Monday, July 16, 2007

Another TI Gets His Computer Sabotaged By Directed Energy Weaponry

A fellow TI by the name of A. John Hughes (one of the most aggressively attacked TI's whom I personally know of) had mentioned on his blog a day or so back that the perp's were targeting his computer monitor and that he expected it to be damaged in efforts to take him offline. And sure enough, that is exactly what happened. John has the courage to stand up to these thugs and to report exactly what they are subjecting him to. And for this they routinely damage his property and utilize both satellite based directed energy weapons and psychological warfare in efforts to drive him to a state of insanity.

However, John is quite sane and reporting on government sanctioned atrocities that he continues to be subjected to. While he has been taken offline for this week I wanted to make a point of publishing what has been done to him here. I have also included a link to his Website which is listed at the end of this post.

Those who perpetrate these crimes against us have the technological ability and an affinity for manipulating the electrical systems within our homes, electronic equipment, and even the minute amount of electricity that circulate through our bodies.

And when it is necessary for them to do so, they will inconvenience our family members as well as neighbors by causing "artificial power outages" simply to make their point to us. Sometimes these outages can occur for a few minutes while at other times last for hours on end. Oftentimes they result from thoughts that we have had.

Last night I decided to listen to some music on my hi-fidelity audio system. I placed a Joni Mitchell album on my turntable and began to listen. It was clear that for the first time all day, I was enjoying myself and the perp's could not tolerate it. So they immediately cut the power. And given that they are working with a "two theme" these days, they brought the power back for about a two minutes and then cut it again -- this time for several hours.

I should also note that shortly before this happened I had a thought involving installing solar collectors on the roof of my Family's home which would have enabled us to avoid dealing with the electric and oil companies -- a wonderful thought. And then the power gets cut as a reminder of it.

I have also experienced these "power outages" perpetrated with military precision timing while reaching for a glass, turning on a radio, getting up from a chair etc.. It is always done to let me know that I am being watched and that those who are watching me have enormous power.

As if I hadn't already arrived at this reality several years ago and knew that somehow they had to be stopped.

These are the types of evil machinations that those who perpetrate these crimes against all TI's subject us to on a daily basis. And it is clear that in myriad instances their attacks are very well thought out long before they are actually implemented.

Let's make no mistake about this. The attacks that we are being subjugated to are government driven, and being deployed against a vast number of citizens around the globe, in what has been rightfully dubbed as a "Silent Holocaust."

They invade our lives like a cancer in efforts to destroy us. However, TI's are a special breed of people who endure through the indomitable human spirit that our creator has imbued in all of us.

It is just sad that those who attack us have completely shut themselves off from this spirit, as they take great joy in the sadism that they inflict upon each and every person being targeted for such depravity. This type of cruelty will simply not be tolerated by them or anyone else. With all of the "normal" difficulties in life, it's tough enough to survive without having to deal with psychotic people who are seeking to covertly murder you.

The following is John Hughes' most recent post and after that is a link to his Website. I highly encourage my regular readers (and from my travels on the Web lately there appear to be quite a few of you -- and I humbly thank you for circulating my information) to access John's Website to learn of the atrocities being committed against him in the present day. What those who perpetrate their crimes against this man are doing is an abject atrocity. Furthermore, the way in which they have attacked his own Family (as they have mine and many others) is one of the most abhorent acts I have ever witnessed.

day, July 15, 2007

Offline -PC Takedown; as predicted

This note is being typed at my parent's sabotage-prone PC.

My LCD display panel was taken out; that is, push button the power switch "somehow" got sucked back and then skewed to then remain stuck in the off position after a day or so of being stuck in the on position in the same orientation. This makes the fourth imposed "offline" event of the past seven years and who knows how much it will cost for a new monitor. There are no LG Flatron 1151S (15") on Ebay Canada to possibly salvage parts from, so this maybe another of the perp's cost intrusions again.

I suspect this stunt will take a week to resolve given the usual hassles in not having a vehicle. Back online when I can.


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