Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crop Circles --- We've All Wondered Who Makes Them -- This May Be The Answer To Most

The following is a video of what appear to be two UFO's creating a crop circle. The elaborate circles are created within a matter of seconds. The US Federal Government has gone to great lengths to convince Americans that the UFO phenomenon is a complete hoax.

However, if you look at how the lives of those who get a little too close to the truth in regard to EBE's and UFO's, are destroyed by the shadow government which appears to have access to some of these alien craft and beings, it becomes clear that these UFO's and the EBE's who operate them are clearly not of the human race.

And that this shadow government not only knows of them, but has also created some type of treaty with various races of these beings, in which they may well be working with them in some capacity. (Of course it is also apparent that there are reverse engineered alien craft which are being operated either remotely or by humans, as well as EBE's).

A number of the better known men and women who have done their own investigations into the UFO/EBE phenomenon have died under mysterious circumstances -- some of their deaths having been reported as suicides with others dying from heart attacks, rare and fast spreading forms of cancers, and even accidents. I cite UFO Researcher Dr. Karla Turner (died from a rare and fast spreading form of cancer in 1996 shortly after her last abduction experience), M. William Cooper (murdered by a SWAT Team in 1990), and Phil Schneider (murder to appear like suicide in 1996).

Are the UFO orbs in this video real? Decide for yourselves.

See the video here:

Actor/Amateur UFOlogist Dan Akroyd Interview Regarding UFO's

Another Interesting Documentary On UFO's And The US/German/Russian Governments' Disinformation Campaigns Surrounding Them


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