Monday, July 23, 2007

The FEDS Use Of Local Radio Stations To Drop Subtle Trigger Words & Phrases During Broadcasts To Attack The TI's Psyche

Over the past four years the people at the Department Of Homeland Security (stupidity) have called radio stations that I have been tuned into, to broadcast subtle yet very noticeable (to me) trigger words and phrases. No station thus far has been immune to perping such attacks (many other TI's have also reported this phenomenon regardless of whether or not it was done by way of TV or radio broadcasts).

However, this should not be mistaken for the broadcasts which agencies like the NSA "piggyback" in over your standard broadcasts, in which no station employees are involved. In 2003 when my harassment went from being covert to overt, I remember listening to many radio broadcasts such as these. In one particular situation, one normal broadcast ended the minute that I entered my neighborhood -- it was replaced with one in which the voice of a newscaster whose voice appeared vaguely familiar to me said: "he should have a frontal lobotomy."

And then the original broadcast returned. Whether this newscaster was co-opted to take part in such a depraved activity or his voice was merely morphed to make such a statement is unknown at this time.

I have a strong suspicion that it was the latter.

Voice morphing,the ability to recreate the human voice with only a short recording of a person's voice, has existed for quite sometime.

These types of broadcasts used for "gaslighting" purposes were frequent during the early days of my harassment. They rarely if ever occur in the present day, having been replaced by the station personalities themselves doing brief stints using "trigger words and phrases," and playing songs which are supposed to have some type of themes involved.

In regard to the radio stations which do help to perpetrate these crimes in real time by way of their broadcasts, such broadcasts are often brief in nature. Yet, there are other times in which they will continue to occur for quite sometime -- even music choices can be trigger-word dependent at times. I have for the most part learned to ignore these "triggers" as I have the various use of other triggers including those of colors and objects. It comes with the territory. You either learn to do it or you perish in a world of insanity.

The key is to disempower those who are looking to control us through these particular types of psywarfare.

And this can only be accomplished with our intellect and the indomitable human spirit that our creator has imbued in all of us. It is all we really need to get through this nightmare.

A few side notes:

To the Sleaze who posted the video of Paris Hilton on the Web:

I notice that one of the links on the Web which mentions my Website links to some nude videos of Paris Hilton. While it's true that she is quite beautiful, this video does not belong on the Internet.

There are plenty of exhibitionists who post their own "stuff" on the Web. There is no need to do so with a young woman who did not want her images posted. That is a complete lack of respect for her personal space and privacy.

Moreover, doing so is probably one of the main reasons why she has been trying to escape her inner pain through the use of alcohol and perhaps other drugs.

The abusive use of cellphone cameras, camcorders, and satellite based millimeter wave cameras, have turned out to be the greatest threat to privacy that Americans are facing in the present day.

Every sleazebag looking to turn a quick buck is making a profit at other people's expense.

Before you destroy this beautiful young woman, have the decency to remove the video.

To the Old Brookville cop who was stalking me this evening:

I would be happy to chat with you anytime about the organized stalking crimes that you are sanctioning against me, or what I have experienced as a long-term NSA satellite prisoner. So you don't need to sneak around. I caught your act when you were still on Brookville Road and knew that you were staying a little too close to be meandering. (Which is why I slowed so dramatically so that you would take the "HINT." Which you did.)

I mean no disrespect to the Old Brookville PD. However, just so we understand one another: I will not tolerate any abuse of my civil rights or the US Constitution from you or anyone else.


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