Sunday, July 22, 2007

Questions For Homeland Security

Given that you people appear to be obsessed with flying over my neighborhood day and night, and have been for the past four years, I have often wondered what it must cost to keep three to four of the medium size jets that you use to track me in the air for a week?

I must also wonder given your constant implied threats to Americans of the impending terrorist attacks that we might have to endure at anytime, exactly how it is that DHS can publicly justify the funds (what must add up to millions of dollars each year) used to track one person who has no connections to terrorist activities and no criminal history -- and no access to any form of armed weaponry?

Are you intimidated by my Swiss Army Knife? -- it's dull by the way.

I know that you have labeled all TI's as lone wolves, however, according the Patriot Act, a lone wolf is a person with International connections. I have none, and to my knowledge neither do most of the TI's with whom I am familiar. So exactly how is that you have been able to get away with labeling us as lone wolves?

Or do you now simply label anyone who disagrees with George W. Bush and promulgates their own information in regard to the 9-11 Truth Movement as a lone wolf? It is certainly starting to seem like it.

Just as it is starting to seem like you now conveniently make your own rules as you go along just as Hitler and his Third Reich did in the 1930's. There is certainly a dangerous similarity between you two as well as a very definite pattern developing in which you appear to have become the enemy of the American people instead of their protector.

Perhaps while you are tallying up what it is costing the American people to pay for this ridiculous expenditure you can also ponder the latter question. Then again, given what the FBI and NSA have spent in using me as a government "mind control" guinea pig for the past 27 years I would imagine that your fuel bills probably pale by comparison. And I still wonder what it costs you in phone bills to demonize me within my own community, with people I have never had a problem with prior to the criminal conspiracy that you involved yourselves in with the FBI and NSA; a precedent setting act of collusion perpetrated to deny my Family and me our civil rights.

After all, torturing people is not cheap -- and given your experience here, you should know that better than anyone else.

I also wonder how it is that you can videotape us within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms and distribute this information within the public domain, yet not find yourselves being labeled as pornographers or "smut" peddlers -- both of which as sexual predators you have clearly become.

People who use hi-tech equipment to spy on other people within their own bathrooms are degenerate filth -- and the fact that you people have clearly done so now places you in the same category.

I hope it was worth it for you, since I am now going to spend the rest of my life exposing your rampant corruption and deviant behavior (oftentimes of a sexually predatory nature) to the rest of the people on this planet.


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