Sunday, July 22, 2007

Through Their Provocateurs The FEDS Are Now Attacking My Family

As many a TI will tell you when those who attack us fail, they go after our families in efforts to put more pressure on us. This has happened on a myriad of occasions with my Family and did so again yesterday. What should have been a simple and pleasurable day for my two elderly parents turned out to be a nightmare, as they were confronted by organized stalkers who surrounded their boat with street theatrics, in a concerted effort to turn my Family against me.

Those who continue to perpetrate these crimes are not only mentally unstable but degenerate filth. Any group who would target two wonderful elderly people and use such types of vicious psywarfare attacks on them are the most pathetic pieces of excrement on this planet. I just wish that I had the chance to deal with them personally.

And contrary to the perp's intentions, these types of vicious and vigilante style attacks on my Family are not going to serve to lessen my reporting but instead increase it. The United States Of America has become an outright fascist using the masquerade of a free country in which to lead its people down a dark path to their own mental enslavement. This Government is an outright FRAUD!

And the fact that the FEDS are attacking not only myself, but also my Family as aggressively as they are, speaks loudly in regard to their frustrated efforts at having failed to prevent me from documenting the extensive crimes that they have perpetrated against all of us.

I will NOT stand by and watch my Family be bullied by these federal miscreants, or their degenerate organized stalking hate mongers who are breaking the law, and violating our rights as well as the United States Constitution. Those who perpetrate these crimes against us are TRASH!

And I will not tolerate it!

This government has no right to use any of us as unwitting guinea pigs in their nefarious mind control experimentation, much less to viciously attack us when we expose their crimes. Any time that the FEDS implement a campaign in which to demonize someone, it is because they have perpetrated a crime against these people, yet cannot legally arrest them. So in efforts to prevent others from learning of the FEDS's crimes, they attack us in efforts to destroy our credibility. They spread vicious and scandalous rumours in order to create a bi-partisan situation within our own communities, in which these communities collectively campaign to drive us to states of suicide.

These attacks should be classified as what they are -- modern day witchhunts!

And the outright chauvinism that all TI's experience only further documents the ignorance of those who take part in such cruelty.

They then COLLUDE (which is yet another crime) with others in efforts to further deny us our freedoms.

This is standard operating procedure for an FBI COINTELPRO. And it is one which is being waged against my Family, myself and a great many others who are presently residing within the United States. A telltale sign of the absolute fascism that now exists in this country.

As for the attack on my parents yesterday, I will now continue to document every aspect of what they experience in regard to the FEDS' vicious attacks on them - whether they are done directly or through the use of their criminal provocateurs. And I will make certain that this information is covered on an International basis, since it's become clear that the citizens of other countries are far more familiar with the true nature of US Imperialism and its deleterious affects on both America and the rest of the globe, than the American people themselves are.

This Website will now become a venue in which to document the injustices being perpetrated not just against myself, but also against my Family. For the most part I have not discussed what they have been put through to date because I was hopeful that these perp's would not attack them as they have me. However, since it's clear that these cowardly rat bastards (who I would gladly meet face to face to settle this personally) are not going to leave my Family alone, I am now including every aspect of what they are being put through here on my Website.

The FBI, NSA and Homeland Security are nothing but Nazi's hiding their extensive crimes behind the cover of National Security. And it's about time that the American people were made aware of it.

Videotaping people within the privacy of their own bathrooms and bedrooms? These agents are GARBAGE!

Furthermore, every aspect of the pain and suffering that these lousy government mind raping rat bastards (may they all hang) cause my parents (or any other members of my Family), will be listed here. Because there is no longer any justice in this country, where citizens are allowed to be attacked in this way and where the courts and "so called" law enforcement sit idly by as decent and law abiding people like my parents are so cruelly attacked. Two decent and hard working people who have never hurt another soul in their entire lives.

What these FEDS and the rest of these degenerate lowlifes are getting away with here is absolute BULLSHIT! And if anything happens to my parents in regard to these vicious attacks, I will personally deal with those responsible. And at this point, I don't give a good God Damn who how far up the ladder they are.


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