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Video From The July 14th Gathering At Ed & Elaine Browns' Home In Plainfield New Hampshire -- Homeland Security Decides To Buzz The Party

Update on the saga of Ed and Elaine Brown:

"Notice: Power, telephone lines, Internet access, satellite TV, and all mail/parcel delivery has been cutoff to Ed and Elaine. If you wish to send them supplies, please do not mail it to their home address. Contact us for an address to send supplies."

You can make contact at the following Website:

I am continuing to update the plight of Ed and Elaine Brown, the New Hampshire couple who were wrongfully convicted of tax evasion, and are now hold up in their home -- armed and refusing to be taken in alive. I applaud their in your face attitude to what has become and absolutely wretched government, so full of crime and hypocrisy that it now has no right to stand in judgement on anyone else.

And it has gotten so bad that some Americans are now arming themselves with guns in order to prevent the FEDS from simply entering their homes and attacking them -- without provocation -- something that is now appearing to be more and more common. It seems that in modern day fascist America, anyone who speaks out against this government or for that matter even owns a firearm, is considered to be fair game for the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security.

And as someone who has gone public as a long-term target of mind control, most of you cannot begin to understand the nightmare that I deal with everyday (something that all TI's however are well acquainted with). And to make matters worse, my beloved Family must also endure this hell that the FBI and NSA ILLEGALLY cast us into decades ago.

What I am talking about here is a very unpopular truth -- one which society has for the most part thus far failed to recognize. However, it is still the truth. The US Federal Government has become nothing more than a sideshow which is covering up for a fascist cabal.

The US Congress does not like to hear Americans referring to this country's government as being fascist and in decay, because they live in a fantasy world, where well dressed ladies and gentlemen address each other respectfully and polish their respective laurels, while the rest of the American people are barely keeping our heads above water. Perhaps when we all drown in this hypocrisy, Congress will eventually notice that there's no one left to vote for them?

The reality in this situation is that Congress cannot have it both ways. They either clean up their collective act and start operating within the framework of the US Constitution -- something they have not done in more than a Century -- or they are going to continue to find themselves being criticized for the abhorrent way in which they are presently conducting themselves; a way in which they have not only disgraced themselves, but also their families and the rest of the people in this country.

They cannot continue to cover up what are mainstream and treasonous crimes against the American people in the present day. Not with the Internet they can't. Prior to its wide scale inception in the 1990's, this Government could use the US Media to deceive us, and since this was the only legitimized venue for news gathering at the time, Americans were much easier to fool.

However, the advent of the Internet has changed this. And in the present day there is no question that for truth in journalism it has become a far superior venue than the US Media has ever been, since the governments in the so called free world have little say in regard to what is printed on the Internet -- while having virtually complete control over sanitizing what is presented to their people through their "controlled" media systems.

Our so called media has become nothing but a venue for fluff pieces while leaving the great news journalists like Edward R. Murrow as nothing but a distant memory. And this dumbing down of America has only led to an extremely ignorant population -- one which viciously attacks those who attempt to point out critical issues that the media deliberately ignores.

Furthermore, in large part Congress and its corruption have made all Americans reviled globally. And this is unfair, since most Americans have absolutely no idea what is really going on outside this country, as a result of the US Media propaganda machine which the Federal Intelligence community uses to circulate its disinformation.

This is common knowledge to anyone who has researched the CIA's 1948 usurpation of the American media through Operation Mockingbird. However, if more than 0ne percent of the American people have ever even heard of Mockingbird, I would be extremely surprised.

Yet, as more Americans continue to find alternative news sites, the US Federal Government (as well as many others) is going to find itself having no credibility left at all (it's almost there now). And with the loss of credibility will come the loss of power.

To those who are taking some sort of warped enjoyment watching and in myriad cases participating in the sick attacks on many of those who attempt to inform the public in regard to what is really happening in this America and abroad, you are soon to find that the joke has been on you the entire time. For those you've been defending are the very ones who have deceived you. And there is plenty of excellent irrefutable proof now making the rounds on the Internet which will conclusively document this.

Perhaps what's most frustrating in the present day is that Americans have forgotten that Congress is supposed to represent ALL of the American people. Not the special interests groups that help to drive corporatism (fascism) in this country -- Congresses main purpose for the past Century.

And the US Media was created to inform Americans about ALL of the goings on in this country; something it clearly has not done since 1948.

This is where people like Ed and Elaine Brown come in, because they are the proverbial signal flare that we as a people need to start watching for. Americans need to be reeducated -- in order to unravel this toxic matrix that we have been indoctrinated in. With people like Ed and Elaine, and film makers such as Aaron Russo and Dylan Avery, and the myriad of alternative journalists now surfacing over the Internet, the word is finally beginning to get out on a larger scale.

However, there is a long way to go and not much time to get there. And for this reason, any people who have been made aware of the truth in regard to the New World Order must act now. You won't have a future unless you do -- certainly not one which you would ever want for yourselves or your children.

The Browns are truly patriotic people who love their country and who have given up a lot in order to defend as they put it their "God Given Rights."

I viewed the hour long video that a friend of the Brown's (Danny Riley) took of the 10 hour long gathering on July 14th and noticed a helicopter which was at times flying dangerously low to the party, while setting off its siren and in general just being a royal pain the ass (probably the only thing the FEDS are great at).

As it turns out the helicopter is registered to the Department Of Homeland Security -- what a surprise. No independent thinkers here -- just a collective hive mentality.

Who else can you get to murder people in cold blood without thinking twice about it?

FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi was once questioned about his cold blooded murder of Vicki Weaver at the Ruby Ridge massacre in 1992. Even though a judge had ruled that he should have been tried for murder (the FBI got him off the hook), Horiuchi claimed that he would have done exactly as he did if he had to face the same situation all over again -- a chilling statement considering that he shot an unarmed Vicki Weaver through her head as she clutched her 10 month old daughter in her arms, killing her instantly and practically blowing her head clear off her body. This guy is an animal.

And Homeland Security is a 21st Century Gestapo and core of the New World Order's fascist police state.

I can identify with this harassment as DHS has had many of their aircraft flying over my home for the past four years, regularly spraying chem trails overhead. These chem trails act as a conductance for the satellite based stealth spy technology that agencies like the NSA, CIA and DOD use to illegally and covertly track Americans whom they are interested in. There are times where some of their jets are flying so slowly that it amazes me how they simply don't fall out of the sky. And they circle over and over again like the predatory buzzards that they are.

They have also flown extremely low (just a few hundred feet over the tree tops at times) in efforts to harass me. However, imagine if one of these pilots suddenly experienced a malfunction of the jet's engines and crashed into this neighborhood. So many people would be needlessly killed -- and for what? Just so these government morons can show me how low they can fly?

I already know how low they are. I don't need to see them demonstrate it in an aircraft.

These agents are downright dangerous and a threat to society. I just hope that given their giant EGO's they don't end up pulling off another WACO or Ruby Ridge at the Browns, since its clear that they are getting desperate.

They are looking extremely unprofessional as it is, given that even though the Browns have clearly documented that there is no law authorizing them to pay an income tax, the FEDS are simply choosing to ignore this factual information. We are not talking about enforcing the laws in this country any longer. What we are witnessing is the fall of a government and its replacement with a fascist cabal.

So now the government loses face and must retaliate, even though it is quite clear that it is the government that is wrong here.

However, any government official from the President to the Supreme Court on down, who violates the US Constitution is a criminal. And in the Browns' case there are a lot of government "criminals" illegally attacking them at present.

Stay strong Ed and Elaine -- your plight is not going unnoticed and you are in the process of making history here.


**** From an earlier post

I want to preface the following by stating that in this video Ed Brown makes a comment regarding Jews that I believe should be retracted. He states that Jews (Zionists) are the driving force behind Free Masonry. However, saying that all Jews are Zionists is like saying that all Italians are Mafia. Most Jews are not Zionists, and many do not support the oftentimes radical views of Zionism. There are Jewish Groups who seek to educate the public in regard to this.

In fact one group: Jews Against Zionism (their link is below) exists to make the distinction between Jews and Zionists. I am concerned that Ed's comment will be taken as an insult to Jews, who also have much to gain from the Tax Honesty movement in this country. Ed, please preface your comments regarding Zionism in the future. You have a good cause, but comments like Jews (leading us to believe all Jews) are behind Zionism and Freemasonry is misleading, and will only serve to hurt your cause -- not help it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ed and Elaine Brown, a New Hampshire couple who were wrongfully convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to five and a half years in prison, you will find the following video quite informative. Unbeknownst to most Americans, Ed and Elaine have refused to acknowledge a court's ruling in regard to their case, since there is no law that the IRS can document which authorizes it to levy an income tax on the American people; hence there should never have even been a trial in regard to the Browns, much less a conviction.

The Internal Revenue Service Is A FRAUD.

Consequently, Ed and Elaine have taken a unique approach to the situation. They have armed themselves and refused to be taken alive should a federal SWAT team attack them within the privacy of their own home.

Now while some people might see this as criminal activity, exactly what is it when a federal agency (IRS) which has no legitimate authority to tax the earnings of the American worker (this has been ruled on by the Supreme Court on several occasions) illegally does so, and then imprisons those Americans who fail to pay monies which should have never been taxed in the first place?

What this is, is criminal activity being perpetrated by your elected officials and those who are hired to work for the IRS.

It is clear to me having seen film maker Aaron Russo's superb documentary America: From Freedom To Fascism, that the US Federal Government is guilty of perpetrating some of the most outrageous crimes against the American people ever documented -- crimes which include the illegal passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the 16Th Amendment, and the authorization of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank to coin money (something which only the US Congress and Treasury can do legally).

The privately held Federal Reserve Bank Is A FRAUD.

This Government's LIES are rapidly catching up with it, and it is clear that as this information continues to find its way into the public domain (and the American people collectively learn of just how badly they have been CHEATED out of what is rightfully theirs), this nation of sheeple will again become a nation of Americans -- and a very badly needed and long awaited showdown will finally take place.

The United States Congress Is A FRAUD.

Knowledge is power. And the knowledge that people like Aaron Russo, Ed and Elaine Brown, Dylan Avery and a host of other American Patriots are furnishing us with (at great expense to their own reputations) is creating a watershed event in American history, as the real criminals --- the Bush Administration, the present Congress and their Illuminati masters, are exposed for the anathema that they are -- to for once and for all be reviled for their precedent setting betrayal of the American people and their trust.

Please circulate the following video to everyone you know and as soon as possible:


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