Thursday, July 19, 2007

Campaign For Cooperation In Space -- Petition

Given the proliferation of weaponized satellites over the past three decades, it is imperative that those operating within the government's around this planet who have access to them, are held responsible for their criminal use of these satellites. These satellite based weapons should be altogether banned!

The following petition is in reference to this. And upon reaching the goal of 10,000 signatures it will be sent to the United Nations. Since the UN General Assembly failed to conduct such a forum, this petition will continue until it reaches 10,000 signatures, at which time it will be presented to the United Nations. And given that every man, woman and child on this planet is vulnerable to satellite based spying, remote neural monitoring and directed energy weaponry attacks, they should make certain that their signatures are here as well. And so should you.


"Who We Are: Campaign for Cooperation in Space is a Coordinated International Network For Breakthrough, Enrolling U.N. Member Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, Media, and the People to Implement A Permanent Ban on Weapons in Space.

Our Vision: Together, we can put an end to the highly profitable war industry by putting our differences aside, uniting and working together by promoting win-win solutions to decision makers. Before our perpetual war economy expands into space, we must ban space weapons. A coordinated strategy to get world leaders to sign a treaty banning space weapons will put a lid on the war economy and result into a cooperative, democratic Space Age society that goes beyond fear and honours all life, instead of destroying it. With today's technology, a peace based economy can be just as profitable as a war based economy.

WE the People of Earth hereby Petition the United Nations General Assembly to have a Space Preservation Treaty permanently banning all space-based weapons and warfare in space ready for signature by all U.N. Member Nations by United Nations Day, 2005 [October 24, 2005].

"IF the United Nations General Assembly fails approve a Space Preservation Treaty by October 24, 2005, then the General Assembly shall convene a Space Preservation Treaty Conference to ban all space-based weapons and warfare in space, as Canada did in the 1997 Ottawa Land Mines Treaty Conference, to be held in Victoria-Vancouver, B.C. in June 2006, as part of the World Peace Forum 2006."

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