heading in a downward spiral with no indication of changing course.


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