Friday, July 20, 2007

Satellite Based Remote Neural Monitoring Is Unconstitutional And Should Be Ended Immediately

What right does the NSA (or for that matter any US Federal, State or Local policing agency) have in using satellites to electronically target the minds (and access the thoughts) of American citizens for prolonged fishing expeditions?

This is outright FASCISM!

To those who believe that the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank frauds are an outrageous violation of their civil rights, this situation is a million times worse because this technology is being used to violate the privacy of our homes and our minds!

Simply outrageous behavior for any government much less one that claims to offer freedom to its people.

The fact that this mind rape is occurring on a very large scale throughout the globe, conducted by various government agencies from many different countries, is a complete outrage. And that those who have realized they are being targeted and have gone public with this information are also being attacked by their own communities (of sheeple), only adds to this atrocity of human rights.

What the FBI and DHS in particular have shown me is that when they cannot arrest someone, they simply attempt to deny that person their Constitutional rights. And from what I have personally witnessed, as well as the myriad accounts of other TI's from the United States alone, it's quite apparent that the US Federal Intelligence community is waging a covert and illegal war on those whom they can't arrest, in which these agencies have clearly become the criminals.

From this one may only conclude that the US Federal Government is now under fascist control, and illegally utilizing these specialized satellites to routinely perform such despicable attacks on the American people and the US Constitution.



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