Thursday, July 19, 2007

All TI's Are Told That They Are Paranoid -- This Is Done To Obfuscate The Criminal Activity Being Perpetrated Against Us

I've been told that I am paranoid everytime that I attempt to expose the crimes that are being perpetrated against me by the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security. I have even been told that I should watch out because I am slandering them (the only slander that's taken place here are the lies told to the public based on the FBI/DHS Smear Campaign illegally waged against me). These FEDS are criminals who are looking to cover up the precedent setting and outrageous crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against me. If they had not done so, why has my entire Family been forced to LIE about everything that we have been subjected to?

Moreover, the moment that I cite factual information in regard to my harassment and that of many other TI's the conversation immediately changes to another subject.

When I showed my Father the Website of a woman who was being tortured by the FBI by way of satellite based directed energy weapons, his comment was "I feel sorry for this person -- she is mentally ill."

However, when I asked him about the burns which were visible on her body, he said he had no idea how she got them. There is no question that my Father has been brainwashed as has my Mom and the rest of my Family.

They are well aware that I have been subjected to "mind control" experimenation by the NSA for decades, however are fearful of helping me to expose these crimes.

As such they are no longer capable of being able to think rationally for themselves when a criminal situation regarding the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security or other alphabet agency is exposed. They simply look for an alternative excuse which precludes an investigation into these agencies and their rampant criminality.

As a result of this "brainwashing" my Family cannot be blamed for their actions, simply because they are being manipulated. Howevre, if I don't report this, no one else is going to.

This brainwashing is occuring on a very large scale within the United States in the present day, at the hands of agencies like the NSA, CIA and FBI.

The followings just a brief list of some of the charges that I plan to file against these criminal agencies in the future. Few Americans outside the US Federal Intelligence Community have had the opportunity to see the extent of the corruption within it that I have -- these FEDS are absolutely pathological liars and sociopathic personalities who routinely perjure themselves in court. The late Judi Bari, an ecological activist and target for an FBI COINTELPRO (who was permanently crippled when the FBI blew her car up back in 1990), was so shocked at how often FBI agents lie in courts of law, that she was quoted as saying: "These guys are professional liars who have raised selected memory loss to an art form."

And Judi was absolutely right. Finding a federal agent who is objective in their investigations and who will tell the truth in a court of law is the real challenge, because these agents are practically non existent. And when they do exist, they are usually caught up in a dilemma as to whether or not to report the crimes that they are witnessing for fear of retribution.

The hierarchy within the FBI does not tolerate agents who attempt to report criminality. Instead of being seen as the good agents that they are, they are instead perceived as being traitors and threats to the Bureau.

But what can we say about the FBI, when good agents are a threat to it, and criminal agents are protected?

Some of the charges I plan to file against these covert fascists:

1.The FEDS' Illegal spying of my person by way of NSA audio visual satellites for the past 27 years.

2. The FEDS' use of these satellites to piggyback their directed energy weaponry from in efforts to torture me both physically and psychologically.

3.The FEDS' use of this technology to target my mind as part of the US Intelligence Community's non consensual cover research and human experimentation program, in which my thoughts have been routinely adversely affected.

4.The FEDS' use of coercion to force my Family into keeping silent about this in order to help the FEDS completely obfuscate any legitimate investigation into these crimes.

5.The FEDS' use of a sanctioned network of organized stalking groups to follow and harass me where ever I travel to, through the use of psychological warfare operations. This is commonly reported by myriad others who have been targeted by the US Federal Government for non consensual cover research and human experimentation.

6.The FEDS' assorted tampering and damage to my personal property.

7. The FEDS' use of various forms of calumny orchestrated to destroy my reputation as well as my relationships with my Family and friends.

8. The FEDS' use of electronic devices to illegally access and tamper with my computer as well as hacking into my E-mail accounts at the Blogger and Angelfire Websites.

9. The FEDS' tampering with my credit cards in order to get them cancelled.

10. The FEDS' tampering with my medication having replaced legitimate medicine with placebos.

11.The FEDS' attack on my 1st Amendment Right To Freedom Of Speech by removing or having hidden all of the articles that I have attempted to publish on the Independent Media Center Websites in efforts to promulgate the FEDS' conspiratorial attacks on my person.

12. The NSA's illegal electronic attacks perpetrated against me by way of satellite based directed energy weapon's technology. These attacks include the NSA's illegal electronic access of my thoughts 24 hours a day for the past 27 years -- Mind Rape -- as well as the manipulation of my thoughts -- and subjugating me to becoming a satellite prisoner in which I have also been targeted for non consensual cover research and human experimentation.

13. The FEDS' complete and illegal usurpation of our cable TV programming beginning in 2003 to place my Family and me in a complete "media blackout," in efforts to promulgate the SMEAR CAMPAIGN that the FBI & DHS CRIMINALS have waged against me ever since.

This was nothing but a pathetic and criminal attempt to misdirect the public's attention away from the crimes that they have been and continue to perpetrate against me -- something that has been ongoing since approximately 1980.

While there are numerous other charges that I plan to file against the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security as a result of their outrageous conduct over the past 27 years (4 years for Homeland Security who was later drawn into this criminal conspiracy), I believe that the ones that I have included here are damning enough proof of the precedent setting civil rights violations that these agencies have perpetrated against me; crimes in which due process of law has been completely disregarded by agents who are nothing less than unindicted felons.


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