Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Have The US Congress Or The Supreme Court Ever Intervened In Regard To An FBI COINTELPRO?

As a 27 year target of COINTELPRO, I doubt it. I know of numerous and very public targets for FBI COINTELPROs (most of whom are now deceased). However, I can never recall either the US Congress, the Department Of Justice, or for that matter the Supreme Court ever intervening on behalf of a COINTELPRO victim.

It does not matter if you look back at the Socialist Worker Party Movement, The Puerto Rican Independence Movement, The American Indian Movement, The Civil Rights Movement, or for that matter individual targets of the FBI such as Martin Luther King Jr., actress Jean Seberg, eco-activist Judi Bari, activist Fred Wilkinson, UAW President Walter Reuther, Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, former FBI agent Richard Taus (whistle blower) or any number of myriad others who were attacked by the FBI, including Tom Bean, Janis Lanham and myself.

The FBI's like a community of termites that just keeps gnawing away -- gnawing, gnawing gnawing. No humanity. Just a group of brainwashed psychopaths and sexual deviants who wantonly attack until their prey is dead.

And in not one case in which the FBI did so, did Congress or the Supreme Court ever intervene on behalf of any of these people, even though they knew that the FBI was torturing them and attempting to force them into states of suicide -- in some cases this is going back more than 40 years ago. And there is plenty of evidence that these types of acts of cruelty were going back as far as the early 1920's during the FBI's infamous Palmer Raids, in which many innocent people lost their land and were illegally deported.

The FBI has always been the "hitman" for those corrupt elements in the US Federal Government.

So exactly what does that say for Congress and the Supreme Court? Judi Bari was the only one of these people to ever see any satisfaction in a court of law, and then only after the FBI blew up her car, nearly killed her, and permanently crippled her. And even then, Judi died before the trial could take place, and experienced numerous attempts by FBI defense attorneys to have her case thrown out.

One of them even accused her of faking her cancer even though she died just weeks after her deposition!

Yet she won nearly four and half million dollars in a verdict against them because the FBI could not effectively LIE their way through the trial, and even a federal grand jury (which almost always side with the FBI) would not let them off the hook this time around.

As much as I continue to blame the FBI, what can you say for an owner who knows that its animal is vicious, yet allows it to wantonly attack people anyway?

And Congress, in this case, you are the owner. So either put your animal on a leash or get ready for some serious lawsuits. Because the American people have had it with this damn beast. And we're not exactly crazy about you people either - not that you have ever given us a reason to be, given your outrageous betrayal of us including the cover up of the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds.


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