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Group Complaint To United Nations Secretary General Regarding Citizens Targeted For Non Consensual Human Experimentation

The following is a GROUP COMPLAINT (petition) to the United Nations to end the non consensual human experimentation and organized stalking crimes which have and continue to be perpetrated against all Targeted Individuals (TI's). Please fill out the following information and E-mail it to MR. MOE HOSNY - or MR. JOHN FINCH -

Your name will appear along with those of us who have already signed this petition to end these atrocities against humanity. The names of those who have signed this petition can be seen at the end of this post. Our battle represents crimes being committed against all of the citizens of this planet. Through indoctrination we have been conditioned to believe that the various countries around the world are each other's enemies.

The truth is that we are all brothers and sisters and should be looking to protect one another instead of hurting each other. A primary goal of the New World Order is to divide us through various types of propagandized doctrines which are to be utilized to destroy the human as an individual and subjugate them to the enslavement of their minds.

This is already taking place on a massive scale as those governments who participate in these treasonous crimes against their own people use the universal media to manipulate what we are to think, in order to make us conform to the doctrines of a one world government.

We are all being subjected to what should be seen as nothing less than "fear mongering" by our own governments, who seek to serve their own agendas through fraudulent wars on terrorism. And by using the propaganda machines which we call our own media, they are attempting to covertly enslave us under the "pretext" of saving us from the war on terror, when in reality it is these governments who have become the terrorists as the Illuminati work towards merging them into one fascist union, at the expense of humankind.




details to

john finch


We the undersigned have suffered or are suffering from strange and similar symptoms. There is no physical or mental illness that can cause all of the symptoms indicated below. But there is a technology (neurological weapons, radio-frequency weapons) that can.

The human body is an electrochemical system: anything that disturbs the electrical impulses of the nervous system will affect body function and behaviour.

We the undersigned would like to draw your attention to this extreme criminality. There is massive ignorance and secrecy regarding this horrendous matter.

It is important to stress that, in addition to the undersigned, many thousands more are suffering from these same symptoms.


Sleep Disturbance
Forced or Artificial Dreams
Auditory Effects (sounds, noises etc.)
Muscle Spasms including back pain
Muscle Cramps
Burning sensations
Tingling sensations
Flu like Symptoms
Hair being pulled out sensations
Blurred Vision (including white circle spots blocking vision)
False Heart Attacks
Sexual abuse using the technology for humiliation purposes.
Sudden bladder or bowl movements
Hot and Cold Flashes
Tooth pain
Other Symptoms of a similar nature

The pain that people experience is both an amplification of real pain (i.e. a small ache or discomfort when amplified by neural induction becomes a large pain) and sensory pain pathway entrainments. The US Army published documents showing they mapped out the sensory pathways of humans. For what purpose other than to create pain weapons. It is the same technology for sound, sight, or any other sense. These are the ports that have been hacked into the human mind.

Because it is difficult to understand, most people rather explain it as direct energy applied to that part of the body but in fact it is stimulation in the base of the brain that ultimately interpret the sensory information as pain, pleasure, etc.

A pace maker works by using electrical pulses to entrain the heart's electrical activity to a healthy rhythm. Neurological weapons and mind control work by forcing the very complex brain rhythms into unhealthy patterns by a similar principle. The electricity however does not have to be wired or physically touching the brain.

Radio wave frequencies of complex wave forms can induce small currents or energy into the ions near the surface of neurones and nerve cells. Other wireless modalities such as microwaves, ultrasonic, and magnetic fields can also introduce the necessary energy at precise timings to influence brain patterns in humans or other animals.

The technology to entrain a brain to a specific detrimental personality is called brain imprinting. It takes from 3 months to a couple years of repetitive patterning to create a psychopath, terrorist, or programmed assassin. Disabling the cognitive function of a human was the first and easiest task of neurological weapons research. After 45 years, very precise modulation has been achieved that can implant very specific ideas, thoughts and even affect muscle movements.

The general public is kept in the dark about these advances since the techniques and technologies work best on unsuspecting and uneducated targets. The obvious political and moral ramifications are astonishing when viewing history in the light of these weapons capabilities since 1960.

It is clear that these weapon and tactics are being used covertly and criminally world-wide by United States Government-related Agencies and the complicity, if not participation, of many other governments and security agencies - and victims such as us are being subjected to uncontrolled and unacknowledged torture and mental and physical destruction. This has remained completely unreported and undiscussed publicly.

Based on the above, this is a formal request to the UN to assist in halting these activities violating international norms of behaviour and international obligations of the countries mentioned. We do understand the United States of America did not sign the Optional Protocol of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Nevertheless, we believe the American people should not be subjected to these gross violations of human rights.

On Behalf of the Victims

Mostafa Hosny, Ph.D. Accounting
111 Riverside Drive East, Unit 209
Windsor Ontario
Tel. (519) 991 7461

Please find listed the names and citizenship of individuals filing the complaint :-

John Finch - Australia
Dr. Robert Duncan - USA (Ph.D. Artificial Intelligence from Harvard University &
Formerly Defence Scientist with the US government)
Derrick Robinson - USA - (Formerly with the National Security Agency)
Adam Tamble - USA
Julie Gilliam - USA
Aaron Avalos - USA
Kelly Rasmussen - USA
Leslie Crawford - USA
Melody Mineo - USA
Bruno Marchesani - USA
Rosario Householder - USA
Kevin Burnor - USA
David Beach - USA
Mimi Mhamood (& son Haroon) - USA
Mary Stueck - USA
Melissa Sanderson - USA
Annyce Amtzen - USA
Robert Levy - USA
Robert Butler - USA
Ulana Odezynsky - USA (residing in Quebec - Canada)
James Graf - USA
Dee Hardin - USA
Rose Ferguson - USA
Timothy Waite - USA
Charles Harding - USA
Kathleene Francis - USA
Teresa Taylor - USA
Ramona Lopez - USA
Scott Fitzgerald - USA
Leslie Coblence - USA
Dale Wahl - USA
Kathi Kapp - USA
Elizabeth Adams - USA
Juanita Purdy - USA
Joselle Cooper - USA
Thomas J. Kluegel - USA
Dawn M. Sanborn - USA
Linda Aldaco - USA
Mary Eliz. Ritz - USA
Robert E. Wood - USA
Nadine Lee - USA
Darlene Crain - USA
Freda Lyons - USA
Bob Dunlap - USA
Bobbie Crisostomo - USA
Denise Pompl - USA
Bev Schweitzen - USA
Ed Kalnins - USA
James F. Marino - USA
Danuta Zielinska - USA
T. Josephine - USA
Nancy L. Miller - USA

Waldemar Lotz - Germany
Swetlana Schunin - Germany
Jennifer Berkemeier - Germany
Mathias Klein - Germany

David Smith - Canada
Mostafa Hosny - Canada
Steven Jones - Canada
Richard Holland - Canada
Christina Holland - Canada
Glenda Whiteman - Canada
Byron Prior - Canada

Simon Hayes - UK
Mo Tahani - UK
Mabel Isobel White Williams - UK
Yulia Rodionova - UK

Gretta Fahey - IRELAND
Petrit Demo - Albania
Mojmir Babacek - Czech Republic
Monica Stoces - Belgium
Danny Bonte - Belgium
Loba Edouard - African European
Ahmad Fani - Iran
Lucia Santos - Mexico
Juan M Pujol - Colombian & Venezuelan
Ton Hoogeboom - Netherlands
Gerard Hoogeboom - Netherlands
Fejervary Dominik - Austria


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