Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The FEDS Again Co-opt The NYS Department Of Motor Vehicle To Take Part In My Harassment

Back in 2005 I was quite literally "setup" by the FEDS and their organized stalking cronies to receive speeding tickets. These two setups happened less than two weeks apart. And prior to them, I had not had a speeding ticket in more than 12 years. See the following links for more on this story and further outrageous abuses by the US Fascist Police State.



As a result of this outright con, in which an Old Westbury Police Officer and a Nassau County Police Officer were both used as co-conspirators, I received a $300 fine plus an additional $300 surcharge for a new law enacted in 2004 (The Driver Responsibility Assessment), which penalizes those who receive 6 or more points on their drivers' licenses within a period of 18 months.

To date, this total FED orchestrated "scam" has cost me $600. And I have paid the past two $100 assessments without a problem. However, earlier today when I attempted to pay the third and last installment of this "scam" I was blocked from doing so online at the DMV Website. Furthermore, I was given no reason. I had a hunch that I would be, so I was not surprised when it happened. The FBI and DHS in particular are always looking for ways in which to entrap me, or to create some other situation in which I can be inconvenienced or incarcerated.

Consequently, I decided to write a check for the $100 Driver Responsibility Assessment fee and mail it at the local post office. Of course when I arrived at the Old Westbury, Post Office, there was an organized stalking predator just waiting to pull a brief piece of street theater, as he deliberately cut me off as I was approaching the PO mailbox. He then placed his mail into the box, however deliberately dropped one piece of it. He then got out of his car, picked up the piece and placed it into the mailbox.

This was a warning that the FEDS might steal my check out of the mail to prevent this last installment of the assessment from being paid -- which would result in the loss of my driver's license.

Anyone who's been targeted for an FBI COINTELPRO will tell you that the FBI (and in recent years DHS) will steal your mail to prevent it from ever getting to its proper destination. They have already done it to me in the past. These "so called" agents are the REAL TERRORISTS in this country and always have been.

Of course, I have obeyed the law and done my part -- even though my being financially burdened with this assessment was a complete and illegal scam by the FEDS to begin with -- total extortion -- money paid to keep my drivers license when they were the reason that I was speeding in the first place -- trying to get away from their psychotic groups of vehicular stalkers. Yet one more attempt to deplete my financial resources in efforts to make me homeless and and easier target.

This is the kind of absolute crap that we have operating within the US Intelligence Community in the present day. Blackmailers, rapists, pedophiles, torturers, murderers. There are numerous agents within the FBI alone who have been arrested and convicted on such charges -- this gives the readers a good idea of the caliber of the types of people who are operating within these agencies in the present day.

And they're the ones who are investigating us? It would be a joke were it not so pathetic.

So now I must wait to see if my drivers license gets suspended as a result of another FBI/DHS crime, or if the assessment is received and acknowledged.
If it gets suspended it will be yet one more of myriad crimes that these federal psychopaths have committed against me in the past four years alone.

The FEDS have become absolute anathema regarding their crimes against humanity. Completely incorrigible and as mean as a snake.


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