Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another Victim Of Mind Control Experimentation & Organized Stalking Crimes Speaks Out

Terry Eliason is yet another mind control target who's also harassed daily by organized stalkers. Her accounts of this nightmare are below. Her story is also listed on the Mind Control Forum's Website , and she's given permission to post it elsewhere. She refers to having her prescription medications tampered with. The FBI and DHS did this to me back in 2003 when they had CVS Pharmacy in East Norwich, NY replace my medication with a placebo. This happened on at least two separate occasions, yet I was charged the full price for the brand name of the medication when the generic failed to work -- nearly $100. That was also a placebo, and I was cheated out of my $100.

A former physician was also coerced into providing a false diagnosis and to run lab work which was also falsified by IGenex Labs, in Palo Alto, California. The cost for this hosing was $1000. These are the type of outright scams that the FBI and DHS get others to perpetrate since the Patriot Act has now given them Gestapo-like power. And they are quite literally abusing the hell out of it, and myriad Americans as well.

Why should any of us have to put up with this crap being perpetrated by criminals who are commtting these crimes under the color of law? I know that I have no intention of doing so, and hope that the American people eventually wise up and send the FBI, DHS and the rest of these criminals packing. Let 'em go operate in another country where fascism's appreciated. And let them get the hell out of ours!

On a number of occasions the FEDS have also managed to slip tranquilizers into my food when eating at restaurants. As a result I no longer eat out, and rarely (0nly if my Family is ordering food out) will have take out. The people who perpetrate these crimes against us need to have their heads examined, because their brains are clearly malfunctioning.

And that goes double for the FBI and the rest of the US Intelligence community - a collective of psychopathic personalities who threaten the existence of the American people and the citizens of many other nations around the world. These FEDS are nothing but outlaws masquerading as law enforcement who desecrate the meaning of the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. They are an abject disgrace -- complete anathema to the human race.

Terry Eliason

It all started for me about two years ago. At first they were following me around and harassing me. They were having great fun. Let me tell you this I recognized them as North Las Vegas Police Officers, Detention Officers, Clark County Firemen & Ambulance Services, Las Vegas Officers & their Correction Officers.

I used to be a Detention Officer for North Las Vegas that’s how I knew them. I had pissed off this couple up the street, she was always cheating on her husband and sending out naked pictures of herself around. I found some of these on my husbands computer called her husband and told him and that’s when this all started. I started getting sick urinating blood, etc.. Then I noticed I was being drugged with LSD & PCP.

I met with a man who claimed he was an FBI agent at my sisters house in Winslow, AZ. That’s when the experimentation started. Bleeding noses, missing time, etc…

This is what I figured out first off I believe the man was with the Nevada Test Site (this is where the 9-11 pilots were trained). The Nevada Test Site falls under the Department of Energy.

That’s how they do their electric pulsing. They can make you feel this through anything electric. By breaking into your house and drugging your personal items, they can do this because they have followed you and know what you buy. Go to different stores and buy different brands all the time. And I carry them with me everywhere I go.

And boarding up the attic windows I started to not feel it anymore which pissed them off so they set me up through the Doctor’s office to have a stress test done I was injected with something that caused me to have several heart attacks.

And of course no one believes me. These people have you set up so that your labeled a Schizophrenic, Bi-Polar, and now Schizo-Affective (half Bi- Polar & half Schizophrenic). Then they can continue to do things to you and no one believes you. This is a very elaborate scheme. The microwave weaponry does exist I have seen it. I also know they can use it only through windows and walls that are not insulated. So block the windows with aluminum foil which does work or those aluminum car window covers you know the ones that keep your car from getting hot.

I know I am dying from the heart attacks and the radiation poisoning from the microwave weaponry. It is only a matter of time. That’s why I am writing this as God has told me to so that others can fight them and know of their secrets.

I am guilty of knowing of several murders that happened and that is also why they want me dead. My husband used to go to the Nevada Test Site and now he says he was never there. I see the neighbors that have moved in around us leave right before he does. They run out of their houses and jump in their cars to follow him to Nellis Air Force Base where he is a contractor with a Top Secret Clearance.

My children have come home from school with marks on them. We have several teachers that have moved in around us. And from what I hear they make I don’t see how they can afford their houses let alone what’s inside of them.

These people do exist and I have matching photos of them following me around that is, also why they want me dead. So I know that I won’t be able to see my girls 12 & 6 grow up. There is nothing more I can do. I’m fighting the best way I can but the chest pains have become worse and everyone believes them to be panic attacks because of the Schizo-Affective label they gave me. I am not Schizo- Affective or anything except a human being who has figured out way to much.

If you live in an apartment move into a house as soon as possible they have to many ways of getting to you in there. That’s how they poisoned me at first, and how I got the radiation poisoning. You can’t fight them there I’m sorry I tried and nothing worked until I moved into our house.

I disconnected some fire alarms and checked fan motors which were something more than fan motors, I don’t know what they were. Speakers were changed as well. I thought some things were different so I started taping the house when I was gone. I clearly have them on tape entering and exiting my house while we were gone.

We have two dogs so it has to be someone they know or when they went to the vets they were injected with something.

My six year old seems to have a lot of the radiation poisoning as well. I’m guessing from being around me too much. She has patches of her skin that are discolored, and several lumps on her fingers and her neck. But of course again no help from doctors. I’m guessing this is because of my husbands insurance is connected to his work.

Well Good Luck and God Bless You!

Also, be careful of anything you get in the mail. My prescription drugs were tampered with. Go and pick them up yourself.


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